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The Elsenham to Thaxted Light Railway also known as the "Gin and Toffee" line started at Elsenham travelled through Henham and Cutlers Green on route to Thaxted. These photographs relate to Elsenham Station.

Photographs of Elsenham Station after the closure of the Thaxted line.

1965 elsenham station

1965 Elsenham station northbound to Cambridge

1965 elsenham station north

1965 Elsenham station southbound to London

elsenham station 1927
Elsenham Station staff 1927

Elsenham Station
06 82
June 1982

1956 Station
Elsenham Station
These show the number of lines that were running through Elsenham. Nowadays it is two lines one northbound and one southbound.

Elsenham Signal Box
Elsenham Signal Box

Elsenham Lamp pre Electric Elsenham Lamp
Spotted at a house at Grosmont station in the Yorkshire Moors

crossing and signal box else station
crossing and signal box

Elsenham station
elsenham station
Elsenham Station looking westwards

elsneham waiting room
June 1951 Elsenham Signal Box

Elsenham Signal Box
Elsenham Signal Box around 1928
Steam Train 2Elsenham in the 1960s
Elsenham Station Elsenham Station

elsenham station aerial

thought to be 1985 - aerial photo of Elsenham Station crossing

1950s train

Elsenham station in the 1950s




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