The following entries are those concerning Henham which appear in Hertfordshire County Archives

Hertfordshire Marriages & Marriage Licences 1538 – 1922

John Bacon of Henham Sus Westwood Bishops Stortford   1 May 1699
James Barker of Henham Elizabeth Perry of Widdington Bishops Stortford   28 Feb 1732
William Bawcock of Stanstead Montfichet Elizabeth King of Henham Bishops Stortford   25 Jul 1711
Benjamin Bottle of Great Chishall Elizabeth Smith of Henham Bishops Stortford   1 Jan 1738
Richard Bush of Henham Essex Ann Smith of Hallingingbury Essex Much Hadham   2 Dec 1729
John Camfield of Stapleford Mary Guyver of Henham Bengeo St Leonards   7 Nov 1728
Joseph Carver of Hoddesdon Hester Stubbins of Henham Essex Hoddesdon Banns 1 Jul 1871
Charles Crawley Mary Whenham St Albans Abbey   16 Nov 1797
John Dennison of Henham Mount Rebecca Reed of Henham Mount Layston   16 Jul 1751
Edmund Barker of Henham Rebecca Ellis Bishops Stortford   5 May 1713
Thomas Monk of Henham Essex Margaret Hamond Ware St Mary   5 Dec 1660
Jn Nottage of Henham Essex Eliz Freeman Wyddial   18 May 1774
Thomas Nottage Mary Warner of Henham Bishops Stortford   31 Oct 1785
George Pattinson Sus Hill of Henham Bishops Stortford   26 Jul 1681
Thomas Phipp of Henham Sarah Linkhorn of Little Hadham Little Hadham   11 Jan 1735
John Plum of Elsenham Mary Halls of Henham Bishops Stortford   14 Apr 1701
Henry Rist of Henham Essex Elizabeth Cole of Little Hadham Little Hadham   29 Jan 1805
John Salmon of Mount Henham Essex Pheobe Hill of Mount Henham Essex Great Hormead   27 Dec 1745
William Smith of Henham Mount Elizabeth Flack of Stanstead St Margarets Layston   29 Dec 1718
Charles Stallibrass of Henham Essex Elizabeth Emson of Sawbridgeworth Sawbridgeworth   25 Feb 1841
John Garret Elizabeth Collins of Henham Sawbridgeworth   5 Dec 1714
John Gull of Henham Elizabeth Milton of Henham Widford   21 Jun 1636
William Gurnard of Bearden Joan Browne of Henham Bishops Stortford   9 Oct 1627
Robert Gyvor of Henham Essex Sarah Prestland of Henham Essex Hunsdon   26 Nov 1689
Thomas Halls of Henham Mary Brooks of Henham Bishops Stortford   28 Sep 1713
Peter Hamond of Henham Elizabeth Burr Bishops Stortford   28 Jul 1708
James Hawks of Henham Elizabeth Bacon of Henham Thorley   9 Nov 1737
John Lefer Martha Halls of Henham Bishops Stortford   15 Feb 1685
William Low Jane Stock of Henham Bishops Stortford   19 Jul 1815
Thomas Lyenester of Waltham Abbey Susan Woode of Henham Widford   6 Aug 1635
Thomas Tillbrook of Bishops Stortford Esther Bright of Henham Essex Bishops Stortford Banns 1 Dec 1850
James Watts of Bishops Stortford Susan Fothenham of O Bishops Stortford Banns 1 Oct 1853
Michael Welch of Henham Mary Green Bishops Stortford   12 May 1723
William Whenham of South Mimms Elizabeth Findall Barnet East   27 Oct 1755
Francis Whenham Elizabeth Price Great Amwell   12 Aug 1595
William Whenham of South Mimms Mary Light Middlesex Monken Hadley   29 Aug 1766
Thomas Wibert of Ethenham ?? Elizabeth Symons of Farnham Bishops Stortford   2 Oct 1673
Robert Wisby of Henham Rebecca Bush of Great Hallingbury Bishops Stortford   13 Jun 1703
John Wright of Henham Essex Mary Nichols of Little Hadham Little Hadham   2 Dec 1712
John Wryte of Henham Joan Adams of Harlow Bishops Stortford   9 May 1625

