1901 Henham, Little Henham and Pledgdon Census

1901 Census - list of properties

This Census is the first that really gives us a chance to locate some of the properties since quite a few are named. It is also of greater relevance to today as some current senior and long-standing villagers will recall both those houses and many of the families (some will even be represented today).

The Census records the population as being 700 ( 357 males & 343 females). There were 166 inhabited homes, 11 uninhabited though normally occupied, 11 uninhabited and not in occupation, and two under construction.

Below is a list of those 166 properties in the order in which they were recorded and some basic details of the head occupants. However, it seems that the enumerator crossed the roads several times and that therefore the geographical sequence is misleading. The reasoning for this is unclear. Had he been to ‘The Cock’ first or did he occasionally record details out of sequence because of chance meetings as he made his way around the village? I have left a full print with the previous returns at ‘˜The Cock’. As this return was originally hand-written, these details are my interpretation and may contain spelling inaccuracies. I would be grateful for any corrections.





Shop in 1907

 St Mary’s about 5 yrs after the census  The Row c.1900  Mr Farrington outside the shopc.1907 - see entry 67 below


Henham Hall Cottages  
1. William Barlthrop, cowman 
2. indecipherable, shepherd 
3. indecipherable, gardener
4. indecipherable, army pensioner
5. Church End, William Warner, market carrier
property not in occupation
St Mary’s Church
1. Bird’s Farm, Mary Ann Snow, dressmaker 
2. Charles Wright, farmer’s son; Robert Wright, grocer’s assistant 
3. Church End, John Dickson, brass founder 
4. Church End, indecipherable,
5. Church End, James Smith, agricultural worker 
6. Church End, Walter Heard, wheelright 
7. Church End, John Tant, horsekeeper on farm 
8. Cock Inn, William Elliott, innkeeper
9. Parsonage Cottages, William Dennison, horsekeeper on farm
10. Parsonage Cottages, Esther Wright on parish relief
11. Parsonage Farm, William Duckworth, farmer 
12.   ? Villa, Josiah Matthews, assurance agent 
13. Henham House & Post Office, Martha Gardiner, grocer & baker
14. Church Street, Dan Hayden, blacksmith
15. Church Street, Mary Camp on parish relief
16. Church Street, William Squires? platelayer
17. Church Street, Stephen Squires, platelayer
18.  The Manse, George Turner, journeyman carpenter
Chapel School
1 Church Street, John Stead, agricultural labourer
2 Church Street, Kate Warder, school assistant, Board School
3 Church Street, Olive Gripsby? 
4 Church Street, James Dennison, platelayer
5 Church Street, George Warner, agricultural labourer
6 Mount House, Thomas Ward, veterinary surgeon 
occupied but uninhabited property
1 Church Street, George Law, horsekeeper on farm
Church Street, Sarah Bush on parish relief
Church Street, Frederick Powell? 
? Street, Alfred White, journeyman baker 
? Street, Thomas Suckling, journeyman carpenter 
Rose Cottage, Frank Wright, shoemaker 
Bacons farm, Robert Wright, farmer 
Crowe Street, Mrs Salmon on parish relief 
occupied but uninhabited property 
Crowe Street, Thomas Wright, shoemaker 
Crowe Street, James Neville, shepherd
3 Crowe Street, William Packwell, agricultural labourer 
4 Crowe Street, indecipherable 
5 Crowe Street, William Smith, postman
6 Carters Lane, Arthur Neville, shepherd
7 Carters Lane, Thomas Camp, horsekeeper on farm
8 Crowe Street, Alfred Mumford?, horsekeeper on farm
9 The Vicarage, Joseph Monk, clergyman
10 Crabbs Corner? William Turner, carpenter & builder 
property uninhabited & unoccupied
Board School
1 School House, Benjamin Hood, head schoolmaster, & his wife, Olive, school governess
Crowe Street - property occupied but uninhabited
1 The Row, Alfred ?, indecipherable 
2 The Row, Eliza Snow, & son Walter, horsekeeper on farm
3 The Row, Alfred Turner, nursery labourer
4 The Row, John Chapman, agricultural labourer
5 The Row, William Bentley ?, agricultural labourer
6 The Row, Fanny Brand , on parish relief 
7 The Row, William Chapman, agricultural labourer
8 The Row, Elizabeth Brand ?, on parish relief
9 The Row, Robert Bonfield ?, shopkeeper 
10 The Star, Edward Dixon, thatcher
11 The Star, Alfred Andrews, retired farmer ?
12 The Star, Caroline Snow, washerwoman
13 The Star, Arthur (indecipherable), agricultural labourer
14 The Star House, William Dixon, thatcher 
15 High Street, William Camp, agricultural labourer 
16 High Street, Arthur Snow, horsekeeper on farm
17 High Street, Lydia Dennison? , on parish relief 
property uninhabited & unoccupied
1 High Street, Benjamin Ward, retired farmer 
2 High Street, William Farrington?, grocer & shopkeeper 
3 Malting Yard, George Clark, agricultural labourer
property uninhabited & unoccupied 
  High Street - uninhabited but occupied property
1 High Street, William Neville, journeyman shoemaker
2 Ivy Cottages, Rachel ?, dressmaker
3 High Street, John Boynton,  agricultural labourer
4 The Bell Inn, George Hornsby, harnessmaker & publican
5 Chickney Road, Mary Ann Snow on parish relief
6 Chickney Road, Joseph Bush, platelayer 
property uninhabited but occupied
1 Chickney Road,  James W. Claydon,  agricultural labourer
2 Yarrow Hall, Peter Yarrow, farmer
3 Henley’s Farm, William Newman, farmer 
4 Chickney Road, Henry Goss, retired police officer 
5 Chickney Road, indecipherable, porter 
property uninhabited but occupied
1 Chickney Road, John Hayden, journeyman blacksmith
2 Chickney Road, Frederick King, platelayer 
3 Chickney Road, William Smith, agricultural labourer 
property uninhabited and  unoccupied  
1 Chickney Road, James Blake?, platelayer
2 The View, John Mitchell, retired millwright 
3 The View, Frederick Fuller, retired sergeant 
4 High Street, William White, agricultural labourer
5 High Street, John Dennison, agricultural labourer
6 Wood End Green, indecipherable, agricultural labourer
7 Wood End Green, John W. Snow, agricultural labourer
8 Wood End Green, Charles Willett, platelayer
9 Wood End Green, William ?, agricultural labourer 
10 Wood End Green, ? Bush, butcher 
11 Wood End Green, Walter ?, agricultural labourer 
12 Wood End Green, Charles Willett, agricultural labourer 
13 Wood End Green, Willet, agricultural labourer
14 Wood End Green, George Childs, gamekeeper
15 Green End Farm, Harry Greenwood ? , farmer 
16 Wood End Green, George Brand, agricultural labourer 
17 Wood End Green, John Dixon, shepherd & general labourer
1 Wood End Green, William ?, agricultural labourer 
2 Wood End Green, Charles Blackwell, agricultural labourer
3 Wood End Green, Alfred Boulby?, poultry dealer 
4 Wood End Green, John Blackwell, ? 
5 Wood End Green, Abraham Smith, (road labourer - info from href=”mailto:fatcatmartinsmith@blueyonder.co.uk”>
Martin Smith his great great grandson)
6 Wood End Green, Sophia Salmon, market gardener
7 Wood End Green, William Willett, agricultural labourer
8 Wood End Green, Charles ?, agricultural labourer 
9 Wood End Green, George Reed?, carpenter 
10 Chickney Road, George Bush, market gardener
11 Chickney Road, George Turner, carpenter & wheelwright
12 Chickney Road, Thomas Markwell, fishmonger 
13 Chickney Road, George Barker, horsekeeper on farm
14 Chickney Road, Elizabeth Smith, housekeeper 
15 Chickney Road, George, horsekeeper on farm
16 Chickney Road, Allan ?, shepherd on farm 
17 The Lodge Gate, Robert Marshall?, farm foreman
18 The Lodge Gate, Edward Powell, cattle stockman on farm
19 The Lodge Farm, John ?, farmer
20 ? Farm, Henry ?, horsekeeper on farm
property uninhabited but occupied   
? Farm - property uninhabited and unoccupied 
1 Little Henham Hall, Herbert ?, farmer
2 Little Henham, ? Fitch, shepherd on farm
  The Jock Farm - property uninhabited but occupied
1 The Jock Farm, Joseph Sandford, foreman on farm
2 Little Henham, Edward Wilson, agricultural  labourer
property uninhabited and unoccupied
1 Little Henham, John Camp, horsekeeper on farm
2 North Hall Signal Box, Frederick Smith, signalman
3 North Hall Signal Box, Charles Allan, signalman 
4 The Gatehouse, Herbert ?, platelayer
5 Old Mead Cottages, ? Brand, horsekeeper on farm
property uninhabited and unoccupied   
1 Old Mead Farm, William ?, farmer
2 Station Road, Alfred W. White, horsekeeper on farm
property uninhabited and unoccupied  
1 Station Road, Jonathan Smith, retired police officer
2 Coal Depot?, James ?, coal porter
3 Broom Farm, Allan Joyce, farmer
4 Stansted Road, Samuel Robinson?, joiner & carpenter
5 Stansted Road, Daniel Robinson, builder 
6 Ivy Cottage, William ?, grocer & shopkeeper 
Stansted Road property being built 
Stansted Road uninhabited but occupied property 
1 Stansted Road, John Robinson, shoemaker 
  Villa Royal uninhabited but occupied property
  Park Road uninhabited but occupied property 
1 Park Road, Harriet Wisby, living on own means
2 Park Road, Arthur ?, electrical engineer’s fitter
3 Park Road, Thomas ?, ?
4 Park House, Sarah Wright, living on own means
5 Park House, Martin Dean, station porter 
6 Park Road, John Whiting, police constable
7 Elsenham Post Office, John ?, sub postmaster
8 Stansted Road, ? Chapman, railway signalman
9 Cycle Shop, Edward ?, cycle agent 
10 The Crown, Thomas Mascall, innkeeper & coal dealer
11 The Crown, Kitty Robinson, grocer & shopkeeper 
property being built   
  Elsenham Road, Mary Ann ?, living on own means
  Pennington Hall, Beatrix Marshall, living on own means
  Pennington hall (house), Alfred Grypps?, gamekeeper
Sandpits - property not occupied  
1 Sandpits Farm, James Bolden ?, horsekeeper on farm
Sandpits - property not occupied  
1 Mill House, John Brown, farmer
2 Plegdon Hall, William Newport?, farmer 
3 Plegdon Hall Cottage, Arthur ?, foreman on farm
4 Plegdon Hall Cottage, William ?, cattle stockman on farm
5 Plegdon Green, Alfred Neville, shepherd
6 Plegdon Green, Thomas ?, journeyman carpenter 
7 Plegdon Green, William Foster, journeyman bricklayer
8 Plegdon Green, Charles Sage, bricklayer’s labourer
9 Plegdon Green, James Mumford, cattle stockman on farm
10 Plegdon Green, William Clarke, agricultural labourer 
11 Plegdon Green, Thomas Clarke, agricultural labourer
12 Plegdon Green, James Reynolds, agricultural labourer 
13 Plegdon Green, Samuel Clarke, agricultural labourer
14 Plegdon Green, John Bush, horsekeeper on farm 


