We are very grateful to Jo Pimblett for allowing us to copy her postcard collection. Messages on the reverse of the postcards are here

school green
The School Green The Green Henham
pc08 pc21
Henham St Mary's Church path Thatching in the village
pc07 pc06
St Mary's Church postcard St Mary's Church interior
Friars Cottage Chickney Road
Friars Cottage heading out of the village Chickney Road
pc14 pc12
Lithograph of the Church Grazing near Moat Cottages
Cock with blacksmiths postcard Crow Street
Post Office revpostoffice
Post Office with Jack Hayden's grandfather reverse of image on left-hand side
High Street post office
High Street with Willows Pond Henham Post Office, now Henham House
henham litho the row
henham willows 1960s pc31
Willows Pond in the 1960s  
charlie postcard Church End
farrington shop farrington shop rev

glebe rev 1 Friars Cottage
postcard written at Bacons Farm Friars Cottage