We are very grateful to Miss Pimblett, Carol Eaton & Frances Roberts (also for their accompanying text), Gill Turner, Joy Lafferty, Pat Meads and many other residents for their help to build this collection of photographs. Click on a photograph to see the enlarged picture

Pimblett Wedding
1904 The Rev Monk at the wedding of Alice Pimblett. To his left is Ellen Elizabeth Pimblett and to his right is her mother-in-law, Grandma Pimblett
1921 Haymaking at the back of the Glebe Field. On the left is Percy Willett with Owen Haydon and his son George
1940/41 - Brownies outside Church Cottages, Church Street. Freda Dixon (nee Hollingsworth) is 3rd from the left and Susan Squires is holding the toadstool which the Brownies sat around during their meetings.
Brownies and Evacuees 1940/41

Back row: Janet Mangold (E), Doreen Thompson (E), Joyce Shepherd (E), Celia Head (E), Joy Marshall, Nora Baynes, Anne Holloway (E), Doreen Neville (E), Joan Shepherd (E)

Middle row: Unknown, Iris Thorn, Audry Holloway (E), Susan Squires (E), Gladys Cooper, Maisie Blackwell, Joan Neville (E)

Front row: Pauline Camp, Marion Clark, Daphne Thorn, Stella Mangold (E), Freda Hollingsworth, Margaret Mussell, Barbara Blackwell, Sylvia Maguire (E)
High Street
z032 Thatching Suckling Cottage
Stone Cottage Suckling Cottage being re-thatched
The Row church street 1910
unknown property and people
Cedar and Suckiling Cottage
Cedar Cottage and Suckling Cottage
The Mount House
Mount House, Church Street