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1594 Map
1594 Norden's Map

1700 Three Parishes map

1716 essex map
reproduction of Saxton's 1610 Map of Essex (from the estate of the late Gill Turner)

1777 Map
1777 Chapman and Andre Map

1785 Roadmap
1785 Paterson Map

1840 OS 2nd edition
1840 Ordnance Survey 2nd Edition

1877 Henham map
1877 Henham map

1881 burnt house map
1881 OS map - Sibleys to Springate Cottage

1893 OS
1883 map

1893 Maps
1893 map

henham estate map 1896
1896 Henham Estate map

1870 full
1897 Ordnance Survey

1870 henham west
1897 Henham west

1897 henham east
1897 Henham east

1898 map of Henham

1898 auction map
1898 auction map (lighter)

1898 henham auction map
1898 Henham auction map
William White's (born 24th Aug 1903) hand-drawn map of Henham
William White's (born 24th Aug 1903) hand-drawn map of Henham

1920 map pt 1
 1920 map pt 2

1920 map pt 3

1920 map pt 4

0s 301woodend green
1920 map pt 5

Ordnance Survey eastern side of Woodend Green

click here for a map of Henham 1881
Pledgdon map top

above: Pledgdon upper
below: Pledgon lower

Pledgdon Map

little henham
above: Little Henham

map 2995 acres

Henham Fields Map

This map is almost identical to that drawn by Miss Winmill (see The Field Names of Henham). Click HERE to see a larger 7Mb image but it will take a few moments to download

black and white henham fields map
village map

dated 3rd Dec. 77 by William White ?

village map c1971
village map c. 1971