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1900 Jan 20th. Essex County Standard
THE PROPOSED SOUTH ESSEX WATER TRUST. Opposition at Epping, Saffron Walden, and Stanstead. At the meeting of the Saffron Walden Town Council on Jan.12th, it was decided to petition against the schemes both of the South Essex Water Board and the South Essex Waterworks Company. The plans of the proposed undertaking of the South Essex water Trust were placed before the Epping Rural Council on Jan 12th., and it was resolved to oppose the scheme. A public meeting was held in the Central Hall, Stansted, on Jan 13th., to consider what steps should be taken to oppose the South Essex Water schemes. Mr. Baker, Clerk to Stanstead Rural District Council, said the two bills before the meeting were the South Essex Water Works Company's and the South Essex Water Board's. There would be a pumping station at Heydon, one at Stansted, which would drain the wells at Manuden, Farnham, and Birchanger, and one at Henham, which would drain those at Henham and Elsenham. This water would be sold at Grays and, perhaps, in London..... The meeting eventually decided that the schemes should be strongly opposed by the Rural District Council.....

1900 Feb 3rd. Essex Standard
Surrender of Licenses. Dr. Cooper of Cambridge also asked the Bench to give their assent to the surrender of the licence of the Home-Brewed beerhouse, Henham. As there was no opposition, the Bench assented.
1900 Mar 17th. Essex County Standard
Dunmow Petty Session March 14th - Game Trespass - James Monk, 21, and William Clark, 15, labourers, of Henham, were charged with trespassing in search of game upon land in the occupation of Mr. Newport, at Broxted, on Feb 27th. Mr F. J. Snell prosecuted. - Stanley Wybrow, game-keeper to Sir Walter Gilbey, stated that he saw the men kill a pheasant. Monk, against whom there was a previous conviction, was ordered to pay 17s. 3d. and Clark 12s. 3d. Both men went to prison for 14 days hard labour in default.

1900 8th June Chelmsford Chronicle - Old Mead, Henham, Essex. To be sold by auction by G.E. Sworder & Sons, on the premises, on Friday next, June 15th., 1900 at 10.30 precisely, by direction of the executor of the late Miss E.J. Canning - furniture, fittings etc

1900 29th June Chelmsford Chronicle - To be sold by auction by G.E. Sworder & Sons, at the Chequers Hotel, Bishop Stortford, on Thursday next, July 5th., 1900, at 4.30 o'clock, by direction of the proprietor,

Valuable small freehold pleasure or poultry farm, with residence and suitable homestead, known as Henley Farm, containing in the whole about 8a. 2r. (more or less) of pasture and arable land.

1900 Aug 4th. The Newsman
SAFFRON WALDEN (COUNTY) July 31st. Frederick Bentley, 42, labourer, of Chickney, was charged with stealing two pairs of boots, value 12s. 10d. the property of Messrs. Holland and Barrett, of Henham. The boots were missed, and the prisoner was chased, when he threw the boots into a corn field. He was sentenced to one month's imprisonment with hard labour.

1900 Aug 8th. Newsman
HENHAM. Wedding at the Henham Congregational church between Mr. J.H. Matthews of Stansted and Miss Kate Gardiner, third daughter of Mrs. Gardiner of Henham House. Mrs. Hood, on behalf of the church and friends presented a silver tea and coffee service, bearing a suitable inscription, together with a ladies' companion and a purse of gold. The couple left to spend their honeymoon at Brighton. Presents were -

coal vase Mr Banham fruit dish Mr & Mrs Smith celery glass Mrs T. Camp
silver jam jar Mrs Dixon afternoon tea set Miss Matthews tray cloth Miss Lewis
jewel case Miss Smith vase Mrs Broughall egg-stand Misses L. & J. Turner
firescreen Mrs Rochdale sugar tongs The Misses Perry tea & cruet spoons Mr & Mrs White
jewel tray Mr W. Hayden silver serviette rings Mr & Mrs Bunting silver teapot Mr & Mrs Torly
afternoon teacloth Mrs Beard silver breakfast cruet Mr & Mrs Wright silver breakfast cruet Mr G Gardiner
brass lamp Mr Dyke skin rug Mr A. Matthews toilet set Mr & Mrs Gardiner
wicker chair Miss Grigsby pair of rugs Mr C Gardiner tea service Miss Gardiner
dinner service Mr & Mrs Matthews pair of silver meat covers Mr Gardiner old china and spoons Mrs Spurgeon
homespun tablecloth Mrs McMorrin fancy flower pot Mrs G.Gardiner hand-painted fans Miss Gardiner
doormat Mr G. Sapsford crochet toilet cover Mrs Grigsby knitted antimacassar Mrs Lucas
photo The Misses Staines brass lamp Mr & Mrs Matthews pair of jugs Miss C. Wright
pair of ornaments Mrs Wright fruit dish Miss K. Wright silver dinner cruet Mr Broughall
china vases Miss C. Drake clock Mr Plant silver tongs & spoons Miss Warden
oil painting Mr R. Ward        

1900 31st Aug. Chelmsford Chronicle - Places Wanted. Farm or Estate Bailiff, Advertiser requires situation at Michaelmas; leaving present situation through death; lifetime experience in farming, stock breeding, poultry and dairy, excellent references; married. J. Rumball, Old Mead, Henham, Essex.

1900 21st Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle - The Hall Farm, Little Henham. Franklin & Son are favoured with instructions from the executors of the late Mr. Charles Marshall, who are giving up the farms, to sell by auction, on the premises, on Wednesday next, September 26th , 1900 at ten for eleven o'clock precisely, the valuable live and dead farming stock, comprising - 19 excellent young Shire-bred cart mares and geldings, the well-known Roan Entire Shire Horse, Henham Lord, 1 3-year old , 3 2-year old, and 2 yearling colts and fillies, 4 foals, very useful Bay Hackney, about 14 h.h., quiet to ride and drive; 59 well-framed Hampshire Down ewes and 69 lambs, 4 young milch-cows, 9 2-year old Shorthorn steers, 11 20-month old Shorthorn steers and heifers, swine, poultry, Clayton & Shuttleworth 8hp portable engine and two Barn Works, chaff machine, clover seed cannon, two elevators, Bamford's portable steel grist mill, two Massey-Harris binders, and the usual assortment of agricultural implements necessary for the cultivation of 600 acres of land, 11 stacks of clover, sainfoin, and other hay, 17 stacks of old wheat, 3 of oat, 1 of barley, and 1 of rye straw, and a quantity of surplus household furniture

1900 Oct 13th. Essex County Standard - Surrender the licences of the Star Inn, Henham; Eagle beerhouse, Great Chesterford; the Bird-in-Hand beerhouse, Goldhanger. The licence was confirmed.

1900 9th Nov Chelmsford Chronicle - Saffron Walden Court Nov. 6th. She got through a hole in the wall. Mother and daughter steal sixpence. Nellie Warwick, 13, daughter of Charles Warwick, labourer, of Henham, was summoned for stealing a sixpenny piece, the property of William Willett; and Sarah Ann Warwick, 44, mother of the girl, was summoned for aiding and abetting her to commit the offence on Oct. 25th. Prosecutor, being suspicious, secreted himself under a sofa, and saw the girl get through a hole in the wall, go into the kitchen, and take sixpence off the table. The girl's mother was outside the hole. The girl then went upstairs, and prosecutor met her as he was coming down. He asked her what she was doing there, and she replied that she was looking for a kitten. The girl was discharged under the First Offenders Act, and bound over in the sum of £5 to be of good behaviour for six months. Mrs. Warwick was fined £1 and 20s 6d. costs.

1900 Nov 24th. Essex Newsman

The late Dr. Grigsby. Value of his estate. The value of the estate of the late Dr. William Ebenezer Grigsby, aged 52 years, barrister, president of the District Court of Paphos, Cyprus, and in 1892 the Liberal candidate for the Mid-Essex division, has been proved at £1,000 gross-net nil. Dr. Grigsby was the son of the Rev. David Grigsby, of Henham, in this county. The testator left all of his property in trust for his wife, Mrs. Katherine Grigsby.

1901 Feb 9th. The Newsman

Robert Clark, 22, groom, of Henham, was charged with trespassing in search of game upon land in the occupation of Mr. William Newport on Jan 26th. Mr. C. V. Thorneycroft prosecuted on behalf of Sir Walter Gilbey by whom, he said, the defendant was employed. Defendant, he added, had been home ill for some time, and Sir Walter had been making up the difference between his sick pay and his weekly wage, so it was a most ungrateful act for Defendant to go after his employer's game. Fined 5s. and 8s. 6d. costs.

