1920 19th March Chelmsford Chronicle
– Stansted Court March 13th.
Old Iron. Edward Berryman and Ernest Ingolds, labourers, and both discharged men from the service, of Henham, were charged with feloniously stealing and taking away a quantity of old iron and implement parts, value 20s., the property of William Pimblett, farmer,of Henham. Pc Pole said that on information received he went to Ingolds' cottage, and there found a quantity of old iron and implement parts (as produced). Berryman was there, and they both admitted that they picked the pieces up around the fields. Prosecutor identified the old ploughshares and other implement parts as his property. Defendants pleaded guilty, and said they had no intention of stealing, and they carried them away openly. They thought they were thrown away as useless. Both defendants were fined £2 and 15s 4d. costs each. A week allowed for payment, or one month's imprisonment in default.

Mole Traps. Edward Berryman was further charged with stealing and carrying away two mole traps, value 2s., the property of Albert G. Dennison, at Henham, on March 3rd. Prosecutor said he saw defendant going up the road in a wagon, and he had the traps in his hand. Thomas Stampford said that Dennison lent him the traps, which he set on the night of March 2nd., and when he went to where he set them the following morning they were gone. Defendant was fined £2 and £1 15s 4d. costs in this case, or a month in default of payment. The defendants in both cases were ordered to report themselves each night to Pc Pole.

1920 15th May Essex Newsman - Stansted Court May 8th. Illness and Licence. George Grant, smallholder, of Henham, pleaded guilty to keeping a dog without a licence on May 1st., and was fined 14s. Defendant said he was ill at the time he should have taken out the licence, and had forgotten it.

1920 June 11th. Chelmsford Chronicle – Saffron Walden Court June 8th. Licences. Bertie Smith, farmer, of Henham, was fined £2 14s for riding a motor cycle without a licence.

1920 25th June Chelmsford Chronicle – Saffron Walden Court June 22nd. Alleged Threat. Walter William Knight, 60, of Henham, was charged with threatening to shoot Robert Wright, retired farmer, at Henham, on June 10th. Complainant stated that the defendant made threats towards him, and said that the next evening he would bring a gun round with him. Complainant lived in fear of the defendant. Defendant denied that he threatened to shoot complainant, but admitted that he had used threats towards him. He was annoyed because the complainant would not leave the house. He gave him notice to quit in March. Defendant was bound over in the sum of £10 to keep the peace for twelve months and pay 4s. costs.

1920 3rd. Sept. Cambridge Independent Press -

Stansted Police Court - Possession of a house. Mr. W.J. Gee, of Bishop Stortford, applied on behalf of Mr. W. Peachey, of Manuden, for possession of a house at Henham, in the occupation of Mr. R. Wright. Mr. Gee said the facts were somewhat unusual, but he thought that he could satisfy the court that Mr. Wright was not covered under the Rent Restriction Act. It was an eight-roomed house, and there was stabling and a small acreage of land. It formerly belonged to a Mrs. Dixon, who let it on a monthly tenancy to a Mr. Knights, and the latter sublet the house to Mr. Wright as a quarterly tenant, and retained possession of the stabling and land. In December last Mr. Knights received six months notice to quit the premises, as as soon as he received that notice he gave Mr. Wright three months' notice as under-tenant....Mr. Wright's son was foreman at Old Mead... The Bench said it was a difficult case to decide and asked both parties to make an arrangement - which they did.

An Absent Certificate - Mrs. Annie Snow, of Henham, was summoned for not sending her child Winifred regularly to school. Mr Hanson, School Attendance Officer, was unable to produce a certificate showing the child's attendances and the case was dismissed.

Objecting to the treatment of a lady. Alfred Neville, 50, platelayer, of Henham, was charged with unlawfully assaulting Leonard Snow, a coal carter, at Henham, on Aug. 12th. Defendant pleaded guilty. Complainant stated that on the evening in question he called at the Bell Inn, Henham, with his cousin, who was on a visit. Defendant's daughter came up and witness asked her if she would have a drink. She agreed, and he ordered a glass of stout for her. The defendant came into the house and struck him a violent blow on the eye, rendering him unconscious. When he came round he walked out of the house. Reginald Bruce, cousin of the complainant, corroborated. In reply to the Clerk, witness said that defendant complained to the complainant of giving his daughter drink. Defendant said that he sent his daughter for a pail of water, and as she was gone a long time he went to look for her, and found her in the Bell drinking with the complainant. He did not think it right that the complainant should call his daughter into a public house and treat her. He struck him, and was sorry for it afterwards. In reply to the Bench, defendant said his daughter was 26 years of age. The Chairman told defendant that he should not have taken the law into his own hands, and he was fined 2s. 6d. and 4s. costs.

1920 4th Sept. Essex Newsman
- Stansted Court Aug. 28th. Assault. Alfred Neville, 50, platelayer, of Henham, pleaded guilty to assaulting Leonard Snow, coal carter, at Henham, on Aug. 12th., and was fined 2s 6d. and 4s. costs.

1920 1st Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Court Sept. 25th. Housing. Mr. W.J. Gee applied for an ejectment order on behalf of Mr. R.W. Turner, with respect to a cottage at Henham, occupied by his uncle, Mr. George Turner. Applicant said he was prepared to share the cottage with his uncle. The bench, after hearing details as to the size of the cottage, refused the application on the ground that it was not large enough for two families.

1920 Nov 17th. Observer
While riding a motor-cycle in a heavy fog at Henham, Essex, Mr Thomas Owen Hutchinson, veterinary surgeon, ran into a train on the Elsenham-Thaxted light railway, and received injuries from which he has since died. The accident occurred at a crossing where there are no gates

1920 27th Nov. Essex Newsman - Dunmow Court Nov. 24th. Curious Case. David Goodwin, 51, gamekeeper, of Henham, was summoned for assaulting Mary Ann Amelia Fitt and John J. Southall, of Wood Farm, Broxted, on Oct. 26th.; Frank Goodwin, 20, was summoned for trespassing in search of game on two occasions on Oct. 2th. upon land in the occupation of Mary Ann Amelia Fitt and John J. Southall, Broxted..... All cases dismissed.

1920 4th. Dec. Essex Newsman - WANTED, 4 or 5-roomed cottage, 1/2 mile nearest station, will purchase or rent. Jepson, Pledgdon Green, Henham.

1921 17th June Chelmsford Chronicle
– By Direction of the Trustees of Sir Walter Gilbey, Bart., Deceased. Essex. Freehold Land, known as 'Chickney Glebe', 46 acres of capital grass land and an arable field, close to Henham and Sibleys stations, on the Thaxted Branch Railway. Dunmow and Bishop Stortford 7 miles. Also 11 cottages and land at Elsenham and Takeley. For sale by auction at the Crown Inn, Elsenham at 6pm on Tuesday 28th June 1921.

1921 8th July Chelmsford Chronicle – Situation Wanted; milker, plough, thatch, drive Fordson tractor; single; abstainer; reference; life experience. Robert Wright, Henham, Stansted, Essex.

1921 3rd. Sept. Essex Newsman- Stansted Court Aug. 27th. About a House. Walter Peachey and Annie Peachey, his wife, were charged with assaulting Robert Wright, at Henham, on July 13th. From the evidence it appeared that some time ago the Peacheys acquired the house where Wright lived, and as the latter could not get a house he was allowed to remain there. The defendants tired of this, and it was alleged that they were continually upsetting him, and that on the day stated the woman struck him in the face. The woman was fined £1, and Peachey was bound over in £25, and to find two other sureties for the same amount, to be of good behaviour for six months.