surname forename role birth birthplace
ANDREWS Emma Servant 1860 Gt Canfield
BAKER Ann E.   1868 Stansted
BALAAM Ellen Wife 1845 Elsenham
BALAAM Ellen Daughter 1863 Elsenham
BALAAM Harriet Daughter 1875 Henham
BALAAM Lila Head 1842 Cambs Linton
BALAAM Lila Son 1872 Surrey Clapham
BALAAM Mary Daughter 1866 Surrey Newington
BALAAM Walter Son 1879 Henham
BARKER Alfred Head 1849 Henham
BARKER Ann Wife 1843 Farnham
BARKER Charles A. Son 1876 Henham
BARKER Emma   1846 Henham
BARKER Frederick S. Son 1877 Henham
BARKER Geo. Head 1845 Henham
BARKER George Son 1871 Henham
BARKER Geo. (Snr) Head 1822 Henham
BARKER Hetty Wife 1856 Henham
BARKER Jessie Daughter 1873 Henham
BARKER Mary Ann Daughter 1869 Henham
BARKER Ruth Head 1808 Henham
BARKER Sarah Wife 1825 Henham
BARKER Sellie Daughter 1880 Henham
BARKER Thirza Daughter 1879 Henham
BARKER William Son 1876 Henham
BARLTROP Albert Son 1875 Widdington
BARLTROP Alfred   1865 Widdington
BARLTROP Charles Son 1878 Widdington
BARLTROP Edward Son 1880 Widdington
BARLTROP Emma Servant 1838 Elsenham
BARLTROP George Head 1850 Widdington
BARLTROP Hester 1810   Widdington
BARLTROP Mary A. Wife 1852 Widdington
BARLTROP Walter Son 1877 Widdington
BARLTROP William G. Son 1873 Widdington
BELL Annie Elizabeth Daughter 1869 Epping
BELL George Abram Son 1878 Henham
BELL Mary Ann Wife 1840 Kent Edenbridge
BELL Thomas Head 1843 Essex Bowers
BELL Thomas Son 1871 Ongar
BELL William Bartram Son 1875 Henham
BELLMAN A.H. Head 1816 Hedingham, Suffolk
BENTLEY Alfred Son 1872 Henham
BENTLEY Alfred Head 1841 Debden
BENTLEY Ann Wife 1845 Henham
BENTLEY Arthur Head 1846 Debden
BENTLEY Elizabeth Daughter 1869 Henham
BENTLEY Frank Son 1881 Henham
BENTLEY Frederick Son 1871 Henham
BENTLEY Herbert Son 1876 Henham,
BENTLEY Margaret Daughter 1869 Henham
BENTLEY Martha Daughter 1878 Henham
BENTLEY Martha Wife 1846 Henham
BENTLEY Susan Daughter 1866 Henham
BENTLEY William Son 1873 Henham
BLACKWELL Adam Head 1824 Henham
BLACKWELL Alfred G. Son 1880 Henham
BLACKWELL Charles Head 1858 Henham
BLACKWELL Charlotte A. Daughter 1880 Henham
BLACKWELL Edith Daughter 1876 Saffron Walden
BLACKWELL Elizabeth Wife 1853 Henham
BLACKWELL Emily E. Daughter 1881 Debden
BLACKWELL Emma Wife 1833 Henham
BLACKWELL Frederic Son 1870 Henham
BLACKWELL George Son 1875 Henham
BLACKWELL Hartar Daughter 1862 Henham
BLACKWELL John Head 1857 Henham
BLACKWELL Martha Wife 1859 Debden
BLACKWELL Susan Wife 1853 Debden
BLACKWELL Thomas W. Son 1878 Henham
BLACKWELL William Head 1855 Henham
BLAKE Ada Daughter 1880 Henham
BLAKE Eleanor Daughter 1876 Henham
BLAKE Ethel Daughter 1877 Henham
BLAKE Fanny Wife 1849 Henham
BLAKE James Head 1837 Birchanger
BRAND Alfred Son 1878 Henham
BRAND Ann Wife 1842 Belfast Barracks
BRAND Arthur Son 1876 Henham
BRAND Annie Daughter 1880 Henham
BRAND Charles Son 1876 Henham
BRAND Charles Head 1830 Henham
BRAND Charlotte Wife 1822 Henham
BRAND Clara Daughter 1879 Henham
BRAND Elizabeth Wife 1852 Broxted
BRAND Eliz. Daughter 1872 Broxted
BRAND Elizabeth Wife 1828 Gt Chesterford
BRAND Fanny Wife 1818 Essex
BRAND Fanny Daughter 1863 Essex
BRAND George Head 1851 Henham
BRAND George Son 1876 Hants, Parkhurst
BRAND James Head 1831 Henham
BRAND John Head 1817 Henham
BRAND John Son 1874 EaInIndone
BRAND Mary Ann Wife 1849 Essex
BRAND Mary Granddaughter 1874 Essex
BRAND Mary E. Daughter 1868 EaInDeesa
BRAND Peter Head 1848 Henham
BRAND Sophia Wife 1811 Henham
BRAND Sophia Daughter 1880 Henham
BRAND William H. Son 1870 EaInDeesa
BRAND William Head 1818 Henham
BRAND William Son 1877 Henham
BRAND William Head 1811 Henham
BRIGHT James B. Son 1878 Boxted
BRIGHT Katherine Wife / Head 1854 BucksEton
BRIGHT Martin J. Son 1876 Boxted
BROOKS Ann Mother 1821 Henham
BROOKS Charles Head    
BROOKS Frederick Son 1864 Henham
BROOKS James Head 1817 Henham
BROOKS Peter Son 1862 Henham
BROOKS Sarah Wife 1827 Elsenham
BROOKS Walter Son 1867  
BULLOCK Alice E. Daughter 1871 Elsenham
BULLOCK Arthur W. Son 1869 Elsenham
BULLOCK Emily F. Daughter 1873 Elsenham
BULLOCK Kate F. Daughter 1877 Elsenham
BULLOCK Sarah Head 1831 Norfolk,Washam
BUSH Ada Daughter 1880 Henham
BUSH Charlotte Head 1831 Rickling
BUSH Elizabeth F. Granddaughter 1877 Henham
BUSH Emily Elizabeth Daughter 1876 Henham
BUSH Emma Visitor 1862 Henham
BUSH Emma Wife 1850 Chickney
BUSH Florence Daughter 1875 Henham
BUSH George Son 1872 Henham
BUSH George Head 1832 Henham
BUSH Hannah Daughter 1869 Henham
BUSH Jane Daughter 1869 Henham
BUSH Jessie Daughter 1869 Henham
BUSH Jim Son 1861 Henham
BUSH John Head 1820 Chickney
BUSH John Son 1867 Henham
BUSH Joseph Head 1857 Henham
BUSH Laura Emily Daughter 1865 Henham
BUSH Mabel J. Daughter 1877 Henham
BUSH Mary Wife 1855 Henham
BUSH Mary Ann Daughter 1864 Henham
BUSH Richard Son 1872 Henham
BUSH Rose Ellen Servant 1863 Gt Bardfield
BUSH Sarah Wife 1817 Henham
BUSH Timothy Head 1845 Henham
BUSH William Son 1863 Henham
BUSH William J. Son 1872 Chickney
CAMP Abel W. Son 1875 Henham
CAMP Agnes Daughter 1879 Debden
CAMP Amelia Mother 1813 Debden
CAMP Blanche Daughter 1874 Henham
CAMP Charles H. Son 1877 Henham
CAMP Charlotte Wife 1848 Henham
CAMP Daniel Head 1845 Chickney
CAMP Emily Servant 1863 Henham
CAMP Emma E. Daughter 1879 Henham
CAMP Jane Wife 1853 Henham
CAMP Jessie P. Son 1874 Chickney
CAMP Kate E. Daughter 1875 Chickney
CAMP Margaret Servant 1853 Chickney
CAMP R. Ephm. G. Son 1877 Chickney
CAMP Rose A. Daughter 1879 Chickney
CAMP Sydney A. Son 1880 Chickney
CAMP William Head 1849 Chickney
CANNING Elizabeth J. Sister 1819 Henham
CANNING Susan Sister 1808 Henham
CANNING William Head 1807 Henham
CARTWRIGHT Jabez Head 1856 Sutton St James Lincs
CARTWRIGHT Mary A. Wife 1856 Saffron Walden
CARTWRIGHT Stanley B. Son 1880 Henham
CHAMBERLAIN Lois Granddaughter 1879 Wicken
CHAMBERLAIN Marshal T. Nephew 1853 Little Parndon
CHAMBERLAIN Ruth Daughter 1852 Suff Higham
CHAPMAN Arthur Spruson Son 1872 Henham
CHAPMAN Eleanor Daughter 1876 Henham
CHAPMAN Elizabeth Wife 1849 Henham
CHAPMAN Ellen Daughter 1868 Henham
CHAPMAN Frederick Son 1873 Henham
CHAPMAN George Son 1870 Henham
CHAPMAN Harriet Daughter 1874 Henham
CHAPMAN Herbert Son 1880 Henham
CHAPMAN John Head 1836 Henham
CHAPMAN Jane Daughter 1880 Henham
CHAPMAN Laura Daughter 1877 Henham
CHAPMAN Susan Wife 1839 Henham
CHAPMAN William Son 1865 Henham
CHAPMAN William Head 1842 Elsenham
CHILDS Jane Mother in Law 1829 Henham
CHIPPERFIELD Amey Wife 1811 Rickling
CHIPPERFIELD Henry Head 1809 Rickling
CLARK Alfred Son 1870 Henham
CLARKE Alice Wife 1847 Henham
CLARKE Ann Wife 1846 Henham
CLARKE Anne Daughter 1878 Henham
CLARKE Arthur Son 1872 Henham
CLARK Arthur Son in Law 1858 Debden
CLARK Charles Head 1842 Henham
CLARKE Charlotte Wife 1814 Henham
CLARKE Clara Daughter 1880 Henham
CLARK Clarke Son 1878 Henham
CLARKE Edith Daughter 1877 Henham
CLARKE Edward Head 1814 Henham
CLARK Eli Son 1868 Henham
CLARKE Eliza A. Daughter 1875 Henham
CLARKE Ellen Wife 1851 Henham
CLARKE Elizabeth J. Daughter 1867 Henham
CLARKE Emily Daughter 1867 Henham
CLARK Emma Daughter 1857 Henham
CLARK Emma Daughter 1872 Henham
CLARK Enough   1818 Henham
CLARKE George Son 1849 Henham
CLARKE George Head 1845 Henham
CLARK George Son 1876 Henham
CLARKE Hester Daughter 1871 Broxted
CLARK Horace Daughter 1880 Henham
CLARK James Head 1827 Henham
CLARKE James Son 1869 Henham
CLARKE James Son 1872 Henham
CLARK Jessie Daughter 1873 Henham
CLARKE John Son 1870 Henham
CLARKE Kate Daughter 1874 Henham
CLARKE Malinder Daughter 1880 Henham
CLARKE Mary Wife 1846 Gt Dunmow
CLARKE Rausian Daughter 1877 Henham
CLARKE Robert W Son 1880 Henham
CLARKE Samuel Head 1849 Henham
CLARK Sarah Head 1808 Widdington
CLARKE Thomas Head 1845 Broxted
CLARKE Walter Son 1876 Henham
CLARK Walter Son 1875 Henham
CLARKE William Son 1865 Henham
CLARK William Son 1870 Henham
CLAYDEN David Uncle 1844 Elsenham
CLAYDEN Hannah Wife 1818 Debden
CLAYDEN James Grandson 1867 Henham
CLAYDEN Susan Lodger 1811 Broxted
CLAYDEN Thomas Head 1818 Henham
CLEMENTS Sarah Head 1829 Chesterford Camb
CLEMENTS Eliza Daughter 1863 Henham
CLEMENTS Ellen Daughter 1868 Henham
COCKLE Joseph Head 1850 Hodenham
COCKLE Mary A. Wife 1852 Cambs, Soham
COCKLE Sarah Daughter 1878 Camb, Long Layton
COCKLE Herbert Son 1880 Henham
COLLIN George Franklin Head 1826 Essex Roydon
COLLIN Annie Rosalie Daughter 1853 Henham
COLLIN Jessie Elizabeth Daughter 1857 Henham
COLLIN Constance Edith Daughter 1864 Henham
COSTIN Mary Wife 1819 Gt Boxted
COSTIN William Head 1824 Henham
COSTON Joseph Head 1828 Henham
COSTON Mary Wife 1835 Henham
COTHERELL Jane Walter Sister in Law 1851 Mile End
COTTERELL Charles Nephew 1877 Hendon
CRACKNEL George Brother 1813 Henham
CRACKNELL Hetty Head 1813 Henham
CRACKNELL Charles Son 1842 Henham
CRACKNELL Mary A. Daughter 1852 Henham