1901 8th Mar. Cambridge Independent press
- Mr Cheffins will sell by auction on Tuesday, March 26th, 1901, at the Rose and Crown Hotel, Saffron Walden, at half-past 4 o'clock precisely - Debden, two cottages with large gardens, situate fronting the road to Henham, and producing £8. 0s. 4d. a year

1901 31st May Chelmsford Chronicle - Mr Cheffins will sell by auction on Monday, June 24th, 1901, at the Auction Mart, Tokenhouse Yard, London E.C., the desirable freehold farm known as 'New Amberden Hall', which contains 129a 2r 23p of fertile land, 90 acres of which are grass. With brick-built farm house and modern homestead, consisting of barn, carthorse stable, cowhouse, a calves pen, loose box, two open sheds, cart shed, and two stock yards. The property is pleasantly situate on the borders of the parish of Henham.

1901 27th Dec. Chelmsford Chronicle - Dunmow Petty Sessions, on Monday. Assault on George Childs, gamekeeper, of Henham, by John Dixon, Henry Dixon, and Frank Monk John Dixon and Frank Monk imprisoned for one month, Henry Dixon fined 5s. and 8s.6d costs for trespassing in search of conies and John Dixon and Frank Monk each given a further month's imprisonment for assault.

1902 Feb 15th. Essex Newsman
A veterinary surgeon bleeds himself to death. Body found in a lonely wood. On Saturday morning Thomas H. Ward, aged 33, a veterinary surgeon, of Henham, who had been released from the City of London Lunatic Asylum a fortnight earlier, started from his father's house at Henham, with a bottle of oil which, he said, he intended to take to Mr. Stride, of Little Henham Hall, where he had to attend some horses. As he did not return to dinner, inquiries were made, and it was found that he had not been to Henham. The police were communicated with, and a search was made, but without result till Monday afternoon, when Mr. Hoy, landlord of the 'Fleur de Lis', Widdington, and two other men, found the deceased's body in Prior's Wood, Widdington. The deceased had two cuts over the artery of the left wrist, from which blood was slowly ebbing. By his side was a bottle of horse oil, with the neck broken off, and it is supposed that he cut his wrist with the broken glass. Police Sergeant Willsmer, of Newport, was sent for, and the body was removed to the 'Fleur de Lis'. The Inquest was held at Widdington, on Thursday, before Mr. Harrison. Jane Walker Cotterill, housekeeper to the deceased's father, with whom he lived, said the deceased was admitted to the Dartford Asylum in November 1901, and discharged on the 14th. Jan. Other witnesses proved the facts as recited above. The Jury returned a verdict of 'Suicide while temporarily insane'.

1902 18th April Chelmsford Chronicle - Franklin & Son are favoured with instructions from the proprietor to sell by auction, at the Bell Inn, Henham, on Wednesday, April 30th., 1902 at 5 for 6 o'clock in the evening - the timber and thatched cottage in two tenements, with garden, yard, outbuildings, workshops, barn, and sawpit shed; and thatched tenement with good garden, as occupied by the late Mr. George Turner, Miss Dickinson, and George Barker, the whole containing 1 rood 34 poles, and situate by the roadside close to the village of Henham.

1902 2nd May Chelmsford Chronicle - By Messrs Franklin & Son, at the Bell Inn, Henham, on Wednesday Thatched cottage and garden, rental £6 1s 4d. Bought by Mr. Goss of Henham for £60. Wheelright's premises and two timber-built and thatched cottages, total rental about £20, copyhold. Mr. Balaam, Stansted £170.

1902 15th Aug Chelmsford Chronicle - A cruel case of keeping a pony without sufficient food and water was heard at the Petty Session for Saffron Walden Division. A police officer found the animal in so desperate a condition that it ravenously ate manured litter. The defendant, Robert Neville, a dealer, of Henham, was fined £2 and 11s costs - little enough, in all conscience

1902 Aug 30th. The Newsman
Saffron Walden Court August 26th., Licensing business. The Bench granted a transfer of the licence of the Cock Inn, Henham, to J. Chippendale and the Coach and Horses, Henham, to James Bishop. Charles Watts, 23, motor engineer, in the employ of Captain Osborne, Rickling, was summoned for driving a motor at a greater rate than twelve miles an hour, at Newport, on the 11th. August. P.C. Field stated that he timed Defendant, who was driving through High Street, Newport, at a rate of over 26 miles an hour. Defendant was fined £5 and 4s. costs.

1902 Oct 4th. The Newsman - At Stansted Petty Session - Charles Warwick, 48, labourer, of Henham, was fined 2s. 6d. and 4s. costs, for using obscene language on the highway.

1902 26th Dec Chelmsford Chronicle - Stansted Petty Court Dec. 20th. James Boyton, 30, and Harry Thurlow, 37, labourers, of Henham, summoned for trespassing in search of conies on land in the occupation of James Pimblett, were fined 5s and 4s costs each

1902 Dec 27th. The Newsman

Light Railway For North Essex. We are glad to hear that the proposal which was made three or four years ago to construct a light railway through North Essex is likely to be carried out. Mr. J.A. Pease M.P. for the Saffron Walden Division, has lately been interesting himself in the matter, and the amount of money required by the Great Eastern Railway Company to undertake the work is now forthcoming. The scheme provides for a line of ordinary gauge of four feet eight inches, to start from Elsenham station on the Great Eastern main line to Cambridge, and pass through Henham and Thaxted, thus opening up a very large area of rural Essex which at present is badly in need of better railway facilities. An interview has been held between the chief engineer of the Railway Company and the engineer in connection with the proposed line.

1903 March 21st. The Newsman
Stansted Court March 14th - Clifton Gardiner, 23, baker, of Henham, charged with cycling without a light after dark at Henham, was fined 1s. and 4s. costs.

1903 April 11th. The Newsman
- To Let - 10-roomed HOUSE, detached: small garden; centre of village, rent £15 per annum - Thomas Wright, Henham, Essex

1903 April 18th. The Newsman

STANSTED April 11th - Walter Robinson, 29, of Wood End Green, Henham, summoned for leaving a horse and cart at Elsenham, without having control of the same, pleaded that the horse wandered out of a yard - fined 2s. and 4s. costs.

1903 July 18th. Herts & Essex Observer. Sale at Parsonage Farm, Essex. Herbert Gaylord is favoured with instructions from Mr. W.J. Pemblett to sell by auction, on the premises, On Wednesday July 22nd, 1903, 2 large stacks of prime Old Sainfoin, I large stack of Old Lucern Mixture, 2 large stacks of ... Old Meadow hay, containing in all about 170 tons. Luncheon at the Parsonage farm at one o'clock, after which the Sale will commence.

parsonage auction

1903 28th August Chelmsford Chronicle - HENHAM - SUNDAY HARVESTING – A farmer and his men were engaged in harvesting the corn in this neighbourhood on Sunday last.
1903 Oct 21st. Observer
Nardi And Company (Limited). A summary of accounts of Nardi and Company (Limited), in liquidation, together with some observations on the affairs of the company, has been issued by Mr H. Brougham. ‘..The company was registered on December 23, 1901, to acquire as a going concern the business of artificial flower manufacturers, then carried on at 21, Castle Street, E. C., and 410, Hackney Road, but since July, 1903, the factory and offices had been at Builder’s - yard, Henham, Essex.

1903 25th Dec. Chelmsford Chronicle - William Turner, 38, carpenter, of Henham, was fined 1s and 4s costs for allowing a horse to stray on Dec. 14th.
1904 15th Jan Chelmsford Chronicle - Ploughing at Henham. An exhibition and trial of ploughs took place at the Parsonage Farm, Henham, yesterday, by the kindness of Mr. W. Pimblett. A large company of farmers and agents were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Pimblett.

1904 19th Mar. Essex Newsman -
Stansted Court Mar. 13th. Frank Davey, 43, gamekeeper, of Elsenham, was charged with assaulting Alfred William Warner, a gardener, at Henham, on the 22nd. Feb. There was a cross-summons by Warner. The bench bound both defendants over in £5 each for six months, each also to pay his own costs.

William Hammond, 45, a labourer, of Henham, was ordered to pay 4s for being drunk on the highway at Farnham.

1904 8th April Cambridge Independent Press - Saffron Walden Petty Sessions. William Jarvis, labourer, of Debden, was fined 40s and 4s costs for trespassing in search of conies at Henham. He was further fined 40s and 4s costs for taking a hare at Henham.

1904 6th May Cambridge Independent Press - at an inquest at Bishop's Stortford on Monday night, on Charles Bush , labourer, of Henham, who died from injuries received on the Great Eastern Railway, evidence was given that deceased was trespassing in search of pheasant and partridge eggs, and was knocked down by a passing train. A verdict of accidental death was returned. Charles's sister was Emma Shead who said he was unmarried and lodged at a public house. She saw him on Wednesday when he had not a penny. John Hayden, blacksmith, of Henham, said he saw deceased at 7.15 on Thursday evening. He knew he was at work at Alsa Wood, just over the railway. PC Newport said he knew deceased. He had no home, but generally slept in a shed at the Cock Inn.