Arrears. Edward Dixon, thatcher, of Henham, was summoned for £9 arrears of maintenance to his wife, Harriet. The amount was ordered to be paid in a fortnight, or one in default.

1921 28th Oct Chelmsford Chronicle – HENHAM – The Death has occurred after a brief illness of Mr. W. Chippendale, landlord of the Cock Inn, Henham, for nearly 20 years.

1922 3rd March Chelmsford Chronicle – Bungalow, outbuildings, and 19 acres for sale; particulars send stamp, Higgs, Pledgdon Green, Henham, Essex

1922 7th. July Chelmsford Chronicle – Sales of Property. At the Corn Exchange, Chelmsford, on Friday Messrs. D. Watney and Sons disposed offered by auction the following freehold properties, by direction of Sir Walter Gilbey, Bart., the Elsenham Hall estate near Bishop Stortford. The auctioneer announced that the majority of the Lots had been disposed of privately to the tenants or occupiers. It was with great pain and grief that Sir Walter had decided to sell the estate, but landlords had to do a great many things on account of the heavy taxation caused by the war. Elsenham Hall itself he was instructed to offer at the low upset price of £3,500 and any bid above that would secure it. Bidding went up to £3,750, at which price it was secured by Mr. D. Wilson. Five cottages at Fullers End, with gardens and allotments, 1a. 1r. 15p., let at £19. 18s. 2d. were bought by Mr. G.B. Crane for £230. Broom Farm, 139a, 3r, 36p, let to Mr. A. Joyce at £170, was passed at £5,400. The Elsenham Paddocks and stud farm, with four cottages at Fullers End, 63a. 3r. 12p. let to Mr. J.B. Aspinall at £350, were knocked down to Mr. Edwin Watson, of Bishop Stortford, at £3,200. Henham Mill Farm, 116a. 0r. 11p. , let to Mrs. A. M. Simons and Mr. J.W. Simons at £129, was bought by Mr. H.W. Iles for £1,450. Mr. C. Coates, of Dunmow, secured a field at Henham, let to the Henham Parish Council for allotments, at a rental of £4 14s, and containing 3a. 3r. 0p., for £75. The Home Farm of 466a. 1r. 2p., with Lady Wood and Pledgdon Wood of 40 acres, of an estimated rental of £534 10s., failed to secure a bid. The only other Lot offered, a freehold cottage and garden at Park Road, Elsenham Cross, let at £17 19s. 8d., was bought by Mr. Iles for £300.

1922 7th July Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Petty Sessions. Paying for approval. Sidney Baldwin, 40, labourer, Little Henham, summoned for keeping a dog without a licence on May 30, said they had the dog on approval, and had not yet made up their minds whether to keep it or not. Fined 10s and 4s. costs

1922 5th Aug. Essex Newsman- A Good Shot. Arthur Jordan, labourer, of Ugley, was summoned, but did not appear, for trespassing in search of conies on land occupied by Mr. A. Joyce, at Henham, on July 19th. Charles Childs, gamekeeper to Sir Walter Gilbey, said he saw defendant stop a horse and cart of which he was in charge on the highway, and, taking a catapult from his pocket, shot at and killed a rabbit which was sitting in a meadow. Defendant got over the hedge and put the rabbit in his cart. Witness then made his appearance. Fined 2s 6d. and 4s costs.

1922 2nd Sept. Essex Newsman- John C. Hollinshead, Henham, at Stansted, Aug 20th., fined 10s for not producing his motor licence when requested by the police, the evidence being the defendant had left his licence at home or overlooked renewal.

1922 8th Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle – For Sale. 10 1/2 acre enclosure; part grass; ideal for poultry and pig raising; £25 acre; Higgs, Henham, Essex

1922 1st Dec. Chelmsford Chronicle – Lad, useful. Wanted, to do rough work in farmhouse; good home and wages; references essential. Apply Foster, Henham Hall, Widdington, Newport, Essex.

1923 26th Oct Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Court Oct. 20th. Colonel Kirk, of Elsen End, Henham, was fined £1 4s for keeping two dogs without licences on Aug. 21st.

1923 26th Oct Chelmsford Chronicle – HENHAM – Brotherhood – The annual meeting of the Cambridge Federation of Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods was held at Henham on Tuesday, and was largely attended. Mrs. C.H. Chambers, of Bishops Stortford, presided at the public meeting in the evening.

1923 26th Oct Chelmsford Chronicle – SOLDIERS SONS. In Guardian Institutions. Two boys belonging to Henham, whose father was killed in action during the war, recently came into the care of the Bishop's Stortford Guardians, who placed them in one of their institutions. This fact gave ex-Service men of all ranks in Henham and Elsenham much concern, and they called a meeting, which was held in the Council School in Henham on Saturday evening to inquire why the boys where sent there without the residents of Henham being consulted, and to consider what steps should be taken 'to end this disgrace on the good name of the village'. Mr. W.Foot Mitchell, M.P. for the Saffron Walden Division, presided, and was supported by Capt. Cranmer-Byng (Thaxted), Capt. Miles Routledge (Elsenham), Col. Kirk (Henham), Mr. Shuter Ede, M.P. and Mr. E. Pearce, secretary of the United Services' Fund. There was a crowded attendance, and as a result of the meeting steps are to be at once taken for the removal of the boys from the institution. Capt. Cranmer-Byng said when he last addressed a meeting at Henham it was for the purpose of obtaining recruits during the war. Some of those recruits never returned, and it was for the welfare of the wives and children of those men that they had gathered there that evening. Mr. Pearce spoke on the United Services' Fund, which he said was to help such cases. It was not a charity fund, but was the soldiers' own money, the surplus from the Army Canteen Fund. Its object was to prevent children through no fault of their own becoming chargeable to the Guardians or any other public body, and it would operate in this case. (Applause). Col. Kirk said if no proper home could be found for these two Henham children in the district, he was prepared to take them himself. (Loud Applause). Other speeches were made, and the meeting closed with the National Anthem.

1924 15th Feb. Chelmsford Chronicle – MARQUIS at DUNMOW. Curious County Court case. Story of a house at Henham. On Friday at Dunmow County Court Charles Dare ,builder, of Great Bardfield ,sued John Barclay, gentleman, Pledgedon Green, Henham for £59 16s 4d. for materials supplied and work done to a cottage at Pledgedon Green, where Mr. Barclay lived with the Marquis de Tournay D'Oisy. The work was ordered by the Marquis, who it is understood was an undischarged bankrupt.

1924 Mar 7th. Observer - wills and bequests. COLLIN, Mr. Spencer Compton, M.A., of Lovescotes, Henham, Essex (net personalty, £8,224) £13,637

1924 18th July Chelmsford Chronicle – At the Town Hall, Saffron Walden on Tuesday, Messrs Seabrook Bros., of Stansted, offered the following - business and residential property, in The Row, Henham, with shops, gardens, confectioner's and tobacconist's business, and goodwill, no offer.

1924 13th Sept. Essex Newsman - SITUATIONS WANTED. Cowman (head), with son (22), seeks situation on or before Oct. 6th., good milkers; good characters; 23yrs in pedigree Friesian herd. Apply, Wisbey, Wood End Green, Henham, Essex

1924 29th. Nov. Essex Newsman - For Sale, Mammoth Bronze Stock Turkeys; prize strain; inspection invited; young cooks up to 30lbs., hens 18lbs. Hollinshead, Henham, Essex

1925 5th June Chelmsford Chronicle

Stansted Court May 30th. Alleged Cruelty. Walter Peachey, horse dealer, of Henham, was charged with permitting unnecessary suffering to a mare, at Henham, on April 7th, and was fined £4, and a lad named Albert Clayden was ordered to pay 4s costs on a charge of working the mare while it was unfit.

