We are very grateful to Miss Pimblett, Carol Eaton & Frances Roberts (also for their accompanying text), Gill Turner, Joy Lafferty, Pat Meads and many other residents for their help to build this collection of photographs

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Star Farm Orchard 1955. Pat Meads, Trevor Judd and Michael Judd in a go-kart made from a 5-gallon drum
Starr Road pre 1920. Looking from The Row, Apple Tree Cottage is the first thatched cottage on the right. The thatched cottage next to Apple Tree Cottage was demolished for the entrance to 'Minley'. Just visible after this is Star Farm. On the left is the small pond at the back of Keyham House.
Starr and Garter Pub
The Star and Garter Public House circa 1878. Note the knife grinder and his barrow. On the back of this photo is written:- 'Established in 1780 by Messrs. Hawkes, Bird & Nash with money earned from supplying malt to London breweries via the Stort navigation Canal'

At the time of this photo Ziba Balaam was the licensee. The notice on the wall (in blue vitreous enamel) indicates that he sold Hawkes & Co's 'ENTIRE' - this was the early name for Porter (bitter stout). The Star and Garter remained a public house until 1898.
Starr Cottage
Star Farm mid 1940s. Standing in the farm yard are Amy Meads (Pat Meads' grandmother), Lou McMillan and her daughter Pauline, and Bridie Meads (Pat's mother). At this time the Meads were renting the farm, all bar the front room from which a dairy was run. When Charlie Meads bought Star farm, around 1948, he was working as a car mechanic for Whalley's of Bishop Stortford. Charlie soon found he was getting so much private work in Henham that in 1950 he decided to open his own garage. 'Star' barn was pulled down and 'Starr' garage was built in its place. From here he also ran a taxi service. Charlie suspected that during his days of taxi-driving, he had transported every expectant mother in the village to the hospital to have her baby.
Star Garage
Star Garage 1980. The old cars outside could fool you into thinking the photo was older - but just look at the petrol pumps. Pat Meads's father ran the garage here is Pat's memories
Pat's notes re the garage
Miss Pimblett's celebratory gymkhana at the end of WW2 Henham jug
Paupers of Henham Bomb damage at Bacons Farm during WW11