1904 28th May Essex Newsman - Drover charged with stealing cheques for £30. Went to the Bell Inn, Henham and then to the Crown, Elsenham.

1904 1st July Cambridge Independent Press - Boy's Plucky Rescue. A plucky rescue from drowning is reported from Beccles, in Suffolk. Miss Hilda barber, an assistant at Henham School, and Miss E. Eden on Saturday took a canoe trip up the river, and in working up-stream their craft was upset. While both were struggling in the water, a boy of eleven, belonging to the school, who had been bathing near the scene of the accident, noticed what had occurred, and succeeded in helping both ladies to the bank, after a narrow escape, one of them having sunk twice before she was got out. The boy belongs to the village school life-saving team (not sure if this is Henham in Essex or Suffolk - RG).

1904 24th Dec. Essex Newsman - Stansted Court Dec. 16th. Arnold Wright, 22, a carpenter, of Henham, was fined 1s and 4s costs for riding a bicycle without a light at Elsenham on the evening of Dec. 5th.

1905 11th March Essex Newsman - Saffron Walden County Court March 7th. James Monk, 25, and James Choppen, 26, labourers, of Broxted, were summoned for night poaching on land in the occupation of Sir Walter Gilbey, Bart., at Henham, on Feb 14th. A gamekeeper named Searle said he saw the defendants set four snares for hares. Monk, against whom there were stated to be 13 previous convictions, was committed to gaol for one month with hard labour. Choppen was fined £3 and 4s costs or one month. Choppen: 'I will take the month, please'

1905 28th April Chelmsford Chronicle – HENHAM – The death has occurred at Fair Green, Sawbridgeworth, of Mrs Elizabeth Stallibrass, widow of Mr. Charles Stallibrass, of Henham, in her 90th year.

1905 12th May Chelmsford Chronicle - Stansted Petty Session. May 6th. Arthur R. Burls, 35, a farmer, of Henham, charged with ill-treating a horse, on April 21st., was fined £2 and 4s. costs.

George Wright, 29, and James Harrington, 31, labourers, of Stansted, were charged with stealing 19 hens' eggs, value 1s., the property of Herbert Stride, at Henham, on April 27th. Wright said he intended taking the eggs to the prosecutor's farm. Harrington pleaded not guilty. Wright was committed to gaol for two months hard labour, and Harrington was fined 10s and 14s costs.

1905 22nd July Essex Newsman - Marriages. Fairhurst - Pimblett. The marriage of Miss Alice Elizabeth Pimblett, only daughter of Mr. W.J. Pimblett, of the Parsonage, Henham, with Mr. Thomas Fairhurst, of Kennington, was solemnised on Wednesday at St Mary's Church, Henham. The grounds of the residence were decorated with flags, and in the evening were illuminated with fairy lamps. The Parsonage being near the church, the bride, leaning on the arm of her father, walked on a carpeted path to the sacred edifice....The newly-married pair left by the 4.30 train for Cambridge and Aberystwyth. At seven o'clock about fifty young friends of the bride assembled for a dance. After supper the programme was interspersed by a few songs. Dancing was kept up on the lawn till about three o'clock. On Thursday evening the employees of Mr. Pimblett, together with the smiths, carpenters, ringers etc, were invited to a supper.

1905 4th Aug Chelmsford Chronicle - The children attending Henham Congregational Sunday School, numbering about 60, had their treat in a meadow kindly lent by Miss Gardiner. A substantial teas was heartily partaken of. At three o'clock the teachers and friends were entertained to tea in the schoolroom by Mr. Wright, the superintendent.

On the 27th July, 22 children from East London were sent to Henham by those interested in fresh air movement, and were taken in couples into different homes. At a very early hour on Friday morning the youngsters, equipped with a stick from the hedge, bent pin, and cotton with dough paste, surrounded the ponds yelling with pleasure as they landed small fish.

1905 5th Aug. Essex Newsman - Stansted Court July 29th. Frank Bentley, 28, labourer, of Henham, for being drunk and disorderly, was fined 6s and 4s costs.

1905 21st Oct. Essex Newsman - Places Wanted. Shepherd seeks situation at once; understands the management of an ewe flock, shear, the master of foot rot; stack, thatch, or plough if required. H. Thurlow, Old Mead, Henham, Stansted, Essex.

1905 27th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle
- Stansted Petty Sessions Oct. 21st. John King, 26, a haybinder, of Henham, was fined 5s and 4s costs for being suspected of coming from land where he had been in search of game at Henham on Oct 13th.

1905 8th Dec. Chelmsford Chronicle - Presentations. On Friday, Miss A. Warden, who has been the infants' mistress at the School for the past seven years, and is leaving to get married, was presented by Mr. Holinshed, on behalf of the teachers and scholars, with a handsome three-panelled fire-screen.......

1905 30th Dec. Essex Newsman - On Saturday Miss M.S. Prichard distributed tickets to about twenty of the poorest old folk in the village, entitling them to 3s worth of groceries from any of the shops in the place. Mrs Hine visited the Council School on the 21st inst., and distributed, on behalf of her father Sir Walter Gilbey, threepenny pieces and oranges to the children. Mrs. Hine complimented Mr. and Mrs. Hood on their successful work among the children, especially praising the quality of the singing. On the 21st inst., a boy named Salmon, about nine years of age, was sent to the smithy with a cart horse to be shod. A passing trap frightened the horse, which kicked the child down, cutting him severely about the head and face. He was rescued, first aid was administered, and he was carefully carried home by the schoolmaster. Dr. Haynes is attending the boy, who is doing well.

1906 5th Jan Chelmsford Chronicle – Henham. On the 28th the members of the Mothers' Meeting were welcomed and entertained to tea by Mrs. Farley, Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Hood, Miss Martin, Miss Hornsby, Mrs Gardiner, and other visitors. Words of kindly cheer were spoken to them by the Rev. A. Cook, of Stansted, and by Pastor John Farley. In the evening the Band of Hope and the children of the Sunday School enjoyed a feast.

1906 26th Jan. Chelmsford Chronicle – Saffron Walden Petty Session Jan 23rd.

Frederick Perry, 28, a labourer, of Henham, accused of using obscene language at Henham, on Jan 13th, expressed his sorrow, and was bound over in £5 to be of good behaviour for six months, and ordered to pay 4s costs

Charles Perry, 26, Mynott Neville, 19, and Albert Bentley, 20, labourers, of Henham, were summoned for setting snares for taking game on Jan 5th. Gamekeeper Childs and PC Newport gave evidence, and the defendants were fined 5s and 4s costs each.

Alfred Clarke, 26, of Henham, and Walter Matthews, 17, of Takeley, labourers, were summoned for being in search of conies on the land of Edwin Archer, at Henham, on the 10th Jan and James Choppen, 28, of Broxted, and John Prior, 22, of Takeley, labourers, were charged with aiding and abetting. Choppen was fined 30s and 4s costs, Clarke and Prior were fined 10s and 4s costs each; and Matthews was ordered to pay 4s costs.

1906 16th Feb Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Petty Session Feb. 10th. Charles Warwick, 48, and Sarah Ann, 51, his wife, were fined 5s and 4s costs each for using improper language at Henham on Feb 1st.

1906 16th March Chelmsford Chronicle – Dunmow Petty Court on Monday. Raid On A Hen Roost At Chickney. James Monk alia Della, and James Chopping, labourers, of Broxted, and Alfred Clark, labourer, of Henham, were charged with stealing twelve fowls, value £1 10s, the property of Alfred Joyce, at Sibleys Farm, Chickney on Mar 8th. Mentions witnesses John King a labourer and his wife Charlotte, Annie Markwell, Charles Willett all of Henham. King continued on to the Bell Inn. The defendants all pleaded guilty. Monk, who had several previous convictions against him, was sentenced to six weeks hard labour, and the other two to one month each.

1906 27th April Chelmsford Chronicle
– Henham. Mr. W.R. Newport. One of the oldest and most respected families will sever its connection with Henham on Tuesday next. More than 50 years ago Mr. W. Newport held a farm at Widdington, and also carried on the business of a maltster at Newport. He moved to Pledgdon Hall, and farmed the land attached to it and Pledgdon Green Farm for about 30 years.... Mr. W.R. Newport succeeded his father at Pledgdon Hall Farm, and also took up active work for the parish...He gave up active farming eighteen months ago, and now he has decided to emigrate to Sydney with his family.