ESSEX STANDING JOINT COMMITTEE. Police Houses. The tender of Mr. A. H. Wright, of Henham, amounting to £896, was accepted for the erection of a police house at Elsenham.

1925 21st Aug. Chelmsford Chronicle
– PRELIMINARY MICHAELMAS FIXTURES by J.M. Welch & Son. Friday, Sept. 25th, Sibleys Farm, Henham, live and dead farming stock for V.E.H. Hacker, Esq.

1925 28th Aug. Chelmsford Chronicle - HENHAM. A LABOUR FETE was held by the Henham Labour Party in the grounds of the White House, the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, on Saturday. There was a large attendance. The Thaxted Morris Dancers gave a display, the Henham Dramatic Society produced scenes from Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's Dream', and there were various side-shows. A brief meeting was held, and the speakers were Lady Clare Annesley. prospective Labour candidate for West Bristol; the Rev. Conrad Noel, Vicar of Thaxted; and Mr. Chapman, of Stansted. Mr. Cash, the local candidate, was unable to be present, owing to his father's illness. In the evening there was dancing.

1925 4th Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle - HENHAM. Cyclist's Tragic Death. Mr. Charles H. Driver, 62, of Poplar Cottage, Henham, died on the roadside at Buntingford under sad circumstances. He left home to cycle to Buntingford, and was seen by a motorist in a ditch, with one leg over the top bar of his cycle. The motorist pulled him to the road and applied artificial respiration, but death occurred. At the inquest a doctor said that the deceased's heart was covered with fat and in an abnormal state. Death was due to an attack of Angina Pectoris. A verdict of death from natural causes was returned.

Hupmobile1925 18th Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle - Friday Next. SIBLEYS FARM, HENHAM. Adjoining Sibleys Station, on Thaxted line. J.M. Welch & Son will sell by auction, on Friday next, Sept. 25th , 1925, by direction of V.E.H. Hacker, Esq., who is retiring from farming, the w whole of the valuable live and dead farming stock, including: 6 cart horses; chestnut cob, 7 years old, quiet to ride and drive; 8 dairy cows; capital young black & white bull, 17 months old; 5 home-weaned heifers; 5 calves; 4 sows, 25 store pigs; 130 head poultry including 14 goslings; stack of 1924 straw; Hupmobile 5-seater touring car; and the whole of the agricultural implements, as lotted upon the premises. Sale to commence at 12 o' clock precisely. Photograph of Hupmobile Tourer 1924 made in Detroit, Michigan, USA

1926 2nd. & 10th April Essex Newsman - Large living van for sale; fitted with cooking stove and pantry; movable A.K. Hayden, Henham, Essex.

1926 23rd. April Chelmsford Chronicle -
FOR SALE. Good building land; near railway, good position. H. Willett, Rose Cottage, Henham, Essex

FOR SALE. Well-built bungalow, about acre, well-planted orchard, good outbuildings, near railway. H. Willett, Rose Cottage, near Stansted, Henham, Essex.

FOR SALE. Six-roomed thatch cottage and shop, tobacco and confectioners, with good outbuildings, and large well-planted garden, and meadow, near railway. H. Willett, Rose Cottage, Henham, Essex

1926 2nd. Oct Essex Newsman - Wanted. Experienced chauffeur, good references. Apply, stating wages, Vicar, Henham, Stansted, Essex.

1926 6th Nov. Essex Newsman - MARQUIS OUT OF WORK. "I am entirely dependent on what I earn as a painter, have no independent means whatsoever, and have been out of employment for the last six months", wrote Marquis D'Oisy from Pledgdon Green, Henham, in a letter read by Judge Sir Alfred Tobin, at Westminster County Court on Tuesday, in answer to a judgement summons taken out by Thornton Smith, Limited, dealers, of Soho Square. A solicitor appearing for Messrs. Thornton Smith said that the Marquis had a coat of arms, and lived in a country house with a telephone. The case was adjourned.

1927 15th Jan. Essex Newsman - Stansted Court Jan 8th. Leonard Snow and Charles Johnson, both of Henham, for riding bicycles without lights at light, were each fined 10s including costs.

1927 11th. March Chelmsford Chronicle - Wanted, chauffeur; experienced; careful driver; good references; Austin car; state wages. Vicar, Henham, Stansted, Essex.

1927 2nd April Essex Newsman - about three acres grassland for sale; suitable for building or poultry; 3 minutes from railway. A. Yarrow, Henham, near Stansted, Essex.

1927 28th May Essex Newsman -
For Sale (Henham, Essex). Freehold, vacant, detached double-fronted slated cottage, facing south: six rooms and scullery; one room suitable for bath; good garden back and front; centre of village, £450. Lenney, Henham, Essex.

For Sale, 9 acres of land, freehold, suitable for building, pretty, village. Particulars, Frank Wright, Henham, Stansted, Essex.

1927 19th. Aug Chelmsford Chronicle - Essex Guardians and Rural Councils. Broxted. Dunmow Aug.16th. The tender of Mr. A.H. Wright, of Henham, for building two houses at Chickney at £750, was accepted.

1927 30th Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle - HENHAM. Freehold house, 8 rooms, 1/2 acre, fruit trees, water, vacant possession; £500. Frank Wright, Henham, Stansted, Essex.

1927 1st Oct. Essex Newsman - Henham. For Sale. Freehold house, 8 rooms, 1/2 acre, fruit trees, water, vacant possession, £500. Frank Wright, Henham, Stansted, Essex.

1928 16th March Chelmsford Chronicle - HENHAM. Village Hall. A large and representative meeting was held in the school, Mr. A.H. Garner in the chair, to discuss the project of a Village Hall. It was unanimously agreed to proceed with the matter on the basis of general co-operation. A committee consisting of Mr. A.H. Garner, Mr. Smith, and Mr. A.A. Thomson, with Miss Elliot as secretary, was appointed to explore ways and means and report at a future meeting.

1928 23rd March Chelmsford Chronicle -
Essex Folk Dancing. Annual Festival at Chelmsford. On Saturday, at the Corn Exchange, the Essex Branch of the English Folk Dance Society held their eighth annual festival. Mr Douglas Kennedy, director of the English Folk Dance Society said 'Henham should try to be more happy about their dancing'

FREEHOLD HOUSE FOR SALE; 2 reception, 4 bedrooms, kitchen, larder, and outbuildings, water, 1/2 acre garden, 20 apple and pear trees, in pretty village of Henham, 5 mins station and Post Office; vacant possession: £450. Frank Wright, Henham, Stansted, Essex.

1928 15th June Chelmsford Chronicle - Dunmow Court June 13th. George Witherden, grocer, of Henham, was summoned for not having two independent brakes on a motor car, at Dunmow, on May 28th. Pc Hasler said the hand brake was not efficient, but the foot brake was in order. Fined 10/-.

1928 13th. July Chelmsford Chronicle - FOR SALE. Good wagonette, rubber tyres, Johnson, Henham, Essex

1928 20th July Chelmsford Chronicle - PLAYS AT PLEDGDON. For the Pledgdon Green festival, a pastoral play, 'Shepherds' Hey' (which was described in the last Essex Chronicle) was performed twice on Saturday in the garden of the Marquis d'Oisy, at Pledgdon Green, Henham, to large audiences. It was preceded by the Pledgdon Green play, 'Peascod', in which the characters were sustained by Walter Close, John Barclay, Edward Livings, Herbert Blake, Hubert Wilson, Walter Silvester, Elsie Turner, Beatrice Thomson, Lily Garner, Nellie Blake, Elaine Cranmer-Byng, Edwin Beuterman, George Brown, A.A. Thomson, and the Marquis d'Oisy. There were crowded audiences.

