forres cottage

We are very grateful to the owners of Forge Cottage for their generosity in allowing us to make over 70 images from numerous documents relating primarily to the history of the property and its occupants. Below are two tables, the first records the previous owners from 1901 to 1986. The second table is a series of pages, by calendar date, of important moments in the history of the house.

Forge Cottage when it was a forge
The property when it was a working forge

Conveyance 1986 To current owners
Conveyance 28 August 1923 Josiah Henry Matthews to Eleanor Kate Banister and Kathleen Bassett Banister
Conveyance 21 July 1915 Wright to Matthews
Conveyance 15 October 1908 Willett to Matthews
Conveyance 23 August 1901 Gardiner to Matthews

The documents can be accessed by selecting one of the dates below -

Intro 1860 17th February 1862 5th April 1869 14th October
1875 14th April 1878 29 September 1901 10th July 1901 31st July
1901 23rd August 1908 15th October 1915 21st July 1923 28th August
1928 1949 25th Sept 1950 17th Aug 1978 27th Sept
Henham's Greens Ditch Epitome  

forge plan

the position of Forres Cottage