1906 4th May Cambridge Independent Press - Saffron Walden Petty Session on Tuesday. Sarah Ann Warwick was ordered to pay 25s, including costs, George Salmon 10s, Robert Willett 7s 6d, Percy Willett dismissed, Albert Bentley 10s, Arthur Neville 7s 6d, Alfred Neville 7s, and Charles Perry 12s 6d, for being drunk and disorderly at Henham

1906 11th May Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Petty Session May 5th. Frederick Chapman, a labourer, of Henham, and George Timewell, a butcher, of Stansted, were each ordered to pay 4s costs for keeping a dog without a licence.

1906 1st June Chelmsford Chronicle – Mr. J.E. Holinshead has been elected Poor-Law guardian for this parish

1906 8th June Chelmsford Chronicle – Quiver Full At Henham. The wife of William Hedges, a farm labourer, of Henham, Essex, has given birth to triplets. She herself is one of triplets, and so is her husband.

1906 15th June Cambridge Independent Press - Saffron Walden Court on Tuesday. Edward Camp, labourer, charged with being in search of conies on land in the occupation of Albert Joyce, at Henham, was ordered to pay 4s costs.

1906 27th July Chelmsford Chronicle
The licence of The Bell Inn, Henham, has been transferred from George Hornsby to John E. Chamberlain.

School Treat - on the 19th inst. the children attending St. Mary's Sunday School had their annual treat. After a short service at the church, tea was served in the Council Schools, and from thence a move was made to a field kindly lent by Mr. Robert Wright, where games and races were enjoyed.

Congregational Church - the children in connection with this church had their summer treat on Wednesday. Teachers, friends and children met in the Sunday Schools at three o'clock and had their photographs taken. They then marched through the village, singing hymns, to a field kindly lent them by Miss Gardiner, where they enjoyed a good tea....Votes of thanks to Mr & Mrs Pimblett, of Parsonage Farm, for the use of ropes etc to make swings.

1906 28th July Essex Newsman - Dunmow Court July 25th.

Edward Dixon, a thatcher, of Henham, was summoned for ill-treating a donkey, at Broxted, on July 11th. Fined 50s and 6s 6d costs

Frederick Yarrow, a carrier, of Henham, was ordered to pay 5s 6d costs for allowing a cart to be on the highway at Broxted, on July 11th., without having his name painted on it.

1906 3rd Aug. Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Petty Session July 28th. James Wright, 46, a labourer, of Elsenham, for being drunk and disorderly at Henham, was fined 2s 6d. and 12s 6d costs.

Joseph William Chippendale, 40, a licensed victualler, of the Cock Inn, Henham, was summoned for permitting drunkenness on his licensed premises on July 5th. For the defence it was sworn that the defendant only supplied the man Wright with one pint of beer, and that Wright left the house sober. It was urged that Wright had a peculiar walk.. The Rev J. Monk, vicar of Henham, and others were called to speak as to the good conduct of the house. The case was dismissed, defendant being cautioned as to the future.

George Neville, 22, a labourer, of Henham, was summoned for riding a bicycle without a light. Defendant said his lamp went out, and he could not light it. Ordered to pay 4s costs.

1906 4th. August Essex Newsman - Stansted Court July 28th. James Wright, 46, a labourer, of Elsenham, for being drunk and disorderly at Henham, was fined 2s 6d and 12s 6d costs

1906 25th Aug. Essex Newsman - Schoolboy drowned at Henham. On Monday evening three brothers - Thomas, Herbert, and Benny Crow, aged 14,11, and 9, and accompanied by a school lad named Dorrington - went for a bathe at the Henham School bathing place. Benny, who was an expert swimmer for his age, started to cross the stream, which is only 20 feet wide, but disappeared and was not seen again. The elder boys dived again and again to find him, but without result, and then alarmed the villagers. Every conceivable effort was made under the superintendence of Police Constable Read, but owing to the approaching darkness, the body was not found until nine o'clock. It is conjectured that the deceased was seized with syncope in the water, and thus met his death by drowning. The deceased's father, an engineer at Henham Hall, died of syncope about six months ago.

1906 31st Aug Chelmsford Chronicle – HENHAM – Joseph Bush, a foreman platelayer, of Henham, got up early to go to work on Friday. On his wife going downstairs at 6.30 she found him ill. He was seized with diarrhoea and sickness, and died at 5.50 p.m. the same day. The heat is supposed to have brought on the sickness.

1906 14th Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle – Fire at Henham. On Wednesday, about noon, one of Mr. W.J. Pimblett's wheat stacks at Henham caught fire. The flames immediately licked up one side and in a very short time two other stacks were ablaze. Many willing helpers came with pails, but the breeze fanned the flames so much that it was impossible to put out the fires. At 1.20 the Stansted fire engine arrived on the scene. There was an ample supply of water from the moat and the efforts of the men were successfully directed to preventing the other stack from getting alight. We believe the crops are insured but the loss cannot be replaced to Mr. Pimblett for his successful farming in producing such a splendid sample of wheat.

1906 31st Aug. Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Petty Session Aug. 25th. Harry Monks, 26, a labourer, of Broxted, for damaging a glass door, to the extent of 1s, the property of John E. Chamberlain, innkeeper, of Henham, was fined 5s, 4s costs and 1s damage. The same defendant, and his brother Frank, were charged with being drunk and disorderly at Henham, PC Newport said he found defendants lying drunk in the middle of the road. Twenty-two previous convictions were recorded against Frank, and seven against Harry. They were fined 15s and 4s costs each.

1906 22nd Oct Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Petty Session Oct 20th. Peter Wood, 54, a farmer, of Birchanger, was fined 2s 6d and 4s costs for riding a bicycle without a light, at Henham.

1907 9th Feb Essex Newsman - It has been found necessary to enlarge the churchyard at Henham

1907 22nd March. Chelmsford Chronicle – Essex Wills. Mr. Salisbury Baxendale, J.P., Henham Lodge, £41,103

1907 6th July Essex Newsman - Stansted Court. June 29th. Albey Coy, of Henham, and Walter L. Sandford, of Birchanger, labourers, were fined 2s 6d and 4s costs each for being drunk.

Albert Willett, a labourer, was fined 2s 6d and 4s costs for riding a bicycle without a light at Henham

1907 July 31st. Gamekeeper Charged With Extensive Thefts. Observer

At special sittings of the Saffron Walden County Bench on Monday and yesterday, at the instance of the East Anglian Game Society, Herbert Wyndham Stride, 50, of Henham, Essex, head gamekeeper to Sir Walter Gilbey of Elsenham-hall was charged with stealing pheasants’ eggs, and Frederick William Millard, 40, of Hoddesdon, Herts, was charged with receiving the eggs, knowing them to have been stolen. The eggs numbered 7,000 and the dates of the alleged offences extended from 1903 to 1906. The defendants were further charged with conspiring with persons unknown to cheat and defraud Sir Walter Gilbey of the pheasants’ eggs, and Stride was further charged with breaking his contract to serve his master by taking from his estate the eggs and disposing of them, thereby injuring his master’s sporting rights. The stationmasters of Elsenham and Rye-house stations proved the consignments of eggs from ‘Stride, Elsenham’, to ‘Millard, Rye-house,’ and that Millard re-consigned them to ‘Regan, gamekeeper, Llandrhaiahr, North Wales’. From Elsenham they were consigned at owner’s risk as eggs for food, and from Rye-house they were relabelled to Regan as pheasants’ eggs at the railway company’s risk. James Regan, a gamekeeper, proved receiving a number of boxes of eggs from Millard. In 1903 he received 4,000, and a cheque for £145 was drawn by his employer and endorsed by Millard. In 1904 he received 3,000 eggs, for which the cheque was £184; in 1905, 1,000 eggs, and in 1906, 1,000 eggs. Millard had stayed with the witness each year for several years. On one occasion Millard told him that he knew Stride as gamekeeper to Sir Walter Gilbey. He also told the witness that Stride had lost a horse or money on a horse to the amount of £45 to £50, and Millard told him something to the effect that he had sold a thousand eggs to make it good. Regan told Millard that if he was getting eggs in that way he did not want any more. Superintendent Hailstone said Millard admitted that he had received the eggs, and said that he was sorry he did not make sufficient inquiry about them. At the close of the case for the prosecution Mr Muir and Mr Osborn (for the defence) that the charges had not been proved, and that no evidence had been given that the eggs were the property of Sir Walter Gilbey. The defendants, who pleaded ‘ Not Guilty’, and reserved their defence, were committed for trial at the Essex Assizes. Bail was accepted.

