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Bernard King’s grandparents, Charlie King and Florence Esther White

We are so grateful to several branches of the King family - Bernard, Tony, John and Amanda - for the following information and photos. Our joint contact resulted in a memorable family lunch at ‘The Cock’.

Bernard King’s grandparents were Charlie King and Florence White.  It was Bernard who sent us one of our most-prized family photos, now shown above, of the couple with the family outside ‘Uncle Albert & Auntie Mabel’s cottage’ (known as Suckling Cottage at the northern end of Crow Street just before Chantry Hall) on their wedding day, 16th May 1905. 

Charlie King  was the son of Frederick and the brother of the “Frank King” whose name appears on the War Memorial on the green. Another brother Walter, served and survived WWI, his name also appears in the wooden roll of honour in the  church. Walter had three sons Robert, William and John.

Bernard noticed that on this website there is another stone roll of honour in the church which includes a “Frederick King” but thinks this must be a mistake of the stonemason - it should be of his distant relative  ”Frank King”. Florence was the daughter of Alfred White, the baker.

Our thanks to all the family for the following photographic gallery


granddad kings cottage kw and b
Granddad King's cottage Snow Cottage 2008 Kitty White & Bartrop
Alfred and Lydia White
Alfred White & Lydia
Alfred White & Lydia and family
Alfred White
f k
Baker White with grand-daughter Rene Charlie & Florence King c1907-10 Florence King
Frederick King Frederick King 1857-1948  
lydia white sarah harriet king Elsmere
Lydia White Sarah Harriet King 'Elsmere' in the late 1920s Walter King and his family outside, From the right Walter King, his father Frederick, his wife Maud and their eldest son Bill.
Frank King
Judith King grave Baker White Frank King
Baker Alfred White king family grave Elsmere Thatched
Baker Alfred White King family grave 'Elsmere' Annie and Emma Everill with their mother outside elsmere before the roof was changed to tile. The photo predates 1899 as Mrs Everill died in 1899. The Everills' also owned the land where Keyham House now stands

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