Crime & Punishment 1825 - 1917

Full name
Index name
Record type
Doc ref (Copy ref)
Charles Samuel Owers 8 Oct 1884 Henham, Bishops Stortford accused Theft Hertford Petty Sessions summary conviction QSC/1 (No 2658)

Archive Catalogue 1100 - 1999

Doc type (ref)
Estate (XI/39) Dorset Account Book of several Estates, of the Duke of Newcastle, Friary House, mills etc in Dorchester, Froom Fram, Martinstown, Loders and Bothenhampton, Chaldron Herring 1705 - 1744
Sale particulars (D/ETe/B204) Essex Pale Gate Farm and 36a, Henham 1931
Sale particulars (D/ETe/B287-B329) Essex ...Great and Little Hallingbury, Harlow, Hatfield Broadoak, Hempstead, Henham, High Laver, Lamarsh, Lagenhoe, Layer Breton, Lexton, Littlebury, Lindsell, Loughton, MagDalen Layer, Manuden, Matching, .... 1917 - 1944
Sale particulars (D/ELe/B20/6) Essex The Henham Estate, Henham, Chickney, Debden and Ugley, with plans 1896
Deeds (D/ETe/B71) Essex Little Lodge Farm, Debden and Henham nd
Sale particulars (41228) Essex Sale by William Parseley of Takeley and John Parseley of Henham, Essex and Henry Parseley, CamBridge to John Jacklyn of Stortford, yeoman, parts of poundfield and a close 1634
Sale particulars (D/Z31/Z120-28) Essex ...Rundle House, Hatfield Broadoak; The Old Mead, Old Mead Lane, Henham; More House, Ingatestone nd

Newspapers & Magazines (1758 - 2013)

Title Henham man weds in Stortford
Source Herts & Essex Observer page 15
Publication date 12/01/1962
Subjects Marriages
Places: Bishops Stortford
Personal names: John Leonard Camp ; Jean Irene Warner
Title Former chapel built to last: Chantry Hall, Henham - converted chapel
Source:  Herts & Essex Observer page 44
Publication date: 2.1.1992
Subjects Chapels; Housing
Places Bishops Stortford

The Poor 1679 – 1909

Full name Date Place Index name Doc ref (Copy ref)
James Amey Apr 21 1781 from Henham , Essex to Bishops Stortford Removals D/P21/16/5
Thomas Carlston Aug 26 1700 from Henham, Essex to Little Hadham Settlements D/P43/5/1
James Monk Nov 07 1805 from Royston , Hertfordshire to Henham, Essex Removals D/P87/13/2
Love Perry Mar 24 1733 from Henham, Essex to Bishops Stortford Settlements D/P21/16/5
William Rittle Apr 20 1748 from Henham, Essex to Bishops Stortford Settlements D/P21/16/4
James Whenham Aug 06 1779 from South Mimms, Middlesex to St Albans Abbey Settlements D/P90/13/4/43
Martha Whenham 8 Oct 1751 Chipping Barnet Examinations D/P15/18/1
William Whenham Sep 20 1751 from Chipping Barnet to Stevenage Removals D/P15/18/2
William Whenham 20 Sep 1751 Chipping Barnet Examinations D/P15/13/1

London Metropolitan Archives - Diocese of London Consistory Court Wills index

City of London, Guildhall, PO Box 270, London EC2P 2EJ /diocese

Name (Occupation)



Microfilm Folio/Page

Bartaph, Kenelm (Yeoman) Oct 1634 Place of Origin: Henham, Essex X019/014 202r
Bright, Charles (Labourer, bachelor) Dec 1834 Address: Henham Place of Origin: Essex; Formerly of Eyre Street Hill, Liquorpond Street X019/036 395
Clarke, John (Yeoman) Nov 1604 Address: Ould Meade Place of Origin: Henham, Essex X019/013 308r
Fennynge, Josias (Clarke) Sep 1609 Place of Origin: Henham, Essex X019/013 267r
Lambe James (Clerk, Vicar) Jan 1562/63 Place of Origin: Henham, Essex X019/013 54v
Reynolds Thomas (Bachelor) Jun 1811 Address: Henham Place of Origin: Essex X020/354 314
Sams, Mary Ann Goodson (Widow) Mar 1813 Address: Henham Place of Origin: Essex X020/356 271
Woode, John (Yeoman Sep 1595 Address: Olde Meade Place of Origin: Henham, Essex X019/013 101r

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