More Photographs

Local amateur photographer Dave Cutts supplied us with a few photos to start us off. Worldwide popular appreciation and downloading, especially for 'Night Owl', has made Dave open some more wildlife photos, most taken beyond Henham's boundaries, and we hope you, particularly the children, will enjoy them. So this is now Dave's page, giving him free-rein so that we can sample some of his worldwide catalogue.

Firstly a launch message from Dave -

' I was pleased with the response to  my piece on birds after it was used in the 'Dragon' and on this site. To those who said reading it inspired them to feed birds, that is wonderful. I hope that seeing the birds in your garden gives you as much pleasure as Lesley and I have had.

To the two people who made the point that the 'Dragon' does not get published often enough to be useful as an alert for rare visiting birds. I have to agree and hope we benefit from your expertise on this page in future. We discussed Dartford warblers with a local RSPB rep. He said that Dartford warbler numbers have increased in Essex and was not surprised that we had seen them. I believe that with regular reports on all birds visiting gardens, this page could become an a useful resource.

It is a requirement  we receive permission from contributors before we credit them with their contributions on this page.  If you are reticent, a pen name  will suffice.

I realised that some of the gardens in Henham are large, but the report of an unusual visitor, a Snipe, came as a surprise. Who's going to top that ?'

Dave Cutts

badgers otters
badgers and otters in Dorset

A Grey Heron like the one in the photograph below has been seen flying over Henham. I am sure all of you with ornamental ponds will know the havoc they can create. The lady in Mill Road who has offered a photo opportunity to take newts that are in her pond I apologise for not being there sooner and I am  very grateful. No  one responsible for the Bird Page is a naturalist. If you have a sighting of a bird and you want a our best guess on a photograph or a description and we will produce an opinion. I know from the first Bird page we do have some keen bird watchers . The only way this page is going to work is with contribution from more of you.  You don't have to a agree with us in fact the opinions of you that don't are welcome and expert opinion on just what we are seeing would be welcome.
Can I say thank you to every one who has said they like the pictures again I am not the only one taking pictures of birds in Henham. Please consider letting us all see yours.

grey heron
Grey Heron Fishing
Now that summer is at last here, the fledglings and their parents are in the gardens looking for food, here are this week's pictures. Blackbirds, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch and Reed Bunting.
Blackbird Fledgling Blackbird Fledgling
Goldfinch /greenfinch fledgling
chiffchaff crane
cranes great spotted woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker
nuthatch siskin
Nuthatch Siskin
House Sparrows Pygmy Shrew
Sparrows Pygmy Shrew
Busker Stone Face
Desmond a busker in London A stone face
Gothic style