1907 2nd Aug Cambridge Independent Press - Saffron Walden Court. Pheasants Eggs. Keeper charged with stealing 7,000 eggs. Herbert Wynham Stride, 50, of Little Henham, head gamekeeper to Sir Walter Gilbey of Elsenham et al were charged with having stolen 7,000 pheasants eggs, the property of his master. The Bench committed the defendants for trial at the next Essex Assizes, and granted bail, defendants in £200 each and two sureties of £200 each, or one of £400 each

1907  Sept 5th. Observer
- the Rev. W. Ival-Williams, curate of Faringdon, Berks, vicar of Henham, Essex patron, Mr H.H. Treasure; the Rev W Mitchell-Carruthers

1907 26th Oct Essex Newsman
- Found drowned at Henham. On Tuesday Dr Harrison, coroner, held an inquest on James Chopping, 26, a labourer, of Brick-end, Broxted, who was found drowned in a pond at Pledgdon Hall, Henham, on Sunday morning at 8.30. The man was lying on his back in three feet of water, close to a wall which divides the pond from the road. A jacket, cap and basket belonging to the deceased were in the road. There was nothing to show what brought the deceased upon the wall, from which he had apparently fallen into the pond. The fall was a long one. There were no marks upon the body, death being due to drowning. A verdict of 'found drowned' was returned.

1907 29th Nov Chelmsford Chronicle
- Saffron Walden County Petty Session Nov 26th. Percy Willett, 20, a labourer, of Henham, and George Davies,19, a labourer, of Oakley, were summoned for being in search of conies on land in the occupation of Wm. J. Pimblett, at Henham, on Nov. 19th. Davies fined 10s and 4s costs, and Willett 7s 6d and 4s costs.

1907 13th Dec. Cambridge Independent Press - Herbert Stride and the 7,000 pheasants eggs reported above. Jury returned a guilty verdict. and recommended mercy to Stride. Judge indicates punishment of twelve months hard labour. Adjourned.

1907 13th Dec Chelmsford Chronicle - Saffron Walden Court. Mynott Neville and Percy Willett, labourers, of Henham, summoned for trespassing in search of conies on land in the occupation of Mr. Frank Tregg, at Oakley, on Dec. 1st., were fined 5s and 11s costs each

1908 18th Jan Essex Newsman - Stansted Court Jan 11th. Ernest Rushmere, a labourer, of Henham, charged with keeping a dog without his name and address on the collar, was fined 2s 6d and 4s costs

1908 14th Feb Chelmsford Chronicle – Henham-On-Hill.
The Bread Charity arising from Dixon and Amey's Charity was distributed on Wednesday. Over 480 persons received a loaf each.

Bowling Club - The members decided to make a presentation to Mrs. W. J. Pimblett, of the Parsonage Farm, for her kindness to them during the summer of 1907. The ground is the lawn attached to the Parsonage, and when matches have been played Mrs Pimblett has generously entertained both the home and out teams to refreshments etc. The presentation took the form of an oak barrel, with four plated bands and lid, and a shield suitably inscribed. The presentation was made on Saturday evening, by Mr. B. T. Hood, on behalf of the members.

Mr John Newman died at the ripe age of 85 years. Mr Newman had resided in Henham for 55 years. He was the landlord of the Cock Inn for more than 33 years. Then he had Henley's Farm for a long while. He was left a widower twelve years ago. He leaves 3 sons, one of whom is in America, and one daughter, Mrs Gray Palmer, of Saffron Walden. Mr Newman was a very kindly man and he will be much missed.

1908 22nd Feb Essex Newsman - Saffron Walden Court Feb. 15th. John Turner and Alfred Bentley, labourers, of Henham, were charged with stealing three fowls, value 10s 6d, the property of Herbert W. Stride, at Henham, on Feb 13. Two months hard labour each.

1908 9th May Essex Newsman - On Thursday Celia Camp, a child, whose parents live in Henham, died in the Bishop Stortford hospital as a result of burns.

1908 30th May Essex Newsman - Alfred Clarke, a labourer, of Henham, who failed to appear, was charged with unlawfully assaulting Arthur Carter, a gamekeeper, in the employ of Sir Walter Gilbey, at Henham, on May 12th, and further with assaulting Carter on the 13th May. There was a third summons against him for using bad language towards Walter Palmer, gamekeeper, of Pledgden Green, on the 12th May. Committed for one month with hard labour in each case, to run concurrently.

1908 29th Aug Essex Newsman - Boot Trade. - WANTED, good, all-round bootmaker and repairer, for country trade, abstainer preferred. Wright, Henham, Stansted, Essex.

1908 7th Nov. Essex Newsman - Gardener seeks situation (good all-round), or as handy man; eight years good character. J.C., Pledgdon Green, Henham, Essex

1908 28th Nov. Essex Newsman
- Saffron Walden Court. Robert Clark, 24, and Alfred Clarke, 23, labourers, of Henham, summoned for trespass, were fined - Alfred £2 and 9s costs, and Robert 10s and 9s costs

1909 8th Jan. Chelmsford Chronicle – County Petty Session Jan. 5th.

Mynott Neville,21, and Frederick Camp, 19, labourers, of Henham, were charged with being in search of conies on land in the occupation of Mr. Robert Buris. Neville was fined 16s and 4s costs, and Camp was ordered to pay the costs.

Reader George Coy, 23, a bootmaker, and Garron Coy, a railway porter, were charged with assaulting Albert Willett, at Henham, on Dec. 19th - Reader George Coy was fined £1 and 4s costs, and Garron Coy 10s and 4s costs. Reader George Coy was further charged with assaulting Mynott Neville, was fined 5s and 4s costs. Albert Willett was fined 2s 6d and 4s costs on a charge of using threats towards Reader George Coy. A charge against Willett of using threats towards Garron Coy was dismissed.

1909 23rd Jan. Essex Newsman - Dunmow Court Jan 20th. Robert Clark, of Henham, and Frederick Salmon, of Broxted, labourers, were summoned for trespassing in search of conies on land in the occupation of George Baynes, on Jan 12th. PC Reynolds said he saw defendants chase a rabbit to a ditch, where they killed it. Clark, against whom there was stated to be a previous conviction, was fined 5s and 6s costs, and Salmon was fined 1s and 6s costs

1909 5th Feb Chelmsford Chronicle
– BREAD CHARITY. On Wednesday Dixon and Amey's Bread Charity was distributed to nearly 500 persons of Henham, each receiving a loaf.

1909 5th Feb. Cambridge Independent Press - NEW OVERCOATS FOR FARM LABOURERS. Fifteen aged and respectable farm labourers at Henham, Essex, were on Saturday the recipients of a new overcoat each. Many years ago an Essex agriculturist named Henry Smith left a farm at Tolleshunt, the rent of which was to be applied each year in providing overcoats for aged farm labourers in several parishes.

1909 19th Feb. Chelmsford Chronicle – County Petty Session Feb. 16th. Moses Monk, 25, a labourer, and Ambrose Barker, 37, a carrier, of Broxted, were summoned for trespassing in search of game, on Sir Walter Gilbey's land at Henham, on Jan 22. The case was dismissed.

1909 3rd April Essex Newsman - Saffron Walden Petty Sessions March 30th. John Turner, 30, a labourer, of Henham, was charged with stealing a duck, value 3s of Mr John E. Hollingshead, at Henham, on March 19th. - John Marshall, a poultryman, having given evidence, defendant was sent to gaol for two months with hard labour.

1909 30th April Chelmsford Chronicle – Sales of Property. By Messrs G.E. Sworder & Sons - Messuage fitted as a grocer's shop at Henham Green, let at £10. Mr. Simons £110. Three cottages at Wood End Green, let at £13 2s. Mr. W. Turner, £160

1909 10th Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle – Henham-On-Hill. ACCIDENT. On Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Jonathan Smith, school attendance officer, was picking plums, when the branch of the tree against which the ladder was leaning broke away. Mr. Smith fell, and the ladder dropped across his left arm, breaking it near the elbow. Dr. Haynes attended, and advised Mr. Smith to go to the hospital at Bishop Stortford, whither Mr. Hood accompanied him.

1909 18th Sept. Essex Newsman - Dunmow Court Sept. 15th. Moses Monk, a labourer, of Broxted, was summoned for using indecent language, on Aug. 22nd. Defendant did not appear. PC A. James stated that he heard the defendant use improper words near to the Bell Inn, and asked him for his name, which the defendant said was 'Snow'. This was found to be incorrect. Some days later the witness came across the defendant working on a farm, and recognised him, although he had shaved his moustache off. When questioned, the man admitted that it was he who used the bad language, and said his correct name was Monk. The defendant was fined 7s 6d. and 4s costs.

1909 18th Sept. Essex Newsman - Frederick Turner, a butcher's assistant of Stansted, was charged with embezzling 9s 4 1/2d, the property of his master, Job Butler, a butcher, of Stansted, on May 28, June 11, and Aug 4 respectively. Evidence was given to the effect that defendant collected money from Mrs Alice Willett, of Henham, on the dates mentioned, and gave her the receipts, but made no payment to his employer. Prosecutor said he had been a heavy loser. Fined £5, including costs, or one month's imprisonment.