surname forename role birth birthplace
DENNIS Henry Grandfather/ Head 1813 Widdington
DENNISON Abram Head 1833 Henham
DENNISON Abram Son 1856 Henham
DENNISON Alfred Son 1872 Henham
DENNISON Clara Servant 1867 Henham
DENNISON Charles Son 1870 Henham
DENNISON Eliza Jane Daughter 1874 Henham
DENNISON Esther Wife 1833 Henham
DENNISON Frederick Son 1873 Elsenham
DENNISON Frederick Son 1876 Henham
DENNISON George Son 1877 Elsenham
DENNISON George Son 1864 Henham
DENNISON Hannah Wife 1838 Henham
DENNISON John Son 1880 Henham
DENNISON James Son 1862 Henham
DENNISON James Head 1829 Henham
DENNISON James Head 1846 NorfolkWells
DENNISON Kitty Wife 1830 Henham
DENNISON Lydia Daughter 1879 Henham
DENNISON Lydia Wife 1830 Stansted
DENNISON Mary A. J. Daughter 1875 Henham
DENNISON Peter Head 1837 Henham
DENNISON Sarah Wife 1843 Henham
DENNISON Sarah A. Daughter 1877 Henham
DENNISON Sophia Wife 1851 Elsenham
DENNISON Sophia Daughter 1880 Elsenham
DENNISON Thomas Head 1825 Henham
DENNISON William Head 1808 Debden
DENNISON Willk. Head 1829 Henham
DENNISON William Head 1808 Debden
DENNISON William Son 1872 Elsenham
DEVILLE James Head 1814 Henham
DEVILLE Abraham Head 1825 Henham
DEVILLE James (Jnr Head 1854 Henham
DEVILLE Mary Ann Wife 1857 Oakley
DIXON Elizabeth Wife 1828 Henham
DIXON John Head 1828 Widdington
DIXON John R. Father in Law / Head 1829 Stepney
DIXON Levi Head 1836 Henham
DIXON Esther Wife 1841 Broxted
DIXON Martha Wife 1858 Henham
DIXON William Head 1859 Henham
DIXON Allan Son 1860 Broxted
DIXON Edward Lodger 1861 Henham
DIXON Jane Daughter 1862 Broxted
DIXON Frederick Son 1864 Broxted
DIXON (DICKSON) Thomas W. Wife’s Brother 1865 Stepney
DIXON Levi Son 1866 Broxted
DIXON Eliza Daughter 1868 Henham
DIXON Clara Daughter 1869 Broxted
DIXON John Son 1872 Broxted
DIXON Edith Daughter 1875 Broxted
DIXON Edward Son 1879 Broxted
DIXON Kate Amelia Daughter 1881 Henham
DORRINGTON Mary A. Head 1805 Gt Hadham
DUKE Marrianne Wife 1852 Gt Chesterfield
DUKE Walter Head 1856 Littlebury
EVERITT George Head 1832 Thaxted
EVERITT Laura M. Wife 1849 Stowmarket
EVERITT Emma E.G. Daughter 1875 Henham

