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After leaving Henham Halt the train continues on to Sibleys.

Sibleys Drawing
Sibleys station in 1951


Sibleys Station

Sibleys 1951 Sibleys

Sibleys for Chickney and Broxted Station April 1st 1913, taken on the opening day of the railway

Sibleys looking towards Thaxted
The outline of the rail track 2003
The line markings showing the disused track.
Modern Day Sibleys
sibleys 8 nov 1950
Sibleys 8th Nov 1950
Cuttlers Green Drawing

Cutler's Green was named due to the ancient and long-dead cutlery industry in Thaxted.
Cutlers Green Cuttlers green Station

cutlers green 5

Cutlers Green Cutlers Green
Cutlers Green Halt on 30th June 1951. This was the last station before Thaxted, initially the station had a bench, it was not as primitative as Henham as there was a gents toilet. The place was remote, merely a platform in the midst of fields. A footpath led off to the village.

Cutlers Green Map of Thaxted rail line
Cutlers Green
Above is a plan of Thaxted terminal and workshed
The view below was rarely taken in the life of the railway. On the opening day 1700 people came to look at the train. Some 150 walked to Cutlers Green and came back on the train.

Thaxted Station

Thaxted 1952
Above is Thaxted in 1952. Below are photographs of the station and the engine shed. This station was very remote and it was a very long walk into the town of Thaxted, hence the need for the car.
Thaxted Station Thaxted Station
Thaxted Engine shed
Thaxted Shed Closure Notice
Sibleys Station now
Sibleys Station now
Other information and the route nowadays
More pictures of Thaxted Station