SMR Number
Monument Name
4535 Henham Hall Henham Hall-moat. Henham Hall-moat.

1 Homestead moat at 'The Hall', 200 yds north west of the church.

2 Moat waterfilled, in good condition. A rectangular homestead moat, original entrance across the east arm. Measures 64m overall east-west x ? north-south (card cut short). An extension from the south west angle towards the south, 130m long x ? wide. Foundations of an earlier brick house found on the island when a house was erected in 1961.

3 5 photos in the SMR.
Various documentary refs in SMR.
4536 Henham Hall Believed to date from the 1600s although suggestions have been made that part of the timberwork might date from the 1500s.
4537 Henham Hall DMV between hall and church.
4538 Church of St Mary the Virgin, Henham Church at Henham mentioned in a will of 1044-45.
4539 Church of St Mary the Virgin, Henham The chancel is early 13th century, c1290 a south transept was added to the nave.
4540 Church of St Mary the Virgin, Henham Church restored in the 19 century but has been little altered.
4541 Church End, Henham Waterpump at Church End.
4542 Icehouse at Henham Hall Icehouse, NGR refers to Henham Hall.
4544 Pledgdon Hall Moat at Pledgdon Hall.
4545 Henham Hall The house is 2-storied and timber-framed.
4546 Pledgdon Hall Object found in a peat deposit during the digging of a reservoir at Pledgdon Hall Farm.
4670 Mill Farm Site of windmill.
4679 Bedwell Common 2 trial trenches made following field walking and Romano-British occupation of the 2nd and 3rd centuries was established.
4680 Bedwell Common? Possible Saxon pottery.
4681 Bedwell Common? Possible Saxon-Norman pottery.
4682 Bedwell Common? Post medieval pottery.
4696 Hazelmoor Common Scatter of brick and tile with 18th-19 century red-glazed ware.
4704 Lovecott Farm Shafthole adze (or 'perforated sandstone hammer') found while ploughing..
4706 North of Down Hall House Samian from field drains and other possible Roman finds.
4715 Great Hall Field Roman and later finds from metal detecting.
4716 Great Hall Field Roman pottery and tile, recovered by metal detector users, was reported to Miss J Winmill and Mrs P Christie of Henham.
4717 Great Hall Field Roman pottery and tile, recovered by metal detector users, was reported to Miss J Winmill and Mrs P Christie of Henham.
4725 Greenend Farm Moated farmstead shown on tithe map c1840.
4726 Greenend Farmhouse Late C16 timber-framed house.
4727 Old Mead Possible moated enclosure at Old Mead shown on Henham Tithe Map c1840.
4728 Old Mead C17 timber-framed house.
4730 Canhams Farm (Parsonage Farm?) Roman(?) dark brown unglazed bottle.
4738 Hazel End Farm Neolithic flint axe found in field drainage at Hazel End Farm.
8548 Little Henham Lodge Permanent grass meadow, still grazed, with uneven pattern on surface suggesting DMV, presumably the site of Little Henham.
9866 West of Mill Farm A flint arrowhead.
9960 Henham Reservoir A rescue excavation was undertaken on a holding pond for fish near to Henham Hall.
9871 Henham Metal detectorists finds to the south west of Henham. 11 Roman coins.
18897 West of Henham Lodge Cropmarks of field boundaries and extraction pit
18898 East of Elsenham Cropmarks of field boundaries. Some shown on OS 1st edition 6" sheet 23
45290 Cambridge to Matching Green pipeline- Site 55 Geophysical anomalies comprised possible pit like feature and some linear features, possible field boundaries.
45291 Cambridge to Matching Green pipeline- Site 56 4 Neolithic / Early Bronze Age flint scrapers were recovered during fieldwalking.
45570 Cambridge to Matching Green pipeline- Site 53 Undated features
45571 Cambridge to Matching Green pipeline- Site 57 Bronze Age features
46689 Cold War Nuclear Monitoring Post, Henham A Cold War nuclear monitoring post
46756 Elsenham Quarry, Roman features Early Roman and Late Roman field boundaries and probably settlement (pits).
47258 Geophysical Survey Report, Grind Hall, Henham A gradiometer survey of pasture land at Grind Hall, Henham identified limited evidence of archaeological activity.
47012 Henham - No NGR Supporting arm brooch - NGR is for centre of Henham and is not exact.
18555 Henham A chance find of a grey flint flake; no retouching evident. A drawing accompanies the letter describing the find.
18554 Henham Flint flake found by Mr J Brett
36198 Woodend Green Cottages Early C19 timber-framed house.
36197 Woodend C17/C18 timber-framed house.
36196 Orchard Cottage C18/C19 timber-framed house.
36195 The Cottage, Plum Tree Cottage and Pear Tree Cottage Early C19 brick house.
36194 Pedders C18/C19 timber-framed house.
36192 Woodend Cottages C17/C18 timber-framed house.
36191 Ham Cottage C17/C19 timber-framed house.
36190 Pleasant Cottage C17/C18 timber-framed house.
36189 Star Garage Cottage C17 timber-framed building.
36188 Apple Tree Cottage C18/C19 timber-framed house.
36187 Ship Cottage C18/C19 timber-framed house.
36186 Thatch End C15 timber-framed hall house.