1928 27th July Chelmsford Chronicle -

1928 24th & 31st Aug. Chelmsford Chronicle - HENHAM. Mr. Clarke, father, said his daughter had left home at 20 mins to 8 to catch the 8.6 train to Elsneham. She was in good health and had recently become engaged, and was happy in her engagement. Norah Martin of the Poplars, Henham said she travelled in the same compartment as the deceased. Just after leaving Stansted station the deceased stood at the off side window to wave to her young man, as she was in the habilt of doing. On this occasion she did not see him. Witness told her to sit down, but she did not do so, and started to sing. As she did so the door flew open. Witness sprang up and grabbed at her, but was only able to touch her dress. As she fell she cried ' Oh, Norah, quick".

Funeral of Miss Madeleine Laura Clarke (18), of Henham, the young shop assistant who was accidently killed by falling from a train (8.6 a.m.) whilst travelling to her place of business at Bishop's Stortford on Aug. 20th took place at Henham churchyard. The mourners were Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Clarke, father and mother; Miss Florence Clarke, sister; Mr. George C. Clarke, brother; Mr. H. Herrington, fiancee (to greet whom the deceased had gone to the carriage door when it flew open).

1928 29th Sept Essex Newsman
- Fatal Fall From A Tree – John Bush, aged 60, of Henham, died in the Bishops Stortford Infirmary on Tuesday from injuries received in a fall from a tree while picking apples.

1928 14th Dec. Chelmsford Chronicle
- An old-age pensioner, William Palmer, aged 73, living with his son and daughter-in-law at Pledgdon Green, Henham, was found dead in the woodshed at the rear of their cottage grasping in his right hand a saw with which he had been cutting logs. Death due to heart failure.

HENHAM. The Women's Institute gave a successful social and concert in the new Village Hall. Songs were contributed by Messrs. Bidwell, Budge, Cooke, Rayment, and the Institute choir, and a character sketch by Mr. Bradshaw. Four members performed a sketch, and a capital evening ended with 'A Masque of Fashion' a pageant in which about 20 members excellently represented fashions from the 'Cave Woman' to the 'Girl of the Present Day'. Mrs. Budge and Miss Parkin as 'Pierrette and Pierrot', took the speaking parts. Refreshments were served. Prizes for competitive games were won by Miss Kate Camp, Miss N. Coe, Mr. D. Jaggard, and Mr. L. Vaughan. The proceeds are to provide an old people's tea.

1928 28th. Dec. Chelmsford Chronicle - A GOOD ESSEX BOOK. AMUSING STORY OF VILLAGE LIFE. Broxted author's study. An excellent book on Essex village life has been written by Mr. Arthur Alexander Thomson, of Broxted, who discloses in its pages a close study and an appreciative interest in the characters among whom he has lived for seven years. The title of the book is 'Steeple Thatchby', which is derived from the preponderance of thatched houses and cottages around Henham and Broxted.

1929 25th Jan Chelmsford Chronicle - COURSING – By the sale of hares recently coursed at Henham by the Bishop’s Stortford Coursing Club, the sum of £35 was obtained towards the cost of providing a village hall for Henham. The hall has been built by voluntary labour.

RELIABLE hatching eggs and day-old chicks... Manager, Wood Farm, Henham, Stansted, Essex phone 58x Stansted.

1929 1st Nov. Chelmsford Chronicle - TAKELEY. ACCIDENT. On Friday Mr. H. Vaughan, of Henham, drove a steam engine and trailer laden with bricks, the property of Essex County Council, to Takeley Street, where the bricks were unloaded., and the engine was uncoupled from the trailer to be turned. When Mr. Richard Vaughan, brother of the driver, went to couple up the trailer again, he became jammed between the rod and the engine. His collar-bone was cracked, and he was attended by Dr. Clannett.

1930 10th. Jan. Chelmsford Chronicle - Stansted Court 4th Jan. Mary A. Clarke applied for a separation order against her husband, Alfred Clarke, roadman, Henham, on the ground of alleged desertion and persistent cruelty. She had to sleep many a night under a hedge with her baby of two months. The Bench granted a separation order with custody of the three children, the defendant to pay his wife 15/- a week.

1930 5th April Essex Newsman - Housekeeper, middle-aged, seeks Situation to widower or batchelor. Write Mrs. Smith, Little Henham Cottage, Widdington, near Newport, Essex.

1930 10th May Essex Newsman -
Braintree County Court May 2nd. Grass fire and trees. Harold John Dear, dental surgeon, The Dip, Broxted, claimed 30/- from William John Mees, poultry farmer, Cranleigh, Pledgdon Green, Henham, being the value of some young trees alleged to have been destroyed by fire. Judgement for the plaintiff for 30/- and costs.

Deceased Estate - Mr. J. O. Knight, of Preston, Henham, retired pawnbroker, £8,503

TO LET - a 4-roomed house, close to Henham Halt. Apply Mrs. J. Brooks, Henham, near Stansted, Essex.

1930 6th June Chelmsford Chronicle - Ideal ark poultry houses, sectional, all sizes, nests, mash hoppers, floors, bargains. Collet, Henham, Essex.

1930 13th June Chelmsford Chronicle
- Required, early in July, Cook-General; house-parlourmaid kept; three in family; comfortable home; good wages. Mrs. A.H. Garner, the Bury, Henham, Bishop's Stortford, Herts.

1930 4th July Chelmsford Chronicle - Bishop's Stortford Schools Sports. At the inter-schools sports meeting at Bishop's Stortford on Tuesday evening..the boys' cup went to Henham.

1930 25th July Chelmsford Chronicle
- Stansted Court July 19th. Adjourned. Alfred Wright, of Henham, who had five summons against him for infringing National Health etc. Acts, wrote that he had injured his knee and was unable to attend. The Bench adjourned the hearing for a month.

1930 July 28th. Observer

Tomorrow at St Jame’s Square Messrs Hampton and Sons will submit certain properties at ‘upset’ prices’.. and £650 with option to buy the freehold, for an
Elizabethan cottage and six acres at Henham, in Essex

1930 1st Aug Chelmsford Chronicle - The late Mr A.B. Robson. The funeral took place in Henham churchyard on Saturday of the late Mr Alfred Bernard Robson, of the Council Houses, Henham, proprietor of the Robson Soap Company, South Street, Bishop’s Stortford, whose death occurred after an operation at the early age of 44.

1930 8th Aug. Chelmsford Chronicle - Wanted, Half-House, unfurnished, about five rooms, or Cottage; Herts or Essex; easy distance London. Manse, Henham, Essex.