surname forename role birth birthplace
FITZJOHN Joseph S. Boarder 1858 Camb March
FOUKE John Frederick Pupil 1856 Staf
FRANKLIN Charles Head 1855 Elsenham
FRANKLIN Elizabeth A. Wife 1859 Chickney
FRANKLIN George Son 1880 Henham
FROST Charlotte Mother in Law 1800 Henham
FROST John Head 1806 Henham
FROST William Head 1814 Henham
FROST Lydia Wife 1815 Ashdon
FROST Mary A. Wife 1841 Henham
FROST Thomas Head 1844 Henham
GARDINER Hester Widow 1804 Henham
GARDENER Henry Head 1840 Henham
GARDENER Martha Wife 1840 Henham
GARDENER Edith Daughter 1871 Henham
GARDENER Kate Daughter 1875 Henham
GARDENER Clifford Henry Son 1878 Henham
GRYSBY David Head 1814 Maidstone
HALL Fanny Servant 1837 Hadham
HAWKES Charles Head 1831 Saffron Walden
HAWKES Francis Wife 1840 Stansted
HAYDEN John Lodger 1812 Takeley
HAYDEN John Head 1812 Henham
HAYDEN Dan Head 1836 Henham
HAYDEN Agnes Ann Wife 1844 Shoreditch
HAYDON Ruth GDaughter 1867 Woolwich
HAYDEN Jessie Niece 1869 Shoreditch
HAYDON Agnes M.   1871 Henham
HAYDEN John Edward Son 1874 Henham
HAYDEN William Son 1877 Henham
HAYDEN Dan Son 1878 Henham
HAYDEN Rosetta Daughter 1880 Henham
HEARD Archibald W. Son 1874 Henham
HEARD Emily Bertha Daughter 1879 Henham
HEARD Emily Wife 1851 Chickney
HEARD Frank A. Son 1878 Henham
HEARD Martha E.A. Daughter 1871 Chickney
HEARD Thomas A. Son 1876 Henham
HEARD Walter Head 1847 Henham
HERBERTS Clara Servant 1865 Debden
HERRINGTON Beatrice GChl 1877 Henham
HOCKLEY James Head 1843 Debden
HOCKLEY Mary Wife 1844 Hembish
HOCKLEY James Son 1867 Newport
HOCKLEY John Son 1870 Newport
HOCKLEY Emma R. Daughter 1872 Newport
HOCKLEY Alice J. Daughter 1874 Newport
HOCKLEY George Son 1878 Newport
HOCKLEY Elizabeth Daughter 1880 Henham
HODSON Emily   1855  
HOLGATE Mary   1822 Widdington
HOLMES Maria   1854 Saffron Walden
HOPWOOD John Head 1844 CambIckleton
HOPWOOD Harriet Wife 1846 Arkesdon
HOPWOOD Maud M. Daughter 1873 Henham
HOPWOOD Herbert Son 1874 Henham
HOPWOOD Cecilia Daughter 1878 Henham
HOUGHTON Joseph Head 1811 Debden
HOUGHTON Mary Wife 1821 Hadham

