Henham once had a thriving Dramatic Society. We are very grateful to Richard Thomas, once of Pennington View, Thaxted Road, for allowing us to copy and reproduce his copies of the following programmes. Richard has also given us photos of the Thaxted Road showing an undeveloped stretch between Pennington View and Pennington Hall (see Images 8)

1955 'The Farmer's Wife' and 'Christmas in the Market Place'
1956 'The Drunkard'; or, 'The Fallen Saved' and 'The Noble Spaniard'
1957 'The Playboy of the Western World' and 'Rookery Nook'
1958 'She Stoops to Conquer' and 'Pygmalion'
1959 'Under the Sycamore Tree'
1960 'The Importance of Being Earnest'
1961 'The French Mistress'
1964 "Gaslight'
'The Farmer's Wife" performed in 1955



farmers wife 3

unknown play

play 1
play 2
play 3
play 4
play 5
play 6
play 8
play 9
play 10
play 11
'The Noble Spaniard' performed in 1956

spain 1
spain 2
spain 3
spain 4
spain 5
'The Drunkard' performed in 1956

drunk 4
drunk 5
drunk 1
drunk 2
drunk 3
'The Playboy of the Western World' performed in 1957

play 1
play 2
play 3
play 4
"Rookery Nook" 1957
"Rookery Nook 1" "Rookery Nook 2" "Rookery Nook 3"
'Pygmalion' performed in 1958

pyg 1
pyg 2
'She Stoops to Conquer' performed in 1958

stoops 1
stoops 2
stoops 3

'The Importantance of Being Earnest' 1960

The cast of The Imporance of Being Earnest

'The French Mistress' performed 13th , 14th & 15th April 1961

tfm02 tfm03 tfm 01
tfm04 tfm05
Pat Birch & Richard Thomas Michael Turner, Michael Snow, Jennifer Ingrey, Richard Thomas, Ted Clarke, Gladys Parkin and Pat Birch
'Thieves Carnival' performed 25th, 26th & 27th January 1962
tc 01 tc 2
'The Fire Raisers' and 'the dock brief' performed 8th, 9th & 10th November 1962

tfr01 tfr02

The following is the programme from the 1969 production, which was in aid of the Malthouse Trust:

'Angliana' - A pageant based onthe History of East Anglia. Written and devised by Michael Snow.

The Cast
Ostarius Roman Commander Howard Eales  Roman Messenger John Robinson
Boadiciea Fiona Taylor Alfred the Great Vaughan Hartridge
Canute Roy Petts Edward the Confessor Mike Howes
King John Rick Waylett Duchess of Gloucester Gladys Parkin
Lady-in-Waiting Lily Suckling Lord of the Manor Ray Prentice
Lady of the Manor Jill Doe Mounted Knights John Robinson, Simon Willis
Henry VIII Michael Snow Anne Boleyn Jill Doe
Katherine Howard Jane Yarrow Robert Fitzwalter Earl of Sussex Charles Read
Cardinal Wolsey Ian Smith Jane Seymour Joyce Vaughan
Elizabeth I Angela Berrett Lady-in-Waiting Joyce Vaughan
Charles II Clive Mayo Katherine of Breganza Joyce Vaughan
Duchess of Buckingham Edna Vaughan Duchess of Richmond Eve Doe
Nell Gwynne Fiona Taylor Samuel Pepys Chris Bush
Dick Turpin Simon Willis Gainsborough Howard Eales
The Blue Boy Gavin Cotam Lord Nelson Tony Arnold
David Copperfield Mark Soames Little Emily Louise Soames
Queen Victoria Winifred Edwards    
Other Contributors
Caroline and Penny Barratt Jenny Bromhall Graham Brown Susan Chenery


The full programme (click image to get full size):

Front Program Cover
Title Page
Committee Members
Roman to 1666
Michael Snow
Front Page Title Page Committee Members Forward by Lady Mayer of Bacons Farm Romans to Samuel Pepys Dick Turpin to Queen Victoria
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1946 cinderella

1946 'Cinderella'
1964 gaslight

'Gaslight' Feb. 1964
fireraiser 1964 gaslight
1962 'The Fireraisers' Feb. 1964 'Gaslight'

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