36185 Dolls Cottage C17 timber-framed house.
36184 1 The Row C17/C18 timber-framed house.
36183 Elm Cottage C18 timber-framed house.
36182 Pledgdon Green Farmhouse C16/C17 timber-framed house.
36180 The White Cottage C17 timber-framed house.
36179 Henleys C18 timber-framed house.
36178 Stone Cottage and Stores C19 building with shop front.
36177 Bays Cottage C17/C18 timber-framed house.
36176 Bell Cottage and Rose Cottage Pair of late C18/early C19 timber-framed houses.
36175 Yarrow Cottage C18 timber-framed house.
36174 Datchet Mead C18/C19 timber-framed house.
36173 The Bury Cottage C18 timber-framed house.
36172 The Bury C16/C17 timber-framed house.
36171 The Willows C17/C18 and earlier timber-framed houses.
36170 Barn to SE of Pledgdon Hall, on E side of yard C17 timber-framed barn.
36169 Barn to S of Pledgdon Hall, on W side of yard C17 timber-framed barn.
36168 Pledgdon Hall Medieval hall house on moated site, with C17 alterations.
36167 Dovecote to E of Pennington Hall C17/C18 square-shaped dovecote.
36166 Pennington Hall C17 timber-framed house with later alterations.
36165 Pair of Cottages immediately to N of Cedar Cottage C18/C19 timber-framed house.
36164 Hall Barn, The Hall Late C16/early C17 timber-framed barn. Converted to dwelling late C20.
36163 Cedar Cottage C18/C19 timber-framed house.
36162 Bacons Cottage C18/C19 timber-framed house.
36161 Bacons C16/C17 timber-framed house.
36160 Coopers Hall Cottages C18 or earlier timber-framed house.
36159 Coopers Hall Cottage Early C19 timber-framed house.
36158 Cornerway and Oakville C18/C19 timber-framed house.
36157 The White Cottage C17 timber-framed house.
36156 Glebeside Cottage C17/C18 timber-framed house.
36155 Village Pump approximately 35m W of Glebeside Cottage C19 cast iron pump at S end of green.
36154 Mondis C17 timber-framed house.
36153 Glebe House C17 timber-framed house with early/mid C19 brick front.
36152 Wyndies Early C17 timber-framed house.
36151 K6 Telephone Kiosk Mid/late C20 Type K6 telephone kiosk, designed in 1935.
36150 The Old Post Office C18/C19 timber-framed house.
36149 School Cottages C18 timber-framed houses.
36148 Village Pump approximately 15m NW of School Cottages C19 cast iron pump.
36147 The Manse C18 timber-framed house with E end in yellow brick.
36146 2 and 3 Church Cottages C18 timber-framed house.
36145 Forres Cottage C17 timber-framed house.
36144 Mount House C17 timber-framed house, with C18 alterations.
36143 Church Cottages C17 range of timber-framed houses, with C19 gault brick facade and C18 block at rear.
36142 Henham House C18 timber-framed house.
36141 Long Yards C17 timber-framed houses.
36140 Friars Cottage C17 timber-framed house.
36139 Parsonage Farm Cottage C17/C18 timber-framed house.
36138 Church of St Mary the Virgin, Henham C13 and C14 church.
36137 Parsonage Farmhouse C17 timber-framed house.
36136 The Cock Inn C18 or earlier timber-framed building.
36135 Little Acre C17 timber-framed house.
36134 Poplar Cottage C18 or earlier timber-framed house.
36133 Birds Farmhouse Early C17 timber-framed house.
36132 The Old Thatched Cottage C17/C18 timber-framed house.
36131 Walnut Tree Cottage and adjoining barn C17 timber-framed house and barn.
36130 Yew Tree Cottage C18 timber-framed house.
36129 Henham Lodge Farmhouse Late C15 and C16 timber-framed house.
4658 West of Henham Roman site-enclosure? In VCH NGR is TL 539284.
4635 Henham Lodge-Hall Field Roman pottery, including Samian, and an iron adze found in 'Hall Field', Henham Lodge.
4634 Henham Lodge Roman amphora.
46604 Lodge Farm Archaeological evaluation revealed the remains of C19 brick foundation walls
40857 Lodge Farm Later C19 timber-framed barn and brick built milking shed
40822 Signpost at Henham, junction of Church Street, High Street & Crow Street Signpost. 1920s/1930s. Cast iron. Manufactured by Maldon Iron Works
40821 Signpost at Henham, junction of Old Mead Road and Church Street Signpost. 1920s/1930s. Cast iron. Manufactured by Maldon Iron Works.
40820 Signpost at Henham Mill Road B1051 junction of road to rick End Signpost. 1920s/1930s. Cast iron. Manufactured by Maldon Iron Works.
46551 Sheepcote Lane Cropmark of a possible enclosure
46545 Henham Cropmarks of enclosure
46536 Blossom Hill Farm Cropmarks of field boundaries
46535 Lodge Cottages Cropmarks of field boundaries
45229 Cambridge to Matching Green pipeline Pipeline Route from Cambridge to Matching Green
45289 Cambridge to Matching Green pipeline- Site 54 Geophysical survey picked up some small possible features and a ditch
16963 M11 fieldwalking - segments I 6-8 Burnt and worked flint found during fieldwalking in advance of the widening of the M11 in Nov.
7279 East of Ugley Hall Farm Cropmarks of linear features, probably trackways.
46365 Little Henham Lodge Possible enclosure and former field boundaries
19904 Little Henham, Henham Cropmark of possible moat
45594 Cambridge to Matching Green pipeline - Site 111 A single undated ditch