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Petitions were prepared from people who rarely used the train. The Last Rites came on the 13th September 1952 when No 68579 hauled the last passenger train. The tracks were removed and part of the railway was converted to paths and farm buildings. Below are some of the articles and what the railway looks like nowadays.

The train started at Elsenham and continued into the village of Henham and onto Thaxted.

light railway 1
light railway 2
light railway 3
light railway 4

1908 poster
above - 1908 poster
below - the newspaper article 184
Opening Newspaper Article cutting the first sod
News article
rail ticket rail ticket reverse Timetable about 1916

Fruit Goods Label heading for London

    1912 railway timetable A fruit label, fruit from Elsenham was regularly transported to the markets of London.
1952 Fruit Label London Attraction    
Football Poster Letter confirming closure closure poster Closure Letters
Closure Notices
Map of train route



The Essex village of Thaxted is to lose its little train.

For 39 years the Thaxted Flier, as the people affectionately know it, has puffed busily with its two coaches between this village and Elsenham on the main line six miles away. Now this branch line is to be closed and after September 13 the train will puff no more.

The stationmaster and guard, Mr. Tom Buck, who has been with the line almost since it was opened in 1913, is to retire. And the people of Thaxted, Cutler's Green, Sibley's; Henham, and Mill Road will in future travel by bus.

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The following photographs are of views along the line
Thaxted Flyer Carriages of Thaxted Flyer
Train On route
On route Carriage
Thaxted 30th June 1951

Thaxted Flyer Rear of train
Carriage Carriage
Trip Out

Thaxted Flyer on route Thaxted Flyer on route
Train travelling on Gin and Toffee Line  










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