1909 29th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle – Situations Wanted. As working foreman; used all kinds stock, 8 1/2 years character, wife undertake poultry, dairy if required. Felstead, Penthorpe Cottage, Little Henham, Newport

1909 6th Nov. Essex Newsman - HENHAM-ON-THE-HILL. Burning Accident. On Saturday afternoon, Mrs James Dennison, aged 80, ran out of her house in flames. A neighbour, Mrs Johnson, ran to her assistance, and took her into the house and attended to her injuries. Mrs. Dennison was badly burnt on her face and shoulders. It is presumed she fell on the fire.

1909 3rd Dec. Chelmsford Chronicle – Henham-On-Hill. An unfortunate mishap occurred to a little boy, aged three, the son of Mr. T. Suckling, while standing on a seat in the porch of his parents' cottage. He lost his balance and fell to the ground, breaking his arm.

1909 10th Dec. Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Petty Session Dec. 4th. Albert Willett, a labourer, of Henham, charged with assaulting John Marshall, a poultry keeper, on Nov 9th was bound over in £5 to keep the peace for six months. On a charge of keeping a carriage without a licence, Herbert Willett, a jobmaster, of Henham, fined 2s 6d and 4s costs

1910 4th Feb Chelmsford Chronicle –Stansted Petty Session Jan 29th. Walter Dennison, a labourer, of Henham, was fined 2s 6d and 4s costs for setting snares on Mr. R. Fuller Maitland's lands

1910 19th Feb Essex Newsman - Situations Wanted. Bakers. Second or Third, good; good dough maker and moulder, cus.; six years excellent references. R.F. Wright, Henham, Essex

1910 29th April Chelmsford Chronicle – Herbert Willett, 35, jobmaster, of Henham, was fined 2s and 5s costs for allowing two horses to stray. William Lamb, 35, a labourer, of Henham, was fined 1s and 4s costs for not sending his child regularly to school.

1910 13th May Chelmsford Chronicle – Big Blaze At Henham. A destructive fire occurred during Wednesday night at Sandpits Farm, Henham belonging to Sir Walter Gilbey, Bart. and in the occupation of Mr. Simons. The thatched roof of a barn caught fire first it is supposed through sparks from a passing engine blown by the wind.......

1910 24th June Cambridge Independent Press
- CHILD BURIED WITHOUT A CERTIFICATE. Midwife and Sexton fined at Stansted. Mary Ann Ingold, 72, certified midwife, Henham, was charged with unlawfully procuring to be buried, as if stillborn, the body of a child, named Blackwell, that was not a stillborn, at Henham on April 27th, and William Turner, 47, sexton, Henham, was charged with burying the child Blackwell without a certificate of registry and failing to notify the burial within seven days to the Registrar, and further with burying as stillborn the body of the child Blackwell that was not stillborn. After hearing the evidence the magistrates convicted, but exonerated the defendants of any criminal intent. Alice Ellen Blackwell, wife of Arthur Blackwell, was the mother. The infant, Ruth Alice' had only lived for about four hours.

1910 8th July Chelmsford Chronicle – University Success. Olive E. Hood, daughter of Mr. B.T. Hood, headmaster of the Henham Council School, has. after a most successful university career. obtained the degree of M.Sc. at Birmingham. She matriculated at London, then took her B.Sc. at Birmingham, with honours in botany. She is only 21 years of age.

1910 19th Aug Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Court Aug. 13th.

George Pankhurst, 24, an innkeeper, of Henham, was summoned for keeping a carriage without a licence, at Henham, on June 25th. Defendant said he considered he did not require a licence as he used the cart for trade purposes. PC Newport said that he had seen defendant driving people in the cart on different dates. Fined 10s and 4s costs.

William Neville, 20, a labourer, of Henham, was fined £1 and 12s costs on a charge of assaulting John Simons, a farmer, and John Marshall, a labourer, at Henham, on July 30th.

1910 17th Sept. Essex Newsman - Stansted Court Sept. 13th. George Wright, 32, a labourer, of Henham, was fined 10s and 4s costs, for using a gun without a licence, at Henham

1910 9th Dec. Chelmsford Chronicle – Mynott Neville, Alfred Clarke (Henham), Harry Monk, Frank Monk (Broxted), labourers, and Frederick Reynolds, private in the Norfolk Regiment (Broxted), were charged with being in search of conies on land in the occupation of Mr. W.J. Pimblett, at Henham. F. Monk was fined 15s and 4s costs; Neville, Clarke, and H. Monk 10s and 4s; and Reynolds 2s 6d and 4s.

1911 March 14th Chelmsford Chronicle
– Saffron Walden Court March 14th. Mr. C.H. Taylor applied for the renewal of the licence of the Bell Inn, Henham. Supt. Hailstone reported that there was a new tenant, who had conducted the house well, and there had been no further complaints. The licence was renewed.

1911 31st March Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Court March 25th. Harry Pearse, a marine store dealer, of Bishops Stortford, was fined 5s and 17s costs on a charge of stealing two mangolds, value 2d, from a mangold clamp, the property of Mary Hollingshead, at Henham, on Feb 24th

1911 26th May Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Court May 23rd. Charles Perry, a labourer, of Henham, was fined 5s and 4s costs for being drunk and disorderly

1911 13th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle – To let. Six-roomed cottage, with stable, and pasture about 2 acres if required. Apply: Thomas Wright, Henham, Essex

1911 10th Nov. Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Court Nov. 4th. Alfred Player, labourer, Bishop Stortford, was fined 5s and 6s costs on a charge of coming from land where he was suspected of having been in search of game, and Ernest Emerson and Alfred Salmon, labourers, were fined 2s 6d and 6s costs each for aiding and abetting, at Henham.

1911 8th Dec. Chelmsford Chronicle – At Saffron Walden three men were committed for trial at the Assize charged with night poaching in Pledgdon Wood, Henham

1912 9th Feb. Chelmsford Chronicle – Chelmsford Winter Assize. After Game. Mynott Neville, 23, on bail, Alfred Clarke, 27, on bail, and William Clarke, 30, labourers, pleaded guilty to unlawfully entering Pledgdon Wood, Henham, in the occupation of Sir Walter Gilbey, at night, Neville being armed with a gun, for the purpose of taking and destroying game, on Dec. 2nd. Neville, who had a gun and resisted arrest, would go to hard labour for two months. Alfred Clarke, who had been on bail, for six weeks, and William Clarke, who had been in custody, for one month.

1912 1st March Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Court Feb 25th. Walter Turner, labourer, of Stansted, was fined £2 and 9s costs on a charge of improper behaviour at Henham on Feb. 6th.

1912 31st May Chelmsford Chronicle – Henham Farmer Killed. Fatal Accident While Putting On His Coat. Mr. Arthur Symonds, farmer, of Sandy Mount, Henham-on-the-Hill, was driving to Stansted on Friday evening in a governess car, and when near Stansted House he stood up in the car to put on his overcoat. Suddenly the pony jerked forward, and Mr. Symonds was thrown out on to his head. He was removed to Dr. Cayley's surgery and attended to, and then removed home. He became worse, and was taken to the Bishop Stortford hospital, where he was operated on for a fractured skull. He never recovered, and died on Sunday afternoon. At the inquest on Wednesday, a verdict of Accidental Death was recorded.

1912 8th June Essex Newsman - Child Drowned At Henham. An inquest was held at Henham on Charles Walter Camp, aged 4 years and 10 months, who was found drowned in a pond. The deceased was the son of Ernest Camp, a farm labourer. A verdict of Accidental Death was recorded.

1912 5th July Chelmsford Chronicle – Navvy Killed At Henham. On Monday a fatality occurred upon the work of constructing the light railway from Thaxted to Elsenham. Charles Clayden, a navvy, of Manuden, was killed while riding on the tender of an engine at Henham. Two other men, named Dennison and Palmer, were severely injured.

1912 20th July Essex Newsman - Stansted Court. Alfred Willett, cowman, was charged with stealing a quantity of wheat , value 1s. of W.J. Pimblett, farmer, at Henham, on June 23rd. PC Newport stated that he was hidden in a barn where he had found a bag containing some wheat concealed. Early in the morning defendant went and took the wheat. Mr Pimblett gave defendant a good character as a workman. Fined £1 and 4s costs.

1912 13th Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Court. John Pimblett, junior, farmer, of Henham, was ordered to pay 6s 6d costs for riding a bicycle without a light, at Elsenham.

1912 7th Dec. Essex Newsman - Saffron Walden Court. George Timworth, butcher, of Henham, was fined 5s and 4s costs on a charge of setting a spring trap for the purpose of taking game, on enclosed land, at Henham, on Nov. 5th. George Childs, a gamekeeper, stated that he saw defendant take a pheasant from the trap, which was set in the hedge, beside a field.

