We are very grateful to Miss Pimblett, Carol Eaton & Frances Roberts (also for their accompanying text), Gill Turner, Joy Lafferty, Pat Meads and many other residents for their help to build this collection of photographs

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aerial of pub Cock
Aerial image of the Cock pub showing the blacksmith's shop to the left of the pub Cock
Images in 1985 Cock in Winter
Star when as a garage Star Inn
Starr when it was a garage The Starr aka The Star & Garter
The Cock
The Cock Inn 1887 - John Haydon the blacksmith stands second from left. At this time his forge was just around the corner in Church Street adjacent to Forge Cottage
bell bell pub
The Bell
The Bell Inn pre 1978, drawn by Pat Meads. The Bell is known to have been a public house since 1848 when Philip Dixon was the beer keeper for Whites. The Inn served its last pint of beer in 1978, it was then converted into a private dwelling.