surname forename role birth birthplace
JOHNSON William Head 1837 Debden
JOHNSON Selina Wife 1840 Debden
JOHNSON Jemmina Daughter 1861 Henham
JOHNSON Rosetta Daughter 1866 Henham
JOHNSON Fred Son 1869 Henham
JOHNSON Agnes Daughter 1870 Henham
JOHNSON Edith Daughter 1872 Henham
JOHNSON Walter Son 1873 Henham
JOHNSON Florence Daughter 1875 Henham
JOHNSON Annie Daughter 1877 Henham
JONES Emily Visitor 1830 Henham
KING Julia Widow 1820 Henham
KING Frederick Head 1856 Henham
KING Harriet Wife 1856 Henham
KING Eliza Servant 1865 Essex
KING Charles Son 1880 Henham
KNIGHT John Head 1815 Henham
KNIGHT Elizabeth Wife 1822 Henham
KNIGHT George Head 1823 Norton Manvil
KNIGHT Susanna Wife 1825 Writtle
KNIGHT Thomas Son 1864 Writtle
KNIGHT Eliza Daughter 1866 Writtle
KNIGHT Peter Son 1869 Writtle
LAW Sarah Head Widow 1792 Henham
LAW James Head 1821 Clavering
LAW Ann Wife 1827 Clavering
LAW George Son 1856 Clavering
LINSELL Elizabeth Wife 1851 Debden
LINSELL Charles Head 1852 Debden
LINSELL Joshua Son 1876 Debden
LINSELL George Son 1878 Rickling
LINSELL William Son 1880 Rickling
LITTLE Bet Mother in Law 1806 Henham