1913 14th March Chelmsford Chronicle – Elsenham - Thaxted Light Railway. An official notice and time-table in connection with the Elsenham and Thaxted Light Railway has been issued. The line is to be officially opened on March 31st, public transport commencing on April 1st. The line, which is 5 1/2 miles in length, has a station at Thaxted, a halt at Cutler's Green, a station at Sibleys, and a halt at Henham. It joins the up main Cambridge platform at Elsenham. The first rain is to leave Thaxted at 8.8 am, and will arrive at Liverpool Street 9.40, and the last down train will leave London for Thaxted at 6pm.

1913 5th April Essex Newsman - Opening of the Elsenham-Thaxted Light Railway. To mark the opening a special train journeyed from Liverpool Street with officials of the G.E.R. and made the first run over the half-dozen miles of new railway metals from Elsenham to Thaxted Station.....There are to be nine trains a day.

1913 25th April Chelmsford Chronicle – Stansted Court April 19th. Bound over. William Butcher, labourer, of Broxted, was bound over in £5 to be of good behaviour for 12 months and required to pay 10s costs on a charge of stealing a spirit glass, value 3d., from the Crown Inn, Henham.

1913 1st Aug. Chelmsford Chronicle – After the rabbits. Albert and Percy Willett and Mynott Neville, labourers, of Henham, were fined 5s and 4s costs each for being in search of conies on Mrs. Hollingshead land at Henham on July 13th. Percy Willett and Mynott were further charged with unlawfully assaulting John Marshall, gamekeeper, at the same time and place. Marshall alleged that Neville knocked him down and while down Willett kicked him and scratched his face and also threatened to kill him. Defendants were bound over in the sum of £5 to be of good character for six months. and pay 5s costs each.

1913 23rd Aug. Essex Newsman - Miss M. Dixon, who has been 15 years at Henham School as teacher and infants' mistress, has been presented with a leather dress-case on her appointment as head mistress at Watford Council School.

1913 Sept 20th. Cheltenham Looker On - Arrivals and Departures - TAYLER, Miss Lilian, from Henham, Essex - Gasilda, Leckhampton Road

1913 8th Nov. Essex Newsman - Saffron Walden Court Nov. 4th. Dismissed. Lucy Eleanor Wood (21), of Colgrove Road, Stratford, was charged with stealing and taking away a sewing machine, the property of John Snow, at Henham, about 13th Jan lst. The prosecutor, a roadman, stated that his wife had left him, and left a sewing machine behind her. About Jan. 13th. defendant took the machine away. Defendant was a daughter of his wife. Defendant said the machine belonged to her. Her mother gave her an old one she had, and she exchanged it for a Singer machine, and was allowed £1 16s for the old one. The balance was paid by installments of 6s a month, and all was paid off. She paid 4s and her sister 2s a month. The case was dismissed.

1914 2nd Jan Chelmsford Chronicle - Dunmow Police Court on Dec. 29th. Alfred Clark, 29, labourer, of Henham, was charged with stealing a dog's collar, value 1s., the property of George Baines, farmer, Broxted, on Nov 29....Supt. Day put in a list of 14 previous convictions and the prisoner was sentenced to six weeks' hard labour and the bench ordered a month's imprisonment for not paying a fine for poaching, to run concurrently with the six weeks.

1914 31st Jan. Essex Newsman
- Police Courts - Stansted Jan. 24th. Henry Matthews, motor mechanic, of Henham, was fined 5s. and 4s. costs for not having a light on the rear of his motor at Henham.

1914 27th March Chelmsford Chronicle - Saffron Walden Court March 24th. Edward Webb, a van dweller, was fined 3s. and 5s. costs, for allowing three mares to stray on the highway at Henham.

1914 8th May Chelmsford Chronicle - A white Aylesbury duck, belonging to Mr. W. Townsend, Wood Farm, Henham, has laid an egg which weighs 9oz. is 10 1/2 ins. round the elongated way, and 8 3/3in round the middle part.

1914 23rd May Essex Newsman - The King's Long-Service Medal has been awarded to Mr. W.J. Smith, on his retirement as postman between Stansted and Henham, after 30 years' service

Well-built four-roomed cottages at Little Hallingbury and Henham, let at £3 10s to £5 17s per annum each, have been sold by auction at Bishop Stortford for £30 and £35 each.

1914 14th Nov. Essex Newsman
- Dunmow Court Nov. 11th. Thatching Wood. Edward Dixon, thatcher, of Henham, was charged with stealing 11 bundles of thatching wood, value 10s, belonging to Walter George Lodge, at High Easter during September. Prosecutor said he bought a quantity of thatching wood, at Garnetts Wood in August, all of which he carted away, except 11 bundles. Defendant pleaded not guilty, and said a mistake had been made. The bench convicted and fined the defendant £2.

1914 21st Nov. Essex Newsman - Saffron Walden Court Nov. 17th. A Wife's Maintenance. Edwin Dixon, thatcher, late of Henham, was summoned for allowing his wife and one child to become chargeable to the Bishop Stortford Union. Defendant was allowed a month to arrange with his wife for her future maintenance, and report to the Court.

1914 11th Dec. Chelmsford Chronicle - Henham-On-Hill. A PATRIOTIC CONCERT, which created widespread interest, was given by the Henham Branch of the League of Young Patriots in the Council School on Friday, on behalf of the Princess Mary's Fund. Messrs. W. Turner and Sons kindly lent wood and built the platform, besides fixing frames for curtains provided by Mrs. Pimblett.

1915 5th Nov. Chelmsford Chronicle - Stansted Court Oct. 30th. Mary Tuck, married, of Henham, was fined 10s. on a charge of assaulting Alice Lawson, married at Henham on Oct 15th.

1915 26th Nov. Chelmsford Chronicle - Death of Mr. Thomas Wright. Henham has lost one of its most respected inhabitants in the death of Mr. T. Wright, which took place at the age of 75 years. Born in the parish of Debden in 1849 he came to Henham as a boy of 6, and at the age of 12 was apprenticed to Mr. Thomas Holgate as a boot and shoe maker. Marrying the eldest daughter of Mr. Holgate, he took over the business when Mr. Holgate left and went to Stansted, and he carried on the business with success until he retired in 1905.

1916 14th Jan Chelmsford Chronicle - Saffron Walden Court. For arrears. Edward Dixon, thatcher, of Henham, who was £7 5s in arrears in regard to the maintainance of his wife and child, was committed to gaol for two months.

1916 28th Jan Chelmsford Chronicle - Stansted. Dog detained. Mynott Neville, labourer, of Henham, was fined 10s for unlawfully having possession of a stray dog without returning it to the owner or giving notice to the police, at Henham, on Jan. 10th.

1916 28th April Chelmsford Chronicle - Local Tribunals For Exemption From Military Service. Stansted. Mr. David Cooper, Lodge Farm, Henham applied for his son, David, age 28, and said he only had him and a boy just left school on his farm of 83 acres. Three months.

1916 12th May Chelmsford Chronicle - Local Tribunals. Stansted Rural. Mr. Robert Wright of Bacon's Farm, Henham, applied for his son who acted as a general farm labourer. One week was granted. Mr. John W. Symons27, married, applied for exemption. He was manager of Mill Farm, Henham, for the executors of his father. Five months allowed.

1916 19th May Chelmsford Chronicle
- Local Tribunals. The military representative appealed against the decisions of the Local Tribunal in reference to Ernest Marshall, 19, Percy A. Marshall, 28, and John P. Hollingshead, 21, employed by Mrs. Hollingshead, widow, upon Lodge Farm, Henham. Mr A.E. Floyd, for Mrs. Hollingshead, said there were 530 acres on the farm, with a herd of cows. There were 12 men in all on the farm, as compared with 18 in peace time. The farm was now understaffed.....Conditional exemption was granted to Hollingshead and P. Marshall, one month's time was allowed Ernest Marshall.

1916 14th July Chelmsford Chronicle - Stansted Local Tribunal. Alfred W. Stannard, of the Manse, Henham, urged conscientious grounds, and the case was adjourned for a week for him to find work of national importance.

1916 15th July Essex Newsman - Saffron Walden July 11th. Ernest Camp, horse slaughterer, of Henham, was fined 5s. for riding a bicycle without a light at Debden.

1916 1st Sept Chelmsford Chronicle - Stansted Local Tribunal. Appeal for military exemption. S.E.J. Markwell of Henham, 3 months.

1916 15th Sept. Chelmsford Chronicle - At Dunmow Petty Session on Wednesday. John Pimblett, farmer, Elsenham, was summoned for being drunk while in charge of a motor car at Wimbish on Aug. 15th. Had drunk at the Crown Inn at Elsenham. Fined £2 with £1 0s 8d. expenses.

