Over the years we have received information from various families relating to their links to Henham and the surrounding parish.  Below are the pages which are contributions from others, if you want to contact the originator please email us and we will forward your email to them. A number of our contributors have been able to identify missing jigsaw pieces from this site, so if you are doing research and want to add your research please feel free to email us, word processor documents and jpeg files are easy to add to this site.  This is all done voluntary.  We will not advertise your email address on this site.

Benson police officer Bentley Brand Camp Costons and Snow
Dennis / Dennison Farrington Ingold Jennings / Tennings King Family
Little and Prior Mansfield Milbank / Millbank Moore Family  
Lydia Neville nee Snow Pennington Family Smith Family Snow Family Staines Stanes
Turner Family Wills Willett Family Willett Pictures Willis and Saggs  

The following are other sites which have Henham family connections

Bush Cowell Heard Mead Sage
Stallibrass Stone Yarrow    

Another site to identify families covering immediate surrounding villages

A number of people have created their own websites, the following are ones that I have identified which have Henham connections:

Deller Family


Useful Genealogy Websites which may assist yourselves in finding other details about your family.