surname forename role birth birthplace
MARKWELL William Head 1813 Manuden
MARKWELL Elizabeth Wife 1818 Widdington
MARKWELL Thomas Head 1831 Manuden
MARKWELL Thomas Head 1842 Henham
MARKWELL Charles Head 1847 Henham
MARKWELL Charlotte Wife 1854 Henham
MARKWELL Florence Daughter 1875 Henham
MARKWELL John W. Son 1877 Henham
MARKWELL Alfred Son 1878 Henham
MARKWELL Rosetta Daughter 1880 Henham
MARRIT William J. Boarder 1864 Chesterford
MARSCALL Alice M. Wife 1844 Aldgate
MARSCALL Thomas C. Head 1846 Saling
MARSCALL Nora Daughter 1873 Thaxted
MARSCALL, Nellie Daughter 1874 Thaxted
MARSALL (MARSCALL) Alice F. Mary Daughter 1877 Henham
MARSALL (MARSCALL) Florence Daughter 1880 Henham
MARSALL (MARSCALL) Rose A. Daughter 1876 Henham
MARSHALL Charles Head 1828 Henham
MARSHALL Mabel M. Daughter 1876 Henham
MATHEWS Joseph Boarder 1851  
MEAD Rebecca Head 1811 Oakley
MEAD Sarah Mother 1812 Quendon
MEAD Mary Head 1815 Henham
MEAD Emma Daughter 1842 Henham
MEAD Henry Son 1857 Henham
MEAD James W. Grandson 1870 Newcross Deptford
MILLS Elizabeth Wife 1831 Standon
MILLS Henry Head 1831 Henham
MOORE George Head 1816 Hempstead
MOORE Mary Wife 1820 Higham
MOORE Susanna Daughter 1859 St Bumpstead
MUMFORD Emma Wife 1828 Henham
MUMFORD James Head 1828 Stansted
MUMFORD Sarah Niece 1839 Brighton
MUMFORD Annie Daughter 1861 Stansted
MUMFORD Charles Son 1864 Stansted
MUMFORD Alfred Son 1866 Stansted
MUMFORD Clara Daughter 1868 Stansted
MUMFORD Pricilla Daughter 1871 Stansted
NEGUS Peter Head 1832 Clavering
NEGUS Emma Wife 1837 Henham
NEVILLE William Head 1811 Henham
NEVILLE Emma Wife 1812 Henham
NEVILLE James Head 1819 Henham
NEVILLE Emma Wife 1821 Henham
NEVILLE Charles Head 1823 Henham
NEVILLE Rosetta Wife 1828 Henham
NEVILLE James Head 1848 Henham
NEVILLE Emma Wife 1851 Henham
NEVILLE Henry Head 1853 Henham
NEVILLE Sarah Ann Wife 1854 Henham
NEVILLE Alfred Son 1863 Henham
NEVILLE Martha Daughter 1864 Henham
NEVILLE William Son 1866 Henham
NEVILLE Walter Son 1868 Henham
NEVILLE Frederick William Son 1871 Henham
NEVILLE Beatrice Mary Daughter 1873 Henham
NEVILLE Jessie Elth. Daughter 1873 Henham
NEVILLE Florence Daughter 1874 Henham
NEVILLE Martha Daughter 1877 Henham
NEVILLE Archer Edward Son 1879 Stanstead
NEVILLE Charles Son 1879 Henham
NEVILLE Alfred Son 1881 Henham
NEWMAN Hannah Wife 1821 Stratford
NEWMAN John Head 1823 Margaretting
NEWMAN Emily Francis Daughter 1850 Oakley
NEWMAN Alice Maria Daughter 1860 Henham
NEWMAN Clara Elizabeth Daughter 1863 Henham
NEWMAN Charles Henry Grandson 1872 Widdington
NEWPORT Thomas Head 1818 Suffolk Geddings
NEWPORT Louisa L. Daughter 1863 Henham
NORRIS Emily Daughter 1865 Wimbish
ORGER George Head 1829 Henham
ORGER Mary A. Sister 1836 Henham
ORGER James Brother 1839 Henham


birth birthplace
PALMER James Head 1806 Oakley
PALMER George Head 1846 Elsenham
PALMER Hester Wife 1850 Henham
PALMER William Son 1856 Henham
PALMER Gray Brother 1861 Saffron Walden
PALMER George Son 1868 Henham
PALMER James Son 1871 Henham
PALMER Alfred Son 1873 Henham
PALMER William Son 1875 Henham
PALMER Annie Daughter 1877 Henham
PALMER Charles Son 1879 Henham
PALMER Daniel Son 1880 Henham
PETCHEY Sarah Wife 1841 Little Hadham
PETCHEY William Scott Head 1841 Lt. Hadham
PETCHEY Alfred Son 1870 Little Hadham
PERRY Arthur Head 1845 Henham
PERRY Emma Wife 1852 Henham
PERRY William Son 1874 Henham
PERRY Agnes Daughter 1877 Henham
PERRY Charles Son 1880 Henham
PERRY Frederick Son 1880 Broxted
PHEPPS Sarah Daughter 1833 Clavering
POWELL Sarah Daughter 1841 Henham
POWELL Edward Grandson 1866 Boxmoor
POWELL Emily A. GDaughter 1867 Boxmoor
PUNNEL Mary Daughter 1860 Henham
RAWLINGS (RALLINGS) Rebecca Wife 1851 Elsenham
RALLINGS George Head 1856 Takeley
RAWLINGS (RALLINGS) Walter Son 1879 Henham
RAWLINGS (RALLINGS) Agnes Daughter 1880 Henham
REED Peter Head 1821 Henham
REED Rebecca Wife 1821 Henham
REYNOLDS James Head 1839 Broxted
REYNOLDS Hester Wife 1841 Broxted
REYNOLDS Sarah Daughter 1863 Henham
REYNOLDS John Son 1865 Henham
REYNOLDS Frederick Son 1868 Henham
REYNOLDS George Son 1870 Henham
REYNOLDS Eliza Daughter 1872 Henham
REYNOLDS Annie Daughter 1874 Henham
RICE William Head 1808 Widdington
RICE Samuel Brother in Law 1838 Henham
RICE Ann Head 1848 Elsenham
RICE Agnes Daughter 1872 Henham
RICE Edith Daughter 1874 Henham
RICE Rose Daughter 1878 Henham
RICKET John Head 1809 Henham
RICKET Sarah Wife 1811 Widdington
RICKET Ann Sister 1821 Woodford
RICKETT Ann Sister 1821 Henham
RICKETT James Head 1823 Henham
ROBINSON Daniel Head 1833 Henham
ROBINSON Kitty Head 1836 Elsenham
ROBINSON Ann Wife 1838 Terringdon
ROBINSON Arthur Visitor 1857 Elsenham
ROBINSON William Son 1860 London Petherell
ROBINSON Daniel Son 1862 London Petherell
ROBINSON Ellen Daughter 1868 London Petherell
ROBINSON Charles Son 1870 Elsenham
ROBINSON Samuel Son 1873 Elsenham
ROBINSON Ann Daughter 1880 Henham
RUSE Robert   1859 Radwinter

