We are very grateful to Elsenham Village History Society. They have given us 38 high-quality colour photos of most of Henham (not including Little Henham nor Pledgdon). These were thought to be taken from a low-flying helicopter in about 1981 but Coopers Hall garage carries a date of 1983. We need to make further enquiries.

You can click on any image to get a link to a much larger photo. Be patient if you wish to download a personal copy, they range from 4+Mb - 7.6Mb.

I have arranged the images so that they are in the numerical sequence of the original film so the page indicates the route of the helicopter.

henham road 1

Henham Road

henham road 2

Henham Road 2

mill road 1

Mill Road - Deadman's Bend

vernons close 1

Vernons Close from the southwest

vernons close 2

vernons close 3

Vernons Close from the west

vernons close 4

Vernons Close green

vernons close 5

pimblett row

Vernons Close and Pimblett Row

crow street 1

Crow Street (above and below, almost identical with OSCA in the centre)

crow street 2

St marys 1

St Mary's (1)

st marys 2

St Mary's (2) 'Friars Cottage' to the left and 'Poplar Hall ' at the top

st marys 3

St Mary's (3) surrounded by 'Friars Cottage', 'Poplar Hall' and 'The Cock' pub

st marys 2a

St Mary's (4)

high street 2

High Street (2) looking eastwards with Bury Lodge in the foreground and Woodend Green at the top

high street 3

High Street (3) with the village shop in the centre

high street 4

High Street (4) 'Keyham House' in the foreground and The Row behind. Notice Meads garage was still a garage.

high street 5

High Street (5) with 'Brambles' being built on the left-hand side, adjacent to 'Stone Cottage' and the village shop and The Row behind

high street 6

High Street (6)

high street 7

High Street (7) at the junction with Woodend Green westside

high street  8

High Street (7A) looking southwards down the east side of Woodend Green

high street 8

High Street (8) looking southwards

chickney road 2

Chickney Road

high street 9

High Street (9) above and below - the allotments plot at the bottom on the south side of the High Street

high street 10

High Street (10)

greenend farm

Greenend Farm above and below

greenend farm 2

woodend green eastside

Woodend Green eastside (part)

woodend green southside

Woodend Green southside, the white home is Halt Bungalow

woodend green west

Woodend Green west

high street 11

High Street (11) with Bays Cottage at the top

hall close 1

Hall Close

carters lane

part of Carters Lane

school lane

School Lane and part of Sages

pimblett row 2

Pimblett Row (2) in foreground and Crow Street behind

vernons close 4

Vernons Close (4) looking westwards

vernons close 5

Vernons Close (5) looking northwest

vernons close 6

Vernons Close (6) and part of Mill Road

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