1916 23rd Sept. Essex Newsman
- County Tribunals. Dunmow. The Military appealed for John Dennison, 36, fruit grower for Messrs. Gold Ltd., of Henham. Messrs Gold appealed for Frank H. Patmore, 31, foreman on the fruit farm and attendant upon engine and boiler. Patmore was allowed two months, with leave to apply again; and the Military appeal for Dennison was dismissed.

1916 13th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle - Local Tribunal. David Cooper, Lodge Farm, Little Henham, deferred until Dec. 5th.

1916 20th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle - Mr. J. Balaam, 34, of the Bell Inn, Henham, Nov. 30th. N.H. Simons, 33, single, of Henham, farm manager, March 25th.

Other Results: Henham - To Jan. 1st. A. Barltrop, 25, married, stockman, and A. Palmer, 30, single, horseman; J.Bateman, 25, single, farm labourer. Refused: F. Barltrop. 18. single, milkman, Henham. To March 25th: A.R. Willett, horsekeeper and ploughman, Henham

1917 31st March Essex Newsman - On Saturday a fire occurred at Lodge Farm, Henham. Apparently the fire originated at a barn containing 150 tons of chaff which it is presumed became heated and fired. The damage is estimated at £500.

1917 20th April Chelmsford Chronicle - Preston. Edwin Watson is favoured with instructions from Russell Prichard, Esqu., to sell by auction, on the premises as above, on Tuesday next, April 24th., 1917, at 11 o'clock precisely. The whole of the antique and modern furniture and effects and two carts.

1917 18th May Chelmsford Chronicle - Stansted. Local Tribunals. Applications for exemption. H. Ward, 40, single, bread baker, Henham, conditional exemption. R. Wright, junior, 23, single, ploughman and milkman, Bacon's Farm, Henham, deferred until Oct. 1st.

1917 9th June Essex Newsman - Essex Roll Of Honour. Private William Johnson, Essex Regiment, son of Mr and Mrs F. Johnson, of Henham, died of wounds, aged 20.

1917 25th. August Essex Newsman - Essex Roll Of Honour. Private B.C.C. Heard, Essex Regiment, son of Mr & Mrs W. Heard, of Henham, reported wounded and missing last October, is presumed to have been killed.

1917 7th Sept. Cambridge Independent Press - Stansted Petty Sessions. Thefts from Allotments. Charles Snow (50), labourer, of Henham, failed to appear in answer to a charge of stealing a quantity of potatoes and onions, value 1s 2d., the property of George Dixon, at Henham, on Aug.18th. George Dixon stated that he was a platelayer on the railway. Snow was committed to prison for one month, with hard labour.

1917 5th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle - County Tribunals. Stansted. Conditional exemption: John Balaam, 34, married, horsekeeper, Henham. Dismissed, 2 months: James Sandford, 18, single, of Henham

1917 12th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle - County Tribunals. Saffron Walden. James Sandford, 18, stockman on farm, of Henham, appeal for military exemption, adjourned for Agricultural Committee to report.

1917 26th Oct. Chelmsford Chronicle
- Stansted. Conditional Military Exemption to March 31st. R. Wright, junior, 24, single, horsekeeper, Henham

1917 14th Dec. Essex Newsman - Dunmow Court Sept 26th. Alfred Clark, labourer, of Henham, pleaded guilty to wilfully breaking 14 panes of glass and a window pane, to the value of 30s. at the Bell Inn, Broxted, on Aug. 5th. It was stated that the landlord refused the defendant drink because in his opinion he had had enough, and after he had been put out and the door closed and fastened, the defendant put a shovel through the window. Defendant was fined 10s and ordered to pay 30s. damages and 10s 1d expenses; total £2 0s. 1d.

1917 14th Dec.
Chelmsford Chronicle - Saffron Walden Court. Adjourned. A Henham schoolboy of 8 years appeared to answer the charge of doing damage to the amount of under £5 to a thatched cottage, the property of Eva Duckworth, at Henham, on the 17th Nov. Evidence showed that the boy got a candle to burn some cobwebs that were hanging from the thatch of an outbuilding attached to the cottage, and set light to the thatch. The outbreak was fortunately discovered in the first stage, and neighbours put it out with buckets of water. The boy's father is in France, and the mother said the boy was uncontrollable. Adjourned for a month, with a view to getting the boy into an Industrial School.

1918 25th Jan. Chelmsford Chronicle - Saffron Walden Court Jan. 22nd. Bound Over. A boy of eight, of Henham, who had been before the Court on two previous occasions on a charge of doing damage to a thatch at Henham, by setting fire to it, was bound over to be of good character for a term of three years, and to be placed under the charge of the Probation Officer.

1918 4th May Essex Newsman - Mr. And Mrs. Bendall, of Henham, have received news that their only son, Sgt H. Bendall, Essex Regiment, missing since April 28th 1917, is now presumed dead. He had served nearly two years in France, and was 23 years of age.

1918 18th May Essex Newsman - Dunmow Court May 15th. Firewood. Mrs. Edith Willett and Mrs. Mary Ingold, both of Henham, were summoned for stealing underwood, value 1s., of Capt. A.L. Cranmer Byng, at Chickney, on May 2nd. Pc James said defendants admitted taking the wood. Frederick Scruby, tenant of the farm, said he had cautioned Mrs Willett before against taking wood. Both defendants were fined 5s.

1918 31st May Chelmsford Chronicle - Private E. Harman, Northumberland Fusiliers, of Henham, reported missing since April 9th, is now reported a prisoner of war in Germany.

1918 21st June Chelmsford Chronicle
- Preliminary, Henham. J.M. Welch & Son have received instructions to sell by auction, on Thursday, July 11th., 1918, the valuable small agricultural property known as Bacon's Farm, comprising an area of about 34 acres.

1918 18th Oct. Cambridge Independent Press - Bacon's Farm, Henham, Essex. Mr. Ernest Jennings has been favoured with instructions from Mr. Robert Wright who is relinquishing farming, to sell by auction, upon the premises, on Wednesday, Oct. 30th., 1918, at 12 o'clock sharp, the whole of the live and dead farming stock, further particulars next week - 3 horses and the agricultural implements..

1918 8th Nov. Chelmsford Chronicle - Local Tribunal. Stansted Rural Court. Application for exemption from military service. Deferred until Jan. 31st. F.C. Wright, 46, Grade 2, boot & shoe maker, of Henham

1919 3rd. Jan Chelmsford Chronicle – Stortford Petty Session yesterday. Publican bound over. Joseph W. Chippendale, 59, licensed victualler, of Henham, was summoned for being found drunk at Bishop Stortford on Dec. 19th. Ps Steele said he found defendant leaning against a wall in South Street at 6pm. He told defendant to move away, and he fell down. As he was helplessly drunk and had no friends with him he was taken to the police station. Defendant said that this was the first time that he had been in such a position. It was near Christmas, and he had a lot of money on him, having been doing business at Stortford Market. He asked to be dealt with as a first offender. He had kept a licensed house at Henham for seventeen years without complaint. The Chairman said as defendant was a license holder of long standing, and there had never been anything against him before he would be bound over as a first offender. In the whole of last year there was not a person in the Stortford district summoned for drunkenness, and the Bench hoped that record would be maintained. Defendant paid 4s. costs and was bound over in £5. To the Bench he said: Thank you, one and all, and a happy New Year to you!

1919 10th Jan Chelmsford Chronicle – HENHAM – Mrs. O.E. Tibbit, daughter of Mr. B.T. Hood, schoolmaster of Henham, has been awarded the M.B.E.

1919 1st March Essex Newsman - HENHAM – ZULU WAR VETERAN – Mr. Joseph Hartgrove, who died at Henham, fought in the Zulu War. He leaves a widow, and his five sons are in the army.

1919 4th July Chelmsford Chronicle – BURY FARM DISPUTE. At Bishops Stortford County Court on the 27th ult., before his Honour Judge Farrant, Mrs. E. A. Duckworth, of Clavering Hall, brought an action against Mrs. V.Hulton, of the Bury, Henham, for ejectment for alleged breach of a covernant not to assign that property. Mr. Gee for plaintiff, said that possession had been given of the farm, and it was now being cultivated by plaintiff, but possession was sought of the house and two cottages. His Honour made an order for possession in six weeks, and as a result of a consultation between the two solicitors the defendant was ordered to pay £35 10s mesne profits and £14 10s. costs.

1919 8th Aug. Cambridge Independent Press - Stansted Petty Sessions, Saturday. Edward Dixon

(58), thatcher, Henham, was summoned for not paying £7 10s maintenance arrears due to his wife. Mrs. Dixon said she obtained an order for 12s 6d a week in 1915. It had since been reduced to 10s a week. Defendant only owed £7 10s.. Defendant admitted the arrears, but said he was waiting to take money on his work. An order was made for two months imprisonment, suspended for 14 days, in order that defendant might pay the amount., and 7s. 6d. costs.