surname forename role birth birthplace
SAGE Sarah Wife 1813 Abingdon
SAGE Betsy Mother 1814 Radwinter
SAGE James Head 1817 Henham
SAGE Sarah Wife 1831 Henham
SAGE William Head 1831 Henham
SAGE Charles Head 1849 Henham
SAGE Arthur Head 1851 Henham
SAGE Lucy Wife 1851 Henham
SAGE Thomas Head 1859 Henham
SAGE Clara Wife 1860 Henham
SAGE William T. Son 1867 Henham
SAGE George D. Son 1871 Henham
SAGE Jessie Daughter 1872 Henham
SAGE David Son 1873 Henham
SAGE Annie Daughter 1874 Henham
SAGE Edith E. Daughter 1875 Henham
SAGE Annie E. Daughter 1877 Henham
SAGE Phebey Daughter 1877 Henham
SAGE Alfred C. Son 1879 Henham
SAGE Emma Daughter 1879 Henham
SAGE Beatrice M. Daughter 1880 Henham
SALMON Elizabeth Visitor 1814 Broxted
SALMON Robert Head 1851 Takeley
SALMON Sophia Wife 1851 Henham
SALMON Robert Grandson 1871 Henham
SALMON Arthur Son 1874 Henham
SALMON Walter Son 1876 Henham
SALMON John Son 1877 Henham
SALMON Elizabeth E. Daughter 1879 Henham
SALMON Rose Daughter 1880 Henham
SANDFORD Henry Head 1831 Elsenham
SANDFORD Lydia Wife 1844 Takeley
SAPSFORD George Head 1845 Stansted
SCOTT John Wier Servant 1858 Margate
SEARLE Lydia   1841 Widdington
SEARLE Emily   1865 Widdington
SHED John Head 1842 Henham
SHED Emma Wife 1843 Henham
SMITH Sophia Wife 1819 Debden
SMITH Abram Head 1820 Chickney
SMITH Abraham Head 1835 Oakley
SMITH Elizabeth Wife 1835 Chigwell Row
SMITH James Head 1836 Henham
SMITH William Head 1837 Dunmow
SMITH Eliza Wife 1839 Debden
SMITH Ruth Wife 1840 Debden
SMITH Ann Wife 1842 Henham
SMITH Arthur Head 1843 Henham
SMITH Clara Daughter 1859 Henham
SMITH Rosetta Daughter 1859 Henham
SMITH Annie Lodger 1860 London
SMITH Charles Son 1860 Henham
SMITH Sydney Son 1861 Henham
SMITH Frederick Son 1862 Henham
SMITH George Son 1862 Henham
SMITH Ellen Daughter 1863 Henham
SMITH Jasper Son 1864 Henham
SMITH Clara Florence Daughter 1867 Henham
SMITH Melinda   1867 Henham
SMITH Emily Daughter 1869 Henham
SMITH Frederick Son 1872 Henham
SMITH Alice Daughter 1873 Henham
SMITH Florence Daughter 1874 Henham
SMITH Mary Ann Daughter 1875 Henham
SMITH Edith Daughter 1876 Henham
SMITH Mahalia Daughter 1876 Henham
SMITH Elizabeth Daughter 1879 Henham
SMITH George Son 1880 Henham
SNOW Henry Head 1808 Henham
SNOW Sarah Wife 1815 Henham
SNOW Mary A. Head 1819 Henham
SNOW Charles Head 1821 Henham
SNOW Richard Head 1821 Henham
SNOW William Head 1823 Henham
SNOW Eliza Wife 1824 Wendon
SNOW Elizabeth Wife 1824 Henham
SNOW James Head 1826 Henham
SNOW Eliza Wife 1827 Oakley
SNOW Ann Wife 1832 Broxted
SNOW Samuel Head 1844 Henham
SNOW Mary Head 1845 Henham
SNOW Catherine Wife 1847 Chatham
SNOW Emily   1850 Henham
SNOW John   1850 Henham
SNOW William Son 1852 Henham
SNOW Alfred Son 1853 Henham
SNOW Caroline Daughter 1853 Henham
SNOW Nathan   1853 Henham
SNOW Frederick Head 1854 Henham
SNOW George Son 1856 Broxted
SNOW Eliza Wife 1857 Henham
SNOW George Son 1858 Henham
SNOW Ann Daughter 1861 Henham
SNOW Arthur Son 1864 Henham
SNOW Ann Daughter 1865 Henham
SNOW Walter Son 1866 Henham
SNOW William Son 1866 Henham
SNOW Arthur Son 1867 Henham
SNOW Emily Daughter 1867 Henham
SNOW Charles Son 1868 Henham
SNOW Jessie Daughter 1870 Henham
SNOW Alice Daughter 1873 Henham
SNOW Emily Daughter 1875 Henham
SNOW William C. Son 1876 Henham
SNOW Samuel Son 1877 Henham
SNOW Frederick G. Son 1878 Henham
SNOW James P. Son 1878 Henham
SNOW Edith Alice Daughter 1879 Henham
SNOW Barte H. Grandson 1880 Henham
SNOW Kate Daughter 1880 Henham
SNOW Elizabeth.Ann Daughter 1880 Henham
SNOW Nelson A. Son 1880 Henham
SPELLER Charles Head 1851 Elsenham
SPELLER Mary Wife 1852 Henham
SPELLER Eliza Servant 1860 Broxted
SPELLER Florence M. Daughter 1873 Henham
SPELLER Jane E. Daughter 1875 Henham
SPELLER William. J. Son 1877 Henham
SPELLER Sarah A. Daughter 1879 Henham
SPRUSEN James Head 1808 Henham
SPRUSEN John Head 1820 Henham
SPRUSEN Harriet Wife 1823 Thaxted
SPRUSEN Mary Ann Daughter 1855 Henham
SPRUSEN John Son 1864 Henham
SQUIRES Stephen Head 1848 Oakley
SQUIRES Eliza GDaughter 1869 Henham
SQUIRES William Son 1869 Henham
SQUIRES Edith E. Daughter 1873 Henham
SQUIRES Agnes M. GDaughter 1878 Henham
STAINES James Head 1812 Henham
STAINES Martha Wife 1821 Broxted
STAINES Thomas Head 1829 Takeley
STAINES John Son 1863 Henham
STAMMERS Frederick Boarder 1876 London
STANLEY Ann Widow 1803 Henham
STANLEY John Head 1839 Takeley
STANLEY Ann Wife 1841 Takeley
STANLEY George Son 1870 Takeley
STANLEY Mary Ann Daughter 1876 Takeley
STOCK William Boarder 1846  
STUBBS William Head 1800 Manuden
TANT Ann Head/Widow 1821 Widdington
TANT William Head 1823 Debden
TANT Jane Wife 1824 Newport
TANT John Head 1836 Debden
TANT Emily Wife 1839 Henham
TANT Alice Servant 1861 Henham
TANT James Son 1869 Henham
THOMSON Jane Widow 1800 Woodford
THOMSON Jane Eliz. Daughter 1828 Henham
THOMSON Charles Head 1841 Henham
TIPLER Charles Head 1811 Bishops Stortford
TIPLER Sophia Wife 1811 Hatfield
TIPLER George Son 1848 Hatfield
TIPLER William G. Grandson 1875 Stebbing
TURNER Kitty Head 1805 Henham
TURNER Thomas (Snr) Head 1817 Takeley
TURNER Jane Wife 1820 Takeley
TURNER Charles Head 1831 Henham
TURNER George Head 1835 Henham
TURNER Lucy Wife 1838 Arkesden
TURNER John Head 1846 Stansted
TURNER Mary A. Wife 1853 Henham
TURNER Thomas Head 1854 Henham
TURNER Emma Wife 1855 Henham
TURNER Lizzy Servant 1861 Stansted
TURNER William Charles Son 1864 Henham
TURNER Frederick Son 1866 Henham
TURNER George Son 1868 Henham
TURNER Ada J. Daughter 1871 Henham
TURNER Charles Son 1874 Henham
TURNER Edith Daughter 1878 Henham
TURNER Bessie Daughter 1880 Henham
TURNER Frank P. Son 1880 Henham

