We are very grateful to Richard Thomas, who once lived at Pennington View (built 1927), for allowing us to reproduce the following family photographs. Click on a photograph to see an enlarged picture.

orchard cottage
orchard cottage photo

Orchard Cottage, Woodend Green about 1937 when it was the home of Fred & Dorothy Milledge

pennington view
Thaxted Road in 1928 - undeveloped road with a now-vanished bend, looking east from Pennington View towards Pennington Hall
undeveloped thaxted road
Thaxted Road with the bend removed, looking towards Pennington Hall from Pennington View
richard thomas and family
Richard Thomas's cousin Peter Milledge, and family outside Pennington View. This house was once occupied by Richard's grandparents and then his parents.

pennington view
View from Pennington View towards Elsenham. Gardiner's Cottage and Elsenham Place are on the left and note the large haystack on the right plus the unmade road without any pavement.