We are very grateful to Miss Pimblett, Carol Eaton & Frances Roberts (also for their accompanying text), Gill Turner, Joy Lafferty, Pat Meads and many other residents for their help to build this collection of photographs

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village hall c1920
Henham village hall circa 1920

cock inn
The Cock Inn
the wary pond

The Wary Pond - this was a common sight of carts being driven into the ponds to swell the wood onto the metal rims

plumtree Cottage
Peartree and Plumtree Cottage , Wood End Green
cedar cottage and suckling cottage
c 1900. In both photographs Henham villagers are standing outside their homes, now known as Cedar Cottage and Suckling Cottage in Crow Street
horse outside cedar cottage
Forres Cottage, Church Street
Forres Cottage, Church Street, the home of the two Misses Bannister
chickney road about 1911

The Wary Pond about 1911

Henham High Street
High Street looking towards the shop and the Independent Chapel. Concerning the first house on the laft-hand side, Di Suckling recalls Freda (nee Hollingsworth) Dixon living on the left-hand side there with her family until it was demolished in the late 1950s/early 1960s. Herbert Neville and his wife lived on the right-hand side. Michael Cornell remembers Freda living there until it was pulled down and they moved into the old council houses just after the war. Michael lived in the Bury Cottage which is not quite in this picture until early 1949 when he also moved to the new council houses that were built in Mill Road. Pat Meads remembers playing in the unhabited property as a child and recalls it being tiny inside.
the old vicarage

The Old Vicarage painted by the vicar's daughter in the 1890s

Friars Cottage
Friars Cottage, Church End
green end farm 1930
Green End Farm 1930
Mondis c 1959
oakways and cornerville
Oakville and Cornerways at the junction of Crow Street and Station Road
willow pond
Willow Pond
school green

School Green

Maytime in Henham - Forres at far right
Pledgdon Hall

Henham House

Henham House about 1980s

Along the  Row snow cottage
Photograph courtesy of Linda Dutton, taken along the Row. Snow Cottage