Efficient working cook-housekeeper (not as family). Wanted for small house, Essex, complete country; house parlourmaid kept; two adults, one child, nurse, must be good cook and manager; wages £45-52; middle-aged preferred, Please write as fully a possible, Mrs. Glazebrook, Wood Farm, Henham, Bishop's Stortford

1930 22nd Aug. Chelmsford Chronicle - YACHT DISASTER. Eight people perish. Two Essex Victims. Two Essex people, Capt. Arthur Robertson Brailey, of the Clock House, Dunmow, and Capt. Glazebrook, of Wood Farm, Henham, Bishop's Stortford, were among the eight victims of a terrible yachting disaster which occurred off the Cornish coast during Wednesday night. All on board, which included Commodore H.D. King, M.P. for South Paddington, were drowned. The yacht ' Islander; had been chartered for a holiday cruise. It was caught in a storm in Lantivet Bay, near Fowey, and sent out a distress signal. When the lifeboat got to Lantivet Bay, the yacht had been driven against the rocks, and was being pounded to pieces. Two coastguards got down the cliff face, and saw one man dive from the yacht and begin swimming to the shore. But before he could reach it he was thrown back, and not seen again. Then the Polruan rocket brigade was called out. But this too was unable to obtain communication with the yacht, although they saw several people on board..... Capt. Glazebrook had a distinguished military career, and served throughout the War. In recent years he had been engaged in agriculture at Wood Farm, Henham, and was a popular and much-respected figure in the neighbourhood.

1930 10th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle
- Essex Chronicle Agent. Henham - Mr. F. C. Wright

1930 24th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle - Freehold house for Sale; 6 rooms and bathroom; vacant; good shed, yard, and garden; excellent condition; £300. Apply Star Farm, Henham, near Elsenham, Essex.

1931 6th Feb. Chelmsford Chronicle - Dunmow County Court. Fined For Absence. Messrs Lewis & Son, ironmongers, Dunmow claimed £5 19. 11. from A. H. Wright, builder, of Henham, under a judgement summons. Wright did not appear, and it was stated that he had been paid conduct money. The judge fined Wright one guinea for non - attendance, and ordered the case to come on at the next Braintree Court.

1931 13th March Chelmsford Chronicle - To Let. 2-roomed house; close to Henham Halt. Apply, Mrs. J. Brooks, Henham, near Stansted, Essex.

1931 24th April Chelmsford Chronicle - ESSEX. Ideal old-world cottage for two; well furnished; 2 bed, 2 sitting, indoor chemical closet; garden, orchard; garage; plate, linen; £2 per week, including telephone rent; available now, one year; Sibleys L.N.E.R. Halt station 1 minute. Miss Mitton, Henham, Essex.

1931 10th July Chelmsford Chronicle - By direction of J. Brazier, Esq., Scarborough Taylor & Ball have received instructions to sell by auction at the Chequers Hotel, Bishop's Stortford on Thursday next, July 16th., 1931, at 3.45 in the afternoon: Henham, near Elsenham, Essex: a compact freehold small grass farm, known as 'Pale Gate' with charming old-world house, convenient buildings, and excellent frontage to main road; and 36 acres of useful grass, possession of land on completion, house at Christmas

1931 July 22nd. Observer - Hampton and Sons - Henham, Essex ‘Prestons’. Six acres, freehold, £1,100

1931 24th. July Chelmsford Chronicle - PLEDGDON HALL, HENHAM. J.M. Welch & Son, will sell by auction, on Wednesday 12th Aug 1931, by direction of Mr. B. W. Smith, 2,000 poultry and a quantity of poultry houses and appliances

1931 14th Aug. Chelmsford Chronicle - ELSENHAM. The annual meeting of the Henham and Elsenham United Football Club was held in the village hall on Monday. It was agreed that play should be abandoned during the coming season owing to the lack of interest in the club and the difficulty of getting enough players to form a team. The hon. sec. Mr. L.V. Vaughan was accorded a vote of thanks for his past services.

1931 22nd Aug. Essex Newsman - At Stansted Petty Session on Saturday. Walter Peachey, of Star Farm, Henham, was charged with failing to pay wages at not less than the minimum rate to Ivy Florence Stubbs, of Henham, on the 16th of May and on the 23rd May. Prosecution had failed to prove that the employee concerned came within the scope of the Agricultural Wages Act, 1924.

1931 18th Sept Chelmsford Chronicle
- HENHAM – Women’s Institute - Mrs. Orr president. Mrs Greenslade spoke on pickles and chutneys. Games and singing followed. The prize for bread was won by Mrs. Turner.

NOTICE OF FIXTURES. Forthcoming sale by G. E. Sworder & Sons. Wednesday Oct. 7th 1931, upon Little Henham Hall Farm for Capt. P. A. Foster.

1931 3rd. Oct. Essex Newsman - HENHAM., near Bishops Stortford. Attractive Tudor farmhouse, with stabling and old thatched tithe barn; all in excellent repair. Three acres of paddock and orchard. Price, freehold, only £1,750. Apply Alfred Savill & Sons tel. Mansion House 4777

1931 16th Oct Chelmsford Chronicle – HENHAM. Women’s Institute  Mrs Orr president. Mrs Byng talked on health and food. The completion was for ‘the best six articles for the home medicine chest’, and was won by Mrs. Collins

1931 13th Nov. Chelmsford Chronicle
– Stansted Court Petty Session Nov. 7th. No Conviction. John Balaam, Bell Inn, Henham, was ordered to pay costs, with no conviction, for selling milk by the hand of his servant which was at least 33 per cent deficient in milk fat. Mr. Adam Ward, prosecuting, said there was no suggestion of added water. Mr. W. J. Gee, defending, said the cow had not been milked out, and the defendant's son, who did the milking, did not know that the best milk had been left in the cow.

1932 30th Jan Essex Newsman - Bishops Stortford Court Jan. 28th. Driving a motor car without a licence. Jerome L. Van Steene, of Henham, fined 7/6d

1932 11th March Chelmsford Chronicle
– Stansted March 9th. The Parish Councils of Berden, Farnham, and Henham did not consider that more houses were urgently needed in their parishes while the following Parish Councils thought it advisable to build - Birchanger 20, Elsenham 6, Great Hallingbury 10, Manuden 10 and Stansted 21. It was suggested that the rents would be about 5/6 per week.

1932 25th March Chelmsford Chronicle – To Let. 2 rooms, self-contained, suit an elderly couple, close to Henham Halt. Apply Mrs J. Brooks, Henham, near Stansted, Essex.

1932 8th April Chelmsford Chronicle – ROAD TRAFFIC SERVICES. More Decisions. The Traffic Commissioners for the Eastern Area have announced the following decisions on applications heard by them - Applications Granted to Eastern National Omnibus Company to continue to operate services of stage carriages between Bishop's Stortford and Henham via Stansted and Elsenham; also to Messrs Hicks Bros. of Felsted to continue to operate between Dunmow and Bishop's Stortford via Thaxted and Henham.

1932 14th May Essex Newsman
- For Sale. Old timbered and tiled cottage, recently renovated, in perfect condition, lounge, two bedrooms, kitchen, and scullery; 1/2 acre garden, water, own well; charmingly situated in pretty village; main line London 65 minutes, price £600, with vacant possession . Apply: Cooke, Bacons Farm, Henham, near Bishop's Stortford.

1932 22nd July Chelmsford Chronicle – Sale Wednesday next. Little Henham Poultry Farm. J.M. Welch & Son will sell by auction, on Wednesday next, 27th July 1932, by direction of Mrs. G.E. Foster, the whole of the valuable poultry and poultry-keeping appliances, comprising about 2,000 poultry...... etc and an Armstrong - Siddeley (5 seater) touring car, 1926 model

1932 11th. Nov. Chelmsford Chronicle – The County Review. Mr. W. N. Jarvis, surveyor and engineer, said a water supply was required at Henham, but it was a difficult question, and the Henham people did not want it.

TO LET. 2-roomed house, self-contained, to let, near Halt station, Henham. Brooks, Chickney Road, Henham.

1933 19th May Chelmsford Chronicle
– Bungalow. Let or Sale; 5 rooms, scullery; garage; large orchard; good position. Willett, Rose Cottage, Henham, Essex

1933 10th June Chelmsford Chronicle – Wills and Bequests. Mr. Allen Joyce, of Henham £9,464.

