As postcards have been found if there is any reference to Henham, I have added it to this page. Each Image can be enlarged.
Words in italics means that the transcription is probably incorrect.

Image Address to Message Date
Reverse PC04 Ernest Wright
40 Church Road
Dear Ernest
Just a card to let you know, I am sorry not to have written before but I have not had time on Saturday. I am off at 430 so it is not worth while coming down. I will see you on Monday, your sincere friend Douglas
8 Oct 1906
Reverse of postcard Mr Joyce
Thile Cottage
Kee Town Road
Bishops Stortford

This coming on Saturday ... until Tuesday
11 Sep 1908
Reverse of postcard Mrs Frost
151 Huddleston Gdns
Tufnell Rd, London N2
Henleys Farm, Henham, Stansted, Essex
I am sorry to say my holiday is drawing to a close having a v enjoyable time, you may expect me back on Sunday Love to you and the children Yours SF
Reverse of postcard Miss R Chapman
85 Brady Road
Enfield Lock
Dear R
Having a ripping time Love from your ever loving Mum
rev green end farm Mrs Broad
174 Ribblesdale Rd
Streatham SW16
Green End Farm,Henham
Dear Mrs B
Hope all are well glad to say I am enjoying myself very much. It is lovely here and it is home from home glad to say .... better shall be returning Sept with love to all. AB
Reverse of postcard Mrs Turner
The Wyndies

Wishing you all the best of everything for Xmas
J Hill
Reverse of postcard Mrs Andrews
2 The Crescent
London Road

Dear Sisters
We hope nothing is array with either of you not having heard anything lately, we are a bit anxious we are both well and write in love with to you both
1 Is SA in doorway
2 Is self in Scotch
3 Is Eagle over porch
4 Own bedroom window
5 Living room window
6 The little parlour window
7 The B.... dog
8 Entrance to Vicarage

19 Jun 09
Reverse Postcard Mrs T Moorcroft
Cross Keys
When I go to church tomorrow morning. Then must go and see old man. Yarmouth broke me. Getting on first note. Love to dear little Edand kind regards to yourselves. Yours Chris Little
19 Sept04
Church Miss Hoskiss
Muscombes Farm
Dunmow Essex
Reverse PostcardAll sorry I could not possibly cycle over today. I had quite intended to do so I prepared hoping the wind would drop out. Will said I should be blown over! I don't think I can get over this week as well as arranged for me for Friday. Love to you both v trust your colds are both better. Kind affect K Neuman 22 ... 09
PC10   Reverse Postcard
Henham School Prim Last Day
May 29th - June 11th
.... mama and me Date with bicycle ... Koon cake and all it involves its competitions sausage rolls and meat pies. The bump! poor bikes. Diet of grass 'chum' chocolate spread and before and during arrival of undesirable company.
Suckling family and ... dad. One or two day holiday. Aircraft recog! 'Yes luv' Willets weather. Cuckoos. Pictures Sweet photos

Reverse PostcardHenham School Prim Last Day Yippee!
May 29th - June 11th

Bike and we went to Rickling Last Day!
Observation Day drank 'fizz' at Cock. Bully beef sandwich Clock stricking 9.0 Early birds! (that find a locked a locked gate) The small tablet to Feakes Visit to Church St early morn. Gypsies and food

Mrs Aylett
Mill House Tilty Dunmow Essex
Reverse PostcodeOct 21st 07 Henham
I hope to see you on Saturday as usua.l My best wishes in haste. Hope all are well Yours AES
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