Gill's estate is contained within the following 5 webpages. A 6th page containing her father Ralph Turner's burial records of St Mary's parish church in Henham is at Burials from 1930 to 1989.



pru 1

pru 2

c.1986 Advert by Prudential of a building plot for sale adjacent to 'Elmic' off Star Road, Henham OIR £55,000

app for elmic

school 1
school 2
Look at the pupils sitting on the right-hand side (ok, their feet). They appear to be the same people in the same place who appear in the following photo. The dates are unknown although there seems to be a vehicle close to the middle of the first photo and also on left-hand side of the following photo and the granparents clothing suggests that this event was early 20th century.

school 3
wireless licence
1939 Wireless Licence reminder to Ralph Turner, The Wyndies, Henham

star cottage 001 star cottage 1955
Star Cottage 9th July 1954

Star Cottage 13th July 1955

star cottage demolition 1957
Star Cottage 2nd April 1957
ralph turner 1

above and below - Ralph Turner in Wyndies garden with the old school behind
ralph turner 2
ralph turner 3
ralph turner 4
wyndies 1
wyndies 2

A waterpump in the kitchen at Wyndies. It is linked to an outside well. CLICK on it to see a larger image
wyndies 3
Colour Photograph of Wyndies
wynies from south 2009
Wyndies from the south