1933 16th June Chelmsford Chronicle
– In answer Box 568 Thursday, 22nd, Mill Road, Halt, Henham, 7 o'clock-dark c 254 (my research shows this is a reply to an advert in The Essex Newsman 14th Oct. 1933 ' GENTLEMAN, 58, retired, good appearance, wishes to meet refined lady under 60; genuine, Box 254 "Chronicle", Chelmsford.' RG)

1933 9th Sept. Essex Newsman - Working housekeeper wanted for farmhouse; widower with two sons. Lindsell, Sibleys, Henham, Essex.

1934 17th March Essex Newsman - ACCIDENT. While cycling from Henham to Elsenham Mr. Fred Wisbey, billposter, in trying to avoid a horse and cart at the corner of Sandy Mount skidded and was thrown and sustained an injury to his knee.

1934 April 13th. Observer - deaths: BESWICK. On April 11, 1934, suddenly, at Henham, Essex, H. J. Beswick. Of Christchurch, New Zealand, and 45, Thurloe Square, London SW7. Funeral private. No flowers. By request

1934 13th April Chelmsford Chronicle
– Required. Useful Maid, about 16 years, as General. Apply, Miss Gardiner, Post Office, Henham, near Bishop's Stortford.

1934 22nd Sept. Essex Newsman
- WANTED. 3/4 size billiards table, good condition. Bradshaw, Club Secretary, Henham, Bishop's Stortford

1934 15th Dec. Essex Newsman
- Saffron Waldon Rural District Council on Tuesday elected its first woman chairman in Mrs. Salter, of Newport. At the meeting it was intimated that the Ministry of Health had approved the Council's £16,500 scheme for a pipe supply of water to Henham, Ugley, and Elsenham.

1935 4th. Jan Chelmsford Chronicle – MAN'S LONELY DEATH NEAR BRENTWWOD. A man was found dead in an empty bungalow at Dunton, near Brentwood, on Sunday. He appeared to have been dead for at least a week. The man was identified as Francis William Asals, aged 63, an art metal worker, of 'Cremona', Henham, Saffron Walden. Miss Lilian Asals said her father, the deceased, left home on Dec. 21st. to go to a bungalow at Dunton, which he was getting read for occupation, as they intended to live there. Death from natural causes.

1935 5th. Jan. Essex Newsman
- Dunmow Court Jan. 2nd. Gun licence. Ernest George Camp, Wood End, Henham, for carrying a gun without a licence at Chickney on Nov. 17th. was fined 10/- and 7/ costs.

1935 29th March Chelmsford Chronicle – Sunnymead Farm, Henham. Close to the village, about 2 miles Elsenham. J. M. Welch & Son having let the land, will sell by auction on Wednesday 10th April 1935 by direction of Mr. J. W. J. Van Steene, the whole of the live and dead farming stock and the whole of the implements including Fordson tractor in good running order, Marshall's 12hp horizontal crude oil engine.

1935 3rd. May Chelmsford Chronicle – THE JUBILEE BEACONS. The Boy Scouts' Jubilee bonfires all over the land are to be lit at the same time 10pm on Monday, and a rocket will be fired at each place as soon as the fire is lighted. Attached is a list of sites chosen for the beacons in Essex: ...Henham...

1935 24th May Chelmsford Chronicle
– Stansted May 18th. Potatoes. James Read and Harry A. Babbs, of Henham, were bound over on a charge of stealing potatoes, value 5/-, the property of Bertie W. Smith, each also to pay costs 7/6d.

1935 July 29.
Observer - Mr and Mrs Douglas G. Pelly have arrived at Swaynes Hall, Widdington, Essex (Telephone: Henham 69), which will be their permanent address.

1935 23rd. August Chelmsford Chronicle
– The Traffic Commissioners have granted licences: to Mr. H. Wilson, of Wicken Road, Clavering, to operate a new service of stage carriages between Dunmow (Queen Victoria) and Saffron Walden, via Widdington, Henham, Broxted, and Bambers Green.

1936 7th. Aug. Chelmsford Chronicle
– Wanted. Three harvest men (beet to follow); good living accommodation. Apply B.W. Smith, Pledgdon Hall, Henham, Bishop's Stortford.

1936 Oct 19.
Observer - The Rev W Ormrod, lately senior curate of Garston, Liverpool, has been instituted to the vicarage of Henham, Essex patrons, the Patronage Board of the National Church League

1936 28th Nov. Essex Newsman - Saffron Walden Court Nov. 1st Albert Edward Leader, of Henham, was charged with deserting his wife and 3 children. He left his home at Henham on Oct. 2nd., his wife and three children, aged 13,8, and 3, being without means. Mrs. Leader was obliged to apply for public assistance, which was granted. Defendant said that during Doncaster race week he kept some money handed to him for betting purposes, and as he was unable to meet the demands made upon him he absconded. There were three previous convictions against him, two being similar offences. This was the fifth time he had left his wife and children. Defendant was sentenced to three months hard labour.

1937 3rd July Essex Newsman - Don't buy my bungalow; land adjoining £35 an acre. 'Delphine', Henham, Essex.

1937 15th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle
– Water shortage in Walden area. Owing to the low rainfall during three previous years, the shortage of water for domestic use continued in the district. It had been necessary to continue carting water to the parishes of Arkesden, Chrishall, Debden, Elmdon, Farnham, Hempstead, Henham, Radwinter, the Sampfords and Wimbish. Delay in the completion of a piped supply had been largely due to the national rearmament programme.

1937 22nd. Oct Chelmsford Chronicle
– COOK-General and House-Parlourmaid required end of October; good references essential, Apply Mrs. Bundey, The Bury, Henham, Bishops Stortford

1938 28th Jan. Chelmsford Chronicle
– 1930 Morris Oxford saloon; 15 h.p.; in excellent condition; £17 10s., Bichan, Broxted, Henham 77.

1938 18th Feb. Chelmsford Chronicle
– ELSENHAM. Nursing Association. A jumble sale held on Monday in the village hall, organised by Nurse Cumming and Mrs. Willett, of Henham, realised £12 5s for the Nursing Association

1938 7th. May Essex Newsman
- Denial and a Fine. John Lester, alias Jeremiah O'Sullivan, Star Green, Henham was summoned for assaulting a girl, aged nine years, at Thaxted on March 20th. The girl alleged that while she was on her way to Sunday School, the defendant spoke to her and behaved improperly. Defendant denied the allegation. The Bench convicted him but as he appeared to have a good record, he would only be fined 20/- and 5/- costs

1938 3rd June Chelmsford Chronicle
– LOCAL GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE. Parish Boundaries Revised. Yesterday a meeting of the Essex Local Government Committee was held at Essex House, Finsbury Square, London E.C. SAFFRON WALDEN RURAL. Arising out of the recent local inquiry into proposals for the alteration of the boundaries of certain parishes in the Saffron Walden Rural District, the following recommendations were agreed to: the transfer to the parish of Elsenham of parts of the parishes of Stansted and Henham; and the transfer from the parish of Stansted to the parish of Henham of a small triangular-shaped piece of land lying immediately to the north of the Nursery near Elsenham station. The Chairman, referring to the proposal to transfer part of Henham parish to Elsenham, mentioned that one side of Elsenham High Street was in Elsenham and the other side in Henham parish. Elsenham people who died were actually buried in Henham. The proposals now put forward would remove the anomaly.

