In 2011 we were contacted by Caroline Gunn (nee Barr-Sim) who had spent the first 20 years of her life living at Henham House. She had found this website, recognised names such as Helen Pimblett, William Colby and kindly offered to return three of her family's paintings to our village. Fortunately she agreed that OSCA would be the most suitable place for the village to enjoy them. She had been a pupil, and was still a resident when OSCA was created. She recalled painting some of the railings round the playground. It is rare for an ex-pat to offer their nurturing childhood home something of historical value.

We are very grateful for this kind donation by Charles, Louise, Andrew and Caroline Barr-Sim who lived in Henham from 1962-1989

gunn 1
gunn 2
gunn 3
The following is a line drawing which was drawn in 1939

1939 Line Drawing
Henham windmill

henham windmill

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