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Thank you for all the cast and crew for bring some hilarious and interesting twists to the fairy tale of Cinderella.

The Cast

Cinderella: Natalie Parnell  Buttons: Saffron Parris
King David: David Morson Prince Charming: Natashie Lane
Princess Delightful: Nicola Lutz-Collier Dandini: Robin Keck
Dame Trumpalot: Norman Elson Lambrini: Freya Rice 
Voluptua: Helen Parris Fairy Godmother: Sally Cowan 
Page: Katrina Branch Fluffy Cat: Sophie Yates 
Dragon: Lesley- Ann O’Shea    
Narrators: Thomas Smith, Evie Townsend, Jackie Branch, Lesley Corr
Dancers: Olivia Bawden, Amy Brogan, Jessica Carrington,Molly Churchouse, Ava Kodesh, Amelia O’ Shea, Bethany Spencer, Evie Townsend
Mice: Lilianna Cooper, Hannah Dacey, Lauren Dacey, Betsey Fisher,Dulcie Fisher, Isabella Grattidge, Mary Greenhalgh, Florence Keck, Jessica McGorell, Zoe Smith, Jessica Smith, Samantha Spencer, Clara Sweeney, Maybelle Townsend
Choreography: Sharon Townsend Technical Stuff:Jon Bawden
Scenery: Nicky Brogan, Jo Mundy Lighting: Luke Thomas
Written, directed and produced by: Julie Churchouse and Jenny Kodesh  

The Cast Script
Baron The Night after the Ball
Singing Henham Blues Brothers
Dandino Henham Dragon
Who is she Dancing
Wake up
Dame Fairy Liquid
Market Cider Farmers
Audience were included and how big was the coin that they were throwing
Audience Coin
The final thank you must go to the two directors - who ensured the audience participated or else!- what you do not see on the West End
Directors Cut

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