1938 10th June Chelmsford Chronicle
– Wills and Bequests. The Hon. Cynthia Frances Charlotte Pease, Wood Farm, Henham £753.

1938 1st. July Chelmsford Chronicle
– Dunmow Court June 29th. Henham lads and a tub cart. Seven Henham lads, George Willett, Norman W. Wright, Frederick W. Clayden, Charles J. Dixon, William W. Camp, Harry Shoebridge, and William Hayden were summoned for being concerned together in causing wilful damage of 30/- to a tub cart, the property of George Latham Flemming, The Dip, Broxted. Complainant said that at 10.15 pm on June 5th seven lads passed his house singing and behaving in a rude manner. Next morning he found that his tub cart, which was in a meadow, had been damaged, both shafts being broken. Wright, Camp, and Hayden, who were present in court, were each fined 15/-, and Willett, Clayden, Dixon, and Shoebridge, who did not appear, were fined 20/- each. Each defendant was ordered to pay 4/- costs, and to share the damage, 30/-, and 2/6d police expenses.

1938 9th July Essex Newsman - To Let. Springate Farm, Henham good house, farm buildings, including cowhouse for 16 cows; 183 acres, of which 50 acres are pasture; rent £150 per annum. J.M. Welch & Son, estate agents, Dunmow, Essex tel Dunmow 17

1938 22nd. July Chelmsford Chronicle – Found shot in car. Mr. Green, a house decorator, reported to the Saffron Walden Police on Wednesday that he had seen what appeared to be the body of a man sitting in a motor car on the greensward by the side of a lane near the Roos Farm, about two miles from the town. The police went to the spot and found that the report was true. The side of the man's head was partly blown away and a gun was lying by his side. The body was conveyed to the mortuary. Later the body was identified by the wife as that of Mr. George Albert Davis, of Henham, who had been missing from his home since Monday.

1938 29th. July Chelmsford Chronicle – Saffron Walden Inquest July 22nd. re George Albert Davis, aged 34, of Meadside, Henham, an assistant estate agent at Bishop's Stortford. Mr. Arthur Frank Walling, railway clerk, Enfield, brother-in-law of deceased, gave evidence of identification, and said a letter produced was in deceased's handwriting. The Coroner read the letter 'I had hoped to be able to make enough money to defray our debts, but failure has been so persistent that the bottom has fallen out of things and my brain is gone. All you have been to me I appreciate to the full, and the only one to blame is myself'

1938 2nd. Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle – Monday next. 'Coquerico', Henham, Essex. Immediately adjoining Mill Road Halt Branch Railway Station, 1 1/2 miles from Elsenham. Woodward & Priday will sell by auction on the model farm, Monday next, 5th Sept. at 2 pm. 5,000 pullets

1938 9th Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle
– ELSENHAM. Good Result. The Elsenham and Henham Nursing Association's fete exceeded all previous efforts, realising £93 17. 0d., of which £82 16s 6d. was profit.

1938 14th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle – Prize Sugar Beet. Felsted Beet Sugar Research and Education Committee's regional competitions have been concluded. Local Competition. B Class 11 2nd J. Pimblett, Parsonage Farm, Henham

1939 Mar 15th. Observer - Unspoilt country guest house exceptional cooking: main electricity; golf, from 2 ½ gns.- Malthouse, Widdington, Newport, Essex. Henham 24

1939 3rd June Essex Newsman - SPEED. Richard William Turner, Wood End, Henham, was summoned for driving a motor cattle truck at a greater speed than 30 miles an hour at Little Canfield on April 26th. He was fined 10/-.

1939 28th July Chelmsford Chronicle – HENHAM – Congregational Church – The Rev. C. Stanley Herbert, B.D. of Hampstead, was the preacher. The services were well attended and very successful.

1939 4th Aug. Chelmsford Chronicle – By instructions from the Sheriff of Essex, re Mrs. Catharine Salter, 'The Willows', The Green, Henham. Messrs. Alfred Darby & Co. are instructed to sell by auction on the premises as above, on Tuesday, August 15th, 1939, the household furniture and effects. Sale to commence at 12 noon.

1939 19th Aug. Essex Newsman - Stockman wanted for mixed farm; state wages, references. Burton, Springates Farm, Henham.

1939 15th Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle – MORE HOME FOOD. Essex Farmers' Response. District Committees Formed. The Essex War Agricultural Executive Committee are appointing 13 local advisory committees, whose areas coincide roughly with those of the Rural District Councils. The local committees are as follows: - Saffron Walden - B.W. Smith, Henham

1939 29th Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle
– 1932 Coventry Eagle, 147 cc electric, good running order; exceptionally economical; £6 or near offer. Vaughan, Henham, Bishops Stortford.

1939 6th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle – Director's Fatal Worry. An inquest was held at Ilford on Major Henry Charles Parker, 51, a director of Messrs. Thomas de la Rue and Co. Ltd., who was found shot with a revolver in the firm's Walthamstow factory. Mr. Bernard Westall, a director of the company, said Major Parker had been a director for eight years and a manager for 20. He fought through the last war. The Major, who went to Walthamstow every morning, lived at Hendon and had a country house at Henham, Essex, and he was worried chiefly because he might not be able to get enough petrol.

1939 6th Dec. Hartlepool Mail - Two Men On Conversion Charges. Frederick Sidney Salter (52), of Henham, Essex, a stockbroker, and Arthur Irvin Rose (34), of Godmanchester, Hunts., were, at Cambridge, today, remanded on three charges of converting to their own use stock units, stock and shares to the value of £11,422. They were further charged with converting to their own use a cheque for £325 1s. and also with conspiring together to defraud people who might be induced to part with money or valuable securities to the firm of W. A. Bignell and Company. Rose was in Army uniform.

1940 Jan 8th. Observer - Mrs Bundey highly recommends her conscientious devoted Nannie, age 33: excellent with health, diet; baby from month preferred; country; within reach London. The Bury, Henham, Essex

1940 29th March Chelmsford Chronicle
– Short Notice Of Sale. Monday next, Little Henham Lodge Farm, 2 miles Elsenham, Station, De Beer & Son will sell by auction on Monday next, April 1st, 1940 at 1.30 pm the excellent live and dead farming stock and farming equipment

1940 5th. April Chelmsford Chronicle
– Dunmow Court April 3rd. Bernard Keel, Pledgdon Green, Henham, summoned for not screening the front light of his bicycle, fined 7/6d

1940 14th June Chelmsford Chronicle
– The London Gazette. Receiving Orders. Paul Anthony Mascall, of Henham, bus driver, lately at Slough Farm, Debden, as a farmer and dairyman.

1940 Aug. 10th. Essex Newsman
- Austin 7 saloon, good condition, £5. Riley 9 hp. saloon; good condition; taxed; £6 10/-. Husband, Springate, Henham

1940 25th. Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle
– Fordson tractor for sale, cheap, useful tool, £22 10s for quick sale. Apply Little Henham Lodge Farm, Widdington Essex phone Henham 94.

1940 29th Nov. Chelmsford Chronicle
– For Sale. Manchester lorry, good condition and tyres, bargain, £35. Apply Little Henham Lodge Farm, Widdington Essex phone Henham 94.

