We are very grateful to Miss Pimblett, Carol Eaton & Frances Roberts (also for their accompanying text), Gill Turner, Joy Lafferty, Pat Meads and many other residents for their help to build this collection of photographs

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Bays Cottage in 1960s Bays Cottage 1903 - once a row of 5 cottages. In the early 1930s there was a fish and chip shop at the bottom of the garden of the first cottage run by Mr Timmins
Bays Cottage
Bays Cottage -
A.A. Thompson, cricket commentator and author, lived here and wrote a book about Henham. His wife, who was French, renovated several cottages in the village.
Mill Road Bomb Damage

Henham handpost in 1905 July 26th 1958
my grandparentscottage
My grandparents cottage
the Old Post Office now Henham House
parsonage farm cottages
Parsonage farm cottages

Jocks Farm, Little Henham
Sibleys The White Cottage 1905
'Windies', the home of the late Gillian Turner (the left-hand side is 'Windies Cottage')