surname forename role birth birthplace
WARD Herbert Son 1877 Henham
WARD Frederick Son 1878 Hove, Brighton
WARD T. H. Head 1837 Essex
WARD Ernest Head 1841 Battle
WARD Louisa Wife 1841 Ldn, Cavendish Square
WARD Marian Wife 1850 Sheffield
WARD Ernest Son 1868 Marylebone
WARD Thomas Hutton Son 1868 Henham
WARD George Son 1870 Marylebone
WARD Richard Harry Son 1870 Henham
WARD William Josiah Son 1872 Henham
WARNER Thomas Head 1812 Henham
WARNER Eliza Wife 1822 Henham
WARNER William Head 1855 Henham
WARNER Marina Wife 1858 Henham
WARNER Thomas Son 1862 Henham
WARNER George Son 1877 Henham
WARNER Arthur Son 1879 Henham
WARNER Alfred W Son 1881 Henham
WARRINGTON William Head Lodger 1806 Deptford
WEDLOCK Emma Head 1851 KentLees…
WHITE Jane Wife 1804 Henham
WHITE William Head 1808 Takeley
WHITE Joseph Lodger 1825 Takeley
WHITE Sarah Wife 1829 Takeley
WHITE William (Jnr) Head 1831 Henham
WHITE Alfred Head 1856 Henham
WHITE Lydia Wife 1856 Stansted
WHITE Alfred Son 1859 Henham
WHITE Jessie Daughter 1869 Henham
WHITE Edward Boarder 1872 London
WHITE Emily Daughter 1871 Henham
WHITE Clara Daughter 1875 Henham
WHITE Alfred William Son 1880 Henham
WIBROW John Boarder 1855  
WILLET William Head 1811 Henham
WILLET Mary Wife 1817 Debden
WILLET Susan Wife 1841 Broxted
WILLET James Head 1842 Henham
WILLET William Jnr. Head 1843 Henham
WILLET Martha Wife 1844 Henham
WILLET Betsy Head 1848 Henham
WILLET Eliza Wife 1851 Henham
WILLET Richard Head 1852 Debden
WILLET Haillar Daughter 1866 Henham
WILLET Charles Son 1868 Henham
WILLET Frederick W. Grandson 1871 Henham
WILLET Walter Son 1873 Henham
WILLET Walter Charles Son 1873 Henham
WILLET Albert R. Son 1874 Henham
WILLET Herbert Son 1875 Henham
WILLET Emma Elizabeth Daughter 1876 Henham
WILLET Faba Son 1876 Henham
WILLET Rose A. Daughter 1876 Henham
WILLET Martha Jane Daughter 1877 Henham
WILLET George Son 1879 Henham
WILLET Herbert Son 1880 Henham
WILLET Richard Son 1880 Henham
WILLET Rose Daughter 1880 Henham
WILSON Charles Head 1859 Debden
WILSON Mary Wife 1860 Wimbish
WILSON William C. Son 1880 Henham
WISBEY John Head 1818 Arkesdon
WISBEY Ann Wife 1819 Elmdon
WOODCOCK Samuel Border 1811 Newport
WRIGHT Isaac Head 1823 Waddington
WRIGHT Ester Wife 1829 Marks Tey
WRIGHT Emily Wife 1841 Henham
WRIGHT Thomas Head 1841 Debden
WRIGHT Robert Head 1850 Straddishall
WRIGHT Margaret S. Wife 1852 Ldn, Mile End Old Town
WRIGHT Mary Ann Wife 1857 Oakley
WRIGHT George Head 1858 Henham
WRIGHT Caroline Daughter 1862 Henham
WRIGHT Alfred E. Son 1863 Henham
WRIGHT Charles Grandson 1868 Henham
WRIGHT Olive E. Daughter 1871 Henham
WRIGHT Frank C. Son 1872 Henham
WRIGHT Herbert Son 1874 Henham
WRIGHT Edith S. Daughter 1875 Henham
WRIGHT Florence L. Daughter 1876 Henham
WRIGHT John R. Son 1877 St Mary Whitechapel
WRIGHT Kate E. Daughter 1879 Henham
WRIGHT Charles E. Son 1879 Stepney
WRIGHT Agnes R. Daughter 1880 Henham
WRIGHT Kate F. Daughter 1880 Henham
WRIGHT Robert D. Son 1880 Stepney
YARROW Mary Moth 1797 Chickney
YARROW Peter Head 1833 Henham
YARROW Emma Wife 1845 Hatfield
YARROW William Son 1857 Harlow
YARROW John Son 1870 Henham
YARROW Mary Ann Daughter 1874 Henham
YARROW Alfred Son 1879 Henham