1940 21st. Dec. Essex Newsman
- WANTED, Farm worker, skilled hedging and ditching, good cottage, apply B.W. Smith, Pledgdon Hall, Henham

1941 12th April Essex Newsman - Epping Court April 4th., for excessive speed in a built-up area, Frank A.A. Musolli of Henham fined £1

1941 3rd Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle
– By instructions from Mr. B. W. Smith, Green End Farm, Henham, sale of live and dead farming stock and farming equipment. G.E. Sworder & Sons, having sold the farm, will offer the above for sale by auction, tomorrow, Saturday, October 4th, 1941 at 12 noon.,

1943 Feb 4th.
To be Let, Well-furnished Labour-saving HOUSE; 4 bed. 2 reception; mains services; central heating; 38 miles SW London; double garage. apply Glebeside, Henham, Essex

1943 Sept 1st
. - The Rev. J E Cowley, vicar of Holy Trinity, Tewkesbury, to be vicar of Henham, Essex.

1943 Nov 7th. Picture Post

A MARRIED MAN: Why There Musn't Be More Babies

I have never read so much bunkum as all this talk about getting the birth rate up. I will give you a programme for getting all the babies you want - abolish all the Social Services, bring wages down to a subsistence level, abolish all forms of public transport and entertainment, scrap decent housing and put every married family in a two-roomed hovel without a single convenience. In these conditions, as every slum-worker knows, the people will breed like rabbits.

I am delighted to say that our people have lifted themselves on to a slightly higher plane than this - a plane where they try at any rate to get a little entertainment out of their lives, instead of wearing themselves out by producing monstrously great families at the behest of national leaders who wanted interminable supplies of cheap labour and cannon-fodder.

Don't run away with the idea that when you give the people Beveridge they'll give you more babies in return. They won't - and quite right too. They're far too sensible. They've been told for years that machinery can almost make the labour of man superfluous -and now somebody starts wailing because the supply of men is going down. Could anything be more ridiculous ? Robert Steed, The Row, Henham, Essex

1943 Dec 18th. Picture Post

'Another blast from Robert Steed - I see you are still at it - and now we are treated to a whole page of the old bunkum about the birth-rate. Why did I take the trouble to write to you (under a name I have used throughout my career as an author) and point out (Picture Post, Nov. 27) that the only known way to rocket up the birth-rate is to clamp down on the living standards of the people ? The only question is - are you prepared to accept that solution for a problem which doesn't worry me in the slightest but which seems to be worrying you people out of your skins ? Meanwhile, as was natural, my few words of commonsense have stirred the rampaging sentimentalists, who are bombarding me with letters containing such phrases as "incredible selfishness," "disgusting," and so on. It might save a bit of the country's paper supply if you could print the fact that I am, though of advanced years, a confirmed family man, who is never so happy as when his little son toddles up to him, puts out his tiny, trusting, hands, and gives him one in the eye with a good big lump of coal. Robert Steed, The Row Henham, Essex."

1945 4th May Chelmsford Chronicle
– Wills. Mr. Charles C. Winmill, F.R.I.B.A. of Church End, Henham £14,171.

1945 19th Oct. Essex Newsman
- Awards of long-service premium by the Essex Agricultural Society - Walter Palmer, Henham 52 years on one farm.

1945 2nd. Nov. Chelmsford Chronicle
– POST OFFICE TELEGRAPHS. Notice is hereby given, pursuant to the provisions of the Telegraph Acts....intends to place a telegraphic line over, along, and across the said public road, and for that purpose to erect and maintain posts in and upon the same .... HENHAM Little Henham Road, from the existing route near Little Henham Hall, proceeding in a westerly direction to a point near Jock Farm, approx 400 yards

1945 14th Dec. Essex Newsman
- 40 Walden Rural Houses. Saffron Walden Rural Council, on Tuesday, decided to invite tenders for the first installment of forty houses to be allocated thus: Henham 8, Wendons Ambo 4, Wimbish 8, Chrishall 6, Arkesden 8, Debden 6

1946 22nd Feb. Chelmsford Chronicle
– Man seeks situation as gardener-handyman, wife willing to help in house; no children, cottage essential, F. Camp, Brayshot, Little Henham, Widdington, Saffron Walden

1947 9th May Chelmsford Chronicle
– 1936 350cc Red Wing Sports Panther; excellent general condition. Springate Cottage, Henham, Essex. Phone Henham 25

1948 9th April Chelmsford Chronicle
– HEAD cowman wanted, to build up T.T. Ayrshire herd; knowledge machine milking, rationing etc., new bungalow, electricity, main water, bath; some help required in adjacent farmhouse; preferably no young children. J.W. Smith, Henham Lodge, Henham 52, Bishop's Stortford.

1948 14th May Gloucester Citizen
- Local Divorce Actions. Undefended divorce actions heard yesterday at Gloucester Divorce Court - Moyra Knight, Tyntyla Isolation Hospital, Old Penrhys Road, Ystrad, Rhondda, against Kenneth James Knight, Moat Cottage, Henham, Bishops Stortford; desertion.

1948 28th Sept. Essex Newsman
- TRACTORS ARE OUSTING HORSE PLOUGHING. The Braintree and Witham District Agricultural Discussion Society held their annual ploughing and root competitions at Broadfields Farm, Rayne, on Saturday. The ploughing entry for tractors was good. The entry for horse-drawn ploughs was small. Judges (furrow ploughs) were: B.W. Smith of Henham

1949 8th April Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Cricket Club require home fixture Whit Monday return August Bank Holiday; also June 4th home, July 2 away. Hon. Sec. Shamrock Cottage, Henham.

1949 22nd April Chelmsford Chronicle – Saffron Walden Court on Tuesday. Careless Dairyman Fined. Frank George Camp, of High Street, Henham, was fined £2 for possessing bottled milk for sale which was of short measure.

1949 7th. Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle – J.O. Barbrook has been favoured with instructions to submit for sale by public auction at the Cock Inn, Thaxted, on Monday, October 24th., 1949, at 3.30 pm the following Freehold property for occupation and investment: Henham: bungalow, known as 'Elmdene', let on a weekly tenancy at £26 7s per annum. And 16th or 17th century cottage known as 'Homeland', let on a weekly tenancy at £28 12s per annum. Further particulars will appear in due course.

1949 4th Nov. Chelmsford Chronicle – Wednesday next. Wash Farm, Henham. Close to Henham Village, on road from village to Sibleys Station. J.M. Welch & Son will sell by auction, on Wednesday next, Nov. 9th., 1949, by direction of Mr. J. Paxton Holinshead, who has sold the farm, the whole of the valuable agricultural implements......

1949 2nd Dec. Chelmsford Chronicle – With vacant possession, Pledgdon Green, Henham. J.M. Welch & Son will sell by auction, on Thursday, 15th Dec., 1949, at Long's Restaurant, Bishop's Stortford, at 3.30 o'clock precisely THE FREEWHOLD DETACHED COUNTRY COTTAGE standing in its own grounds, well back from the road, overlooking the attractive open green, and known as 'White Thorn'. Timber, lath & plaster built, with slated roof, containing 2 living-rooms, scullery and 3 bedrooms. Main electricity and water, outbuilding and large garden or orchard, containing a number of fruit trees, the whole comprising an area of just over 1/2 acre.

1955 May 16th. - Mr Butler on Family Allowances

When Mr. Butler, Chancellor of the Exchequer, spoke at Henham, Essex, on Saturday, a questioner urged that family allowances should be paid for the first child. Mr. Butler replied: ‘The difficulty is that there are so many that it would run into something like £100m. It would be much more expensive that what we have already done in the field of family allowances and I am pretty sure it would be too expensive at the present time ‘


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  above: Pam Eatough, Kellie Porter and Anne Edwards
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old mead

'Old Mead'
1980 best kept village
1981 pimblett row protest
1980 Henham: Best Kept Village
1981: Protests re self-building of Pimblett Row

pond 1980
pond 1980

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immediately above and below are from 'Essex Life' magazine

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