We are very grateful to Miss Pimblett, Carol Eaton & Frances Roberts (also for their accompanying text), Gill Turner, Joy Lafferty, Pat Meads and many other residents for their help to build this collection of photographs

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Pleasant Cottage in 1913
Looking west towards Starr Green  
high str towards church str
high street towards church street High St Henham
Church Street

Lambert Pond 1955
Church End
Chickney Road c1920. The two ladies standing in the road are the sisters Nell Treacher and Alice Lawson. Among the children are Alice's daughters Vera, Violet and Edna. Violet was Gordon Barker's mother.
henham handpost

high street early 1900s
High Street in the early 1900s
calder 01 calder 02
above and below - the seat, a memorial to former Henham resident Kenneth Calder (1939-1983), is around a walnut tree on the small green between 'The Cock' pub and Poplar Hall.

friars cottage 1910
Friars Cottage c1910
crow street cottages

1977 cedar cottage

1977 Cedar Cottage and Suckling Cottage
yarrow cottage
Chickney Road looking eastwards with Yarrow Cottage on the right-hand side
henham high street
crow street

church street looking west
chapel with ducks
chickney road

chickney road bell pub
bw cottage 1
Little Acre, Church End. Taken from the back entrance of Poplar Hall.
bw cottage 2
suckling cottage being rethatched
'Suckling Cottage' being re-thatched (the two women appear to be Miss Helen Pimblett (from adjacent 'Cedar Cottage') and Gill Turner (from 'Wyndies' opposite)

2012 rough apple


Crews have been called to a fire in a thatched house.  Crews report the roof is 100 percent alight and the first floor of the property is 50 percent alight.

Fire crews are wearing breathing apparatus and are using four hose reels to extinguish the fire. 

Update 07:45hrs: Crews remain at the incident tackling the fire and are carrying out salvage operations to recover any of the residents personal items from the property.
Update 08:35hrs: Crews are continuing to tackle the fire. Crews report that the roof is part-thatched and the thatched section is 100 percent alight.  The RSPCA is in attendance at the incident to search for a six-foot Python which escaped from the property when the fire broke out.
At 08:48 hrs, Divisional Officer Jon Anderson, incident commander, says that good progress is being made. The incident has been split into four sectors and firefighting and salvage operations are ongoing. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus are using four hose reels to tackle the blaze. The thatch remains well alight, along with 50 per cent of the first floor.
Update 10:15 hrs: The python has been located in the roof of the property - it fell down into the garden area as firefighting operations were taking place. It has been put in a secure place as crews concentrate on the fire.

Update 11:10hrs: Crews remain at the incident continuing to extinguish the fire.

Update 11:23hrs: The fire has been extinguished and the snake has been placed in the care of the RSPCA.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage, ECFRS and the police will carry out an investigation
17 September 2012
'Rough Apple' at Pledgdon Green

prefabs in school lane

prefabs in School Lane


Unveilling Henham Sign
Henham sign unveilling
'Oakville' and 'Cornerways' at the junction of Crow Street and School Lane

Following two photos - Elsmere, Starr Road. It is almost certain that this is Annie and Emma Everill with their mother outside their home in Starr Road. If so the photo pre-dates 1899, for that is the year Mrs. Everill died. The cottage is no longer thatched but tiled, and a porch has been added to the front. The Everills also owned the piece of land in front of the cottage where Keyham House is now standing. In the background is Bury Cottage which now has an extension on its side.

The lower picture shows Elsmere in the late 1920s. The roof is now tiled making the cottage look very different. Walter King and his family stand outside their home in Starr Road.

From the right: Walter King, Walter's father Frederick, his wife Maud, their eldest son Bill, his aunt Betsy Chapling and Bob another son. In 1930 the King family moved to Hill Top, a bungalow next to Mill Road Halt. Both Hill Top and Mill Road Halt no longer exist.

elsmere 2

elsmere late 1920s

forres in snow
'Forres' in snow