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We are very grateful to Carol Eaton for her permission to copy and reproduce the following maps. They are part of the late Joyce Winmill's collection which she maintains. We are also particularly grateful to both Carol and Frances Roberts (joint authors of 'Memories of Henham') for funding the considerable photocopying costs (the majority exceeding A3 size).

Click on any image to view a larger version.

henham part 1 c
Henham undated part 1

henham undated part 2
Henham undated part 2

pre 1911 map
pre 1911 Henham map (no Thaxted Flyer railway line shown). Here is a pdf version

1853 henham map
1853 Henham village drawing (here is a pdf version )

1897 henham map
1897 (here is a pdf version)

post 1911
after 1911 as the Thaxted Flyer railway line is shown (here is a pdf version)

1923 henham map
1923 (here is a pdf version)

1956 henham map
1956 (here is a pdf version)

1960 henham north
1960 Henham north (here is a pdf version)

1960 henham part 1
1960 part 1 (here is a pdf version)

1960 henham village
1960 part 2 - Ordnance Survey Map of Henham and surrounding villages (part 1). Here is a pdf version.

1969 henham pt1
1969 Henham part 1 (here is a 1969 pdf version)

1969 henham pt2
1969 part 2

1977 henham conservation area

1977 Henham Conservation Area (pdf version 1